Scene 1
Mahek is angrily working in kitchen, Sonal comes to her and says lets accept defeat in this round, its nothing important, Mahek says no last dish is remaining. In date venue, Niki says to Shaurya that its too much now, lets end it. Mahek brings cake there, she turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand and asks if she will not serve them? she gives them tight smile and serves them, shaurya feeds cake to Niki, he asks Mahek to take their picture, I want to make memory of this date, Mahek nods, shaurya stands beside Niki and puts hand on her shoulder, he wipes her lips, she says please.. Mahek is jealous seeing it, she takes their picture with shaking hands, and goes from there. Niki says you know you are like earlier, I hate this thing about you, he smirks.
Host says Mahek’s team have

completed their punishment successfully. Host says now there will be twist in story, Shaurya will give score to Mahek’s team on their date arrangements and scores will decide if Mahek’s will continue to be part of contest or they will be disqualified, and Shaurya have given score that is.. All look on. Host says Shaurya have given them 3 points out of 10, this means Mahek’s team will not take part in next round, Mahek glares at shaurya. Niki says Shaurya have given them 3 points but i was part of date too and I give 5 out of 5 to Mahek’s team and now their score is 8 out of 10, all clap. Host says it means Mahek’s team have passed this and now they will be part of next round, Shaurya is miffed. Host says next round will have teams divided. Mahek’s team will be part of Shaurya’s team, sameway teams will be divided. Teams should have coordination for this round. Mahek and Shaurya glares at each other.

In Khanna house, Mahek is doing aarti. Shaurya brings Karona to dining table. Mahek comes there with aarti plate. Shaurya says to servant that bring breakfast, we have to go and win contest today. Mahek gives parsad Karona, she offers it to shaurya, he huffs but take it from her, Mahek gives it to servant too. Kanta calls Mahek, Mahek says come to contest venue fast, Kanta says its more difficult for you, you have to support your family but you have to take care of your husband’s feelings too, Mahek says I wanted to help Shaurya but unintentionally I have been stuck and inbetween his success. Mahek sees shaurya looking at her, she loudly says that the person who works so hard, they dont even have time for breakfast, I dont have time for anything, she ends call. Mahek asks Karona to give her blessings, Shaurya says no give it to me, Karona says atleast stop fighting now, you both are married, you both go and comeback happily after winning, they huff and leave. Karona says dont know when they will know that everything is mingled after marriage, their victory and defeat will be together.

Shaurya comes to venue, he says hi to Niki, she asks him to not irritate Mahek today as she is in our team today. Shaurya says just hug me, he hugs her, Mahek gets jealous. Other team members say that if Shaurya and Mahek keep fighting then we will win. Vicky says to priya that if they both keep fighting then we will not win. Mohit asks Vicky to move aside, Kanta ask them to stop it. Host comes there and says today will be round of coordination, the teams which are rivals and cant stand each other will be together, two teams which are rivals will be combined and they have to work together to make a dish and we have called special judges for that. Shaurya says white chilies know how to handle tantrums of elite judges so it wont be a problem for us. Host says lets welcome our judges. Many kids come there, Shaurya is irritated when they roam around him. Mahek smiles and says hi to them. Shaurya says kids are irritating, one kid throws powder on Niki and Shaurya, Mahek laughs. Shaurya says dont you laugh and start working, Mahek says you are not captain of our combined teams, host says to them that judges are watching you from control room and you both are fighting. Shaurya says I was just asking Mahek to start working combined, Mahek says really? she gives him beater and asks him to start beating yogurt, he huffs and takes it.
Mahek is making cake, Shaurya says you didnt ask me before making cake, what cheap cake is this? Mahek says this is deep chocolate cake with cream and chocolate topping, Niki says it seems yummy. Mahek taps on Shaurya’s nose and says see even your team members approve of this, Shaurya looks on. Mohit says we are going to win as Mahek is with us, Vicky says Mahek was to be in our team but you begged and took her, Mohit says she is my sister and its her duty to help me, stop saying rubbish. Nehal puts cake in microwave. Nehal and Sonal are moving, Niki strikes with them, Nehal says you thief, cant you see she sis pregnant? Niki says I am not cheap like so I wont use your language, Nehal says how dare you call me cheap.. Shaurya asks them to stop it, Mahek comes there and asks Nehal to go on other side, she asks Mohit to stop fighting. Mahek opens microwave and sees cake burned totally, Mohit says see Shaurya’s team distracted us and did this, Niki says if you didnt kept fighting then this wouldnt have happened. Mohit says you can just say big words and nothing else, Mahek says enough, you people want to win or make each other feel low? we are here to win contest, if we keep blaming each other and cant even work as a team to win this round then we should leave this contest and back out, Shaurya laughs seeing Mohit getting scolded. Mahek says i know our teams are not cordial but we have to work together to make it win so we need a captain that can lead both teams, and all have to listen to captain, Shaurya moves thinking he will be captain but Mahek says Niki my vote is with you, you lead this team as captain, Mahek sees time and thinks we have only 45 minutes. Mahek start cooking, at end of time, Niki says perfect Mahek, good job team.

Mahek’s team present their dishes to kids. Host says two teams will be disqualified today. Host asks one kid which dish he liked best? Kid says the chocolate cake and cookies were best. Host says its clear that Mahek and Shaurya’s team have won this round, they all get happy. Mahek hugs everyone, she hugs Niki, Mahek moves and unconsciously hugs Shaurya too, they hug each other but then realizes that and moves back, both feel awkward and flustered feeling each other close.

Nikita says to Shaurya that you are taking very big step, Shaurya says I have thought this trough and I am sure. Shaurya and Niki meets someone outside Mahek’s house, person is covered in shawl and face in veil. Shaurya gives person money, Niki says 1crore 25 lacs? Shaurya says Mahek talks big about morals and value and now I will teach her about her morals illness.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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