The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya arguing. Abhi says you would have done exercise to stay fit. She says she does exercise while climbing his house stairs and says she is slim and trim. Abhi says you can’t walk for some distance. Pragya runs and asks him to catch her. Commando and goons come to Raghuveer ji’s house and asks him to tell where is Abhi and Pragya. Raghuveer ji says he doesn’t know. Commando threatens him. Abhi lifts her and walks looking at her. Main Phir Bhi plays while they have an emotional eye lock. Commando asks him to tell and promises to leave him. Raghuveer ji thinks to inform Commando and then alert Abhi and Pragya. He tells them that they were here, but they have gone from here very far. He says they love each other a lot and asks him why he wants to kill them. Commands

hits him with his gun. He faints and falls down. Pragya and Abhi are about to kiss. Pragya spots snake and gets scared. Abhi also sees snake and they run far. Abhi slips and falls. Pragya says I told you to walk slowly and scolds him for getting hurt. She asks him to keep his leg straight.

Abhi thinks about Raghuveer ji’s words. Pragya says what is he thinking and scolds him. She tries to help him get up. Main Phir Bhi song plays……They walk slowly in the jungle. Abhi says even you have to walk slowly now. Pragya asks him to come and says she will search way. She says we shall sit for sometime in the temple. She checks his wound and says blood is coming out and hopes it stops soon. She says she will bring something to stop his blood. Abhi asks her not to go and stay with him, and says please. Pragya says ok, and says lets go inside. She gives him water to drink and prays to God. Abhi feels pain.

Pragya asks him to sit and goes to get help. Sarla gets Pragya’s dream and cries. Beeji says they are together, nothing can happen to them. Pragya searches for the medicinal tulsi leaves to apply on his wound. Tanu sees Abhi’s pic on her mobile and thinks Abhi must have realized his mistake. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu says she is talking to Abhi and making him realize his mistakes. She says now he must have realized my value. Aaliya asks her to get consciousness.

Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and of Raghuveer ji’s words too. He thinks he shall marry Pragya now, and thinks even Baba was saying same. He shall not wait any longer about people or logic. He thinks to marry her without wasting even a second and thinks may be even God wants this, and that’s why he brought us here.

Pragya says she will marry him and wants to become his wife even if it is for a day. Abhi gets happy and says he thought she will refuse.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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