In Ishqbaaz 26 June 2017 episode we see that Shivaay goes to meet Ragini at a time when she doesn’t expect him. He finds her hiding behind the bed in a very scared state. Shivaay asks her to come out and she starts to narrate a fake story to him. She tells him that her boyfriend hit her just because he thought that there is something going on between them. Shivaay says that it is his fault but Ragini tells him that she was incapable to explain it to her fiance that she is not having an affair with Shivaay.

When Anika comes for her job interview, she finds out that Ragini’s mother twisted her foot while getting out of the car. She helps her and offers help. While helping her mother, she gets a call from interview and they say that they have cancelled it. Anika takes Ragini’s mother to her house and just as she opens the door Shivaay starts to leave with Ragini. He decides to take her to a doctor but is unaware that Anika is present in the same house at the very same moment. He feels that Anika is present somewhere nearby him but he doesn’t consider the thought.

Ragini’s mother offers Anika a job.

Meanwhile Ranveer and Priyanka get back home and find Kamini lying down on the floor. Ranbir starts to panic and asks Kamini what happened to her. Once again she made up a story and blamed it on Priyanka. She says that Priyanka must have forgotten to turn off the gas. She tells Ranveer that she must have forgotten it in a hurry to go to her maternal house. Ranveer gets furious with Priyanka as she tries to explain him her point of view. Kamini rejoices in her heart and thinks that she will play this game with her for a very long time.

As Shivaay gets back home Pinky tries to ask him if Ragini is getting engaged or not. Instead of answering her question, Shivaay tells her that he is going to meet Omkar. As he starts to move towards Omkar’s room, he looks at his watch. There was a chain attached to his watch and he knew it belonged to Anika. He feels that he was right when he thought that Anika was nearby. He decides to throw everything away which reminds him of her. He pulls out the chain and throws it far in the air.

When he opens the door to Omkar’s room, he finds him standing. He gets tears in his eyes when he looks at Omkar in a healthy state. He says that he was dying to hear his voice. Rudra too joins them and they hug each other to celebrate their moment. Rudra tells Omkar that Chulbul is pregnant with Omkar’s child. They both celebrate the there will now be a small Omkar in the Oberoi house.

He gets a call and starts to behave in a very furious manner. He says that he doesn’t know how things will happen but he wants the happy home chawl at any cost. Meanwhile Anika celebrates her job with a fear in her heart that like the other jobs, she might lose this one too.



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