Anika sees Shivaye’s pic in paper and thinks its Shivaye’s pic with some girl, did he forget me so soon. They don’t see each other. Some time before, Gauri arranges the chairs. Buamaa asks what are you doing, where are servants, you need rest. She calls servants and scolds them. Pinky comes and says they did not tell Gauri what to do, Gauri should know what she should do and what not. Buamaa says if servants worked on time, would Gauri need to work. Pinky says who said pregnant women should be kept in showcase, you are very possessive about her pregnancy. Buamaa says and you are very jealous.

Pinky says you mean I m jealous of Om’s baby. Buamaa says yes, you could not bear your son’s happiness, Om is giving the heir to Oberois, Pinky’s negativity can affect Gauri’s child. Pinky says

baby did not come yet, who knows what happens in 6 months. Shivaye comes and says nothing will happen to Gauri and her child. He says I promise you Gauri, nothing will happen to your child. Gauri thinks he is so good, forgive me to cheat. Pinky says everyone is dear to him than his mum.

Ragini’s mum sees newspaper and asks her what’s going on between her and Shivaye. Samar says even I want to know its true or just a rumor. Ragini checks pic and says wow, I look gorgeous, don’t worry. Ragini’s mum asks how did you get hurt. Ragini says I think I need to lose weight. Samar says we are worried for you, I want to know if there is any problem in your life. Ragini says I m very happy. He asks why did you ask me to hire that girl. She asks them to just chill, you will know everything gradually. Her mum asks are you going to do what you did with your english professor. Ragini says please mom, why do you get that topic, he is very happy in mental asylum, sorry I can’t tell about my life, but I can say what will happen next, very soon I m going to become Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Pinky stops Shivaye. She says I need to talk. He says not now. She asks why did you change so much, I do everything for you and your happiness, I feel you are not my Shivaye, how did you lack behind when you wanted to be ahead, Om is younger to you and even then he is going to become a father. He asks is this your problem. She says your madness is my problem, that girl left and you are still in her sorrow, you forgot living life, don’t do this, forget everything and move on. He says I m fine, don’t worry for me. She cries and says how shall I stop worrying, you are my son, I m your mum, I can’t see you in pain. He says it would be better I don’t come in your sight, its better if I die. She asks what nonsense are you saying. He leaves.

Chanda’s mum asks Anika to get ready fast, they have to leave fast, ask Chanda to get ready. Chanda asks Amit did he go mad, I m helpless to do this engagement, listen to me. Anika hears her and asks what happened. Chanda says if I don’t meet Amit, he will give his life, what shall I do, how to explain him If can’t go against my mum. Anika asks her to explain him. Chanda says I have to meet him, can you wear this engagement dress, I will meet Amit and reach venue, please, its about Amit’s life, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. Anika says fine. Chanda goes.

Priyanka cleans the hall and goes. Kamini looks on and asks Priyanka to clean living room. Priyanka says I just cleaned it. Kamini says its not clean, I was sitting there and did not see, maybe you are saying about yesterday, come and see.

Shivaye sits in car and recalls Pinky and Tej’s words. Chanda’s mum comes. Anika thinks if aunty knows, things will spoil, if I talk, aunty will know its me, not Chanda. Chanda’s mum asks her to come, we will visit dargah on the way, where is Anika.

Priyanka gets shocked seeing the place dirty. She says but I just cleaned. Kamini says it would have not been like this, maybe you forgot. Priyanka says I will do it alone. Kamini says no, go and make breakfast for Ranveer, I will manage here. She sends Priyanka and says I m worried for Priyanka, she is forgetting everything, is her mental balance…. I mean she has much stress. Ranveer says it happens sometimes. Kamini says its fine if she forgot, but its strange to think she did work when she did not do.

Shivaye recalls Anika’s words. His car stops. He checks the tyre. Anika and Chanda’s family gets down the taxi. Shivaye calls Khanna and asks him to send another car at old dargah road, what will I do here for an hour. He goes to dargah. Chanda’s relatives go with kids. Anika and Shivaye are close. Kid gives snacks to Anika. She sees Shivaye’s pic in paper and thinks its Shivaye’s pic with some girl, did he forget me so soon. They don’t see each other.

Anika’s dupatta flies off and falls on Shivaye’s face. She turns to him. He gives her the dupatta. They both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Amena


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