Ishwari goes to Dev’s room and asks if he is busy. She says no and asks if she needs something. She says she came to give this and keeps envelope. Dev asks what is it. She says shagun. Asha on the other side gives Ishwari’s gift to Sona and says it is shagun. Bejoy says he did not think Ishwari ji would come with proposal so early. Sourav says this calls for a Bose family hug. Sona says she is not ready for marriage. Mamaji comes and asks if dulheraja is ready, they are very eager to see his marriage. Dev says same that he wants to know Sona well and not rush for the marriage. Sona says she wants to postpone wedding for sometime.

Dev and Sona call each other and say they want to give some time to each other and postpone their marriage. Dev says he can marry soon

if she wants to. Sona says she told parents she wants to postpone marriage, thought maa spoke him before coming here. Dev even he came to know when maa gave me shagun. He says he wants to understand her again first. Sona says she forwarded him all mails. Dev reads Sona’s mails and gets emotional. He imagines Sona writing mail about her pregnancy and her emotional need for him, she missing him. He says how can she trouble her so much and she suffered 7 years. He continues reading Sona’s mails and imagines her emotions.

Ishwari works in kitchen engrasped in thoughts. Mamaji enters and asks what is bothering her. Ishwaari says she cannot understand Dev and Sona, they reconciled now, but does not want to marry, they are not realizing they have 6-year-old daughter. Mamaji says we are happy that they are back together, but when they decided to give some time to each other and postpone marriage, they are not happy, they should be happy that Dev and Sona are thinking same.

Sona calls Dev next day and asks where is he, why she is hearing messages in bengali. He says he is in Kolkota and came here to experience what she went through for 7 years, it will strengthen their love more. Sona says if he had informed, she would have accompanied him and experience her emotions again. He says she had their joy bundle Soha with her, but he did not have Soha. He wants to experience each moment alone. He goes to hospital and imagines Soha was born here, slept in this cradle, Sona came to this doctor’s clinic. He imagines Sona going to doc and doc asking her to call her husband next tome as she needs to tell him something important. Sona says she is alone. Doc asks who will pay bills. Sona says she will.

Soha tells Sona that she dreamt about papa. Sona asks what is unusual in it. Soha says she dreamt that she was very small and papa was smiling at her and tickled her. She asks if papa came to meet her in childhood. Sona says no, but they were together. Soha says Delhi and Kolkota are 1447 km away. Sona says it is land distance, but papa’s heart was with them, dream suggests how much papa loves her and always is with her.

Sona meets Ishwari and asks if she is upset regarding her and Dev’s decision to postpone marriage, she is sorry. Ishwari says sorry for what, she just want her daughter back home soon. Sona says even she missed this house and her, she wants to ask her one thing. Ishwari says why a daughter is hesitating. Sona asks where are Nikki, Neha, and Riya, she did not see them since she came back.

Precap: Sona tells Ishwari if she does not want to talk about Nikki, Neha and Riya, she will not, but if Dev also did not talk about it. Ishwari says Dev is the reason for this pain.

Update Credit to: MA


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