The Episode starts with Dadi saying I will leave and everyone will be happy, its better we stay away in our own ways, keep my bags in the car, I will not bear wrong, I have seen the mahurat, I will leave in next 5mins. Naira says you are annoyed with me, punish us but don’t leave us. They all ask Dadi not to go. Naira says see, everyone is saying, change your decision. Dadi says my decision won’t change, let me go. Kartik shouts Dadi and runs to her. He slips and falls down. They all get shocked.

They all run to Kartik. Dadi asks what happened to him, call doctor fast. They sprinkle water on Kartik. Dadi takes him in lap. Naira signs the kids. Dadi sees Naira and understands. Dadi asks Kartik to open eyes. He says sorry, I did this to stop you, like you did. She says yes, I

did but I had love and worry for you, its not necessary you do the same, I m leaving from here, atleast respect my wish and let me go, I stopped you as the family will get upset, if I go, everyone will get freedom, I m going so that you stay in peace and I also get peace, meet me with love and respect, I hope none stops me from leaving. Kids say but your mahurat.

Dadi says 2 mins are left, none will stop me. She leaves. A man comes and tells Kartik about rising youth award, he came to take his confirmation. Kartik says thanks, but sorry I can’t come, give the award to someone else, I can’t justify it. Akhilesh says why are you refusing, you should go, rising youth award is big. Kartik says I want someone deserving to get it, I could not manage my relations and could not lead my life, what will I lead in business, I don’t want this award. Kirti says atleast for family’s sake. Kartik asks who will be happy, what will I do if Dadi is not here, I failed her, I insulted her love and upbringing, I have no right to take this, sorry please give this to someone else, I will apologize to your organizers, thanks. He goes. They all look on.

Naksh and Gayu discuss designs with Naitik. Naitik praises her designs. Naksh says we will name collection after Naira. They go. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik to think of Naksh and Gayu’s marriages, will they marry when they get old, marriage should happen in right time, else our thoughts get strong and we don’t like to change them, convince them, else they will be lonely, we both know the life without life partners, what will we tell Akshara then, that we could not take care of her children.

Dadi is on the way and cries. Naira drives a bike and follows Dadi. She shouts Dadi, listen to me. Dadi asks what are you doing, go home, I will not stop. Naira says listen to me, I will not stop. She takes a shortcut and comes in front of Dadi’s car. Dadi asks driver to drive from side. Driver says there is the tree on side and stops the car. Dadi asks Naira why is she troubling her, why does she not let her go. Naira says if you go, we can’t be happy, I will not go without you, I will sit here till you agree, I will not leave hope.

Dadi says then do anything. Naira says come for Kartik’s sake, he returned home after many years, punish us, but not such big thing, we need you, we did not grow to manage without elders, my mumma left, will you give us same sorrow again, Kartik will leave all happiness, like he refused for rising youth award, even I will do this, we did mistake and this is our punishment. Dadi gets thinking. Dadi sits beside her and says straight way is tough, and my car can’t go by shortcut, hurry up and take me to Kartik, can you drive. Naira says I can fly, not drive. They leave.

Kartik is upset and hears Dadi’s voice. He sees Naira and gets puzzled. He asks Naira to go. Dadi asks him to get ready and go for her sake. Kartik turns and sees Dadi and everyone. He hugs her and says sorry. Dadi says sorry, I forgot I have first right on you, you married this girl, she sometimes talks sensible things, she made me realize, why shall I stay away from you, life is short, so I came back, but everything will happen what’s right for this house’s respect. They all smile. Kartik says you will never talk of leaving, else I can’t live. She asks can I live without you. Kids sing a rap. Dadi asks Kartik to get ready for award function. They all go. Kartik asks Naira how did she do magic and convince Dadi. He lifts her and hugs. They smile.

Kartik gets tea for Naira and says why are you so cute, good morning. Naira asks why did you wake up early. He says day started, I made ginger tea for you. She holds his hand. He asks her to leave him, anyone will come. Naira says I married you, how to leave. They romance. She says just make me happy, that’s the most imp work. She kisses him.

Kids complain of their fight. Manish says lie comes out one day, no matter how much you lie. Suwarna gets tensed and drops cup. Naira observes her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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