Shivaye answers the call and says Anika… She says Shivaye…. and cries. Some time before, Shivaye goes to Om’s room. Rudra sees Om and cries. Rudra says how can dad think so, how can we let Om go, Ru is nothing without Om. Shivaye says Shivru is nothing without Om, this story started with three of us, till we are there, Om will stay, we will not let him go, Om talk to me, come back, we will not let you go, we will fight with you to get you back. They cry. Shivaye says don’t cry, Obro moment does not look good like this, you remember one for all. Rudra says all for one and hugs Shivaye. They hold Om and think of Om. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…..

Anika checks Gauri’s missed call and says hope Om is fine, I will call Gauri. She calls Gauri and says she is not answering, what to

do, I will call on landline. She makes a call. Shivaye answers the call. She hears him and cries. Their moments are seen. She says Shivaye…. He thinks of her. O jaana…..plays….

Priyanka cleans the house and gets tired. Ranveer comes and holds her. She hugs him and cries. He wipes her tears and asks did you miss me so much, that you cried on seeing me, what happened, is there any problem. She recalls Kamini’s words. Kamini comes. Priyanka says I have seen you after many days, so I got emotional. Kamini asks Ranveer how is he and hugs him. She asks how did you get so lean, did they not give food. He says outside food does not have the taste of homemade food. She says now you have come, your fav. food will be made. He hugs and thanks her. She expresses her pain. He asks what happened. She says nothing, just little, you both talk, I will get tea for you. He sees her wound. She goes.

Shivaye thanks the doctor and says Khanna will be at the airport to receive you, have a safe flight. He tells Rudra that specialist doctor is coming from Tokyo, he has seen Om’s reports and is very hopeful. Pinky comes and takes Shivaye along. Kamini gets the tea. Ranveer asks her about her wound. She says nothing, I fell down, I had some fever, I went out to get water and fainted. She asks what was the need to work if you were unwell. He asks Priyanka why did she let Kamini work when she was unwell. Priyanka asks when? Ranveer says what do you mean you don’t even know. Priyanka says aunty did not tell me. Kamini says I have told you yesterday, leave it, my son has come back after long time, why are you worries for small things. She hugs Priyanka and smiles.

Someone throws a sack outside Oberoi mansion. Khanna shouts out. Kamini heats the iron and goes to Priyanka. Priyanka turns. Kamini hides. Rudra checks the sack. He sees Bhavya inside and gets shocked. He asks her to open eyes. He asks Khanna to get water. He sprinkles water on her. Bhavya gets conscious. He asks her is she fine. She nods. He says you need rest and lifts her. They have an eyelock. Jeena laga hoon…..plays….. Their moments are shown.

Ranveer holds Priyanka. He says I m loving my wife, I missed you. She cries and says I missed you too. She hugs him. Bakhuda tum hi ho….. They romance. He gets close. They hear Kamini’s scream. Rudra sees Bhavya’s wounds. She looks at him. He does aid and says sorry. She asks why are you saying sorry. He says it would be burning by antiseptic. She says so its not your mistake. He says its my mistake, I failed to take care of you, I took you in that party, what happened that day, where were you for 3 months, how did you get hurt. He holds her. She says its a long story. He asks her to say, who did all this. She says that day, when you all were dancing in pool, someone… She faints. He gets shocked seeing bullet mark on her arm.

Pinky says Ragini is not answering, I m worried she can do anything. Shivaye says Ragini and Siddharth had a fight, he has beaten her up. Pinky says I m afraid she does something to herself.


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