Scene 1
Host says now now Mahek and Shaurya’s team will compete in final round soon, all clap. Shaurya says to Mahek that you can say thank you for making you reach finals but its fine, I will make you lose in finals, Mahek says we will know that in finals, I just want to give you advice that food is made with love not with ego, food is served to end hunger of people, my mother used to say that make food with love because then it will have sweetness of your love, thats the difference between white chilies and us, loyalty is what I have learned from my family, she leaves. Shaurya says she brags about her loyalty and morals but soon they will be too much for her.

Shaurya is in his room, Mahek is sleeping on bed, he looks at her sleeping and calls Niki, he asks her to get ready, I am picking

you up.

Shaurya and Niki comes outside Mahek’s house, Niki says this is wrong, I dont agree with all this, Shaurya says I am doing right. Shaurya calls someone and says come out of house, I am waiting, he ends call. Nikita says to Shaurya that you are taking very big step, Shaurya says I have thought this through and I am sure. Shaurya and Niki meets someone outside Mahek’s house, person is covered in shawl and face in veil. Shaurya gives person the money chque and says this agreement will benefit us both, Niki says 1crore 25 lacs? Shaurya says to person that you will able to cash this cheque after I am declared as winner of contest, person takes cheque and goes in house. Niki says this is cheque, Shaurya says this is nonsense, this is competition and victory matters only. Shaurya says Mahek talks big about morals and value and now I will teach her about her morals illness.

In morning, Sharma family starts aarti. Mahek is there too, Kanta stops her.

Shaurya comes to Karona and says bless me to win today, she says today is final so take me with you, Shaurya hugs her and says you dont have to ask, just order, lets go, Karona says let me say one thing, victory can be of anyone, competition can be tough but dont do anything that will bitter hearts, Mahek’s victory is your victory too, Shaurya says you have decided that Mahek is going to win? I am going to win as Niki is in my team.

Mahek says to Kanta that if we win today and Shaurya lose then I will blame myself and if we lose then I wont be able to fulfill promise I gave to Mohit, I am going to lose either way in this game. Nehal asks them to come fast, she leaves. Kanta asks what she have thought? Mahek says when was in super cook, I didnt care but now I am stuck, I wish there was a way to make both families win even if I lose, Kanta says just do what you think is right and dont think about results, Mahek says I know I did right by being with Mohit but I feel like I have hurt Shaurya a lot in all this, Kanta says every girl has to find a balance between two families but dont think about it today, just focus on contest, she hugs her.

Scene 2
Shaurya and Mahek’s family comes to venue. Shaurya sys to reporter that I am going to win today. Mahek says to reporter that we will just do our best and leave results on judges. Mahek goes to Shaurya, Mohit says why she is going to him? Mansi says he is our son in law so shut up. Niki comes to Shaurya and asks if he thought well? Shaurya says enough, I dont wanna talk about it more, we did right. Mahek comes there and says Shaurya Khanna can never do wrong, right? Shaurya smirks and says hello, are you ready to lose and go home? you can go now to save embarrassment, Mahek says I just came to wish you luck, she extends her hand but Shaurya doesnt shake it, he says luck is for losers, Shaurya writes his own fate, Mahek takes her hand back sadly. Shaurya leaves. Niki wishes luck to Mahek, Mahek smiles and shakes her hand.

Host comes to venue, he says today is final round, Shaurya and Mahek’s team will cook same dish and the one who will be able to impress judges will win. Host says they have to make kadi, you have to taste it, you wont know its recipe, just taste it and you then have to replicate it. Kanta asks Mahek to taste it, take time to understand the ingredients. Shaurya asks Niki if she is ready?she nods. Host says Niki and Mahek will taste it then they will create ingredients list. Mahek and Niki comes forward, Mahek smells dish and thinks ginger? Niki tastes dish and writes ingredients on paper. Mahek smells dish first and try to gather its ingredients then she tastes it, she recalls Kanta telling her that fresh turmeric can give sour taste to dish. Mohit asks her to taste it, dont keep smelling, Kanta says she is feeling food like she always does. Mahek tastes it and smells it again. Shaurya thinks why Mahek is not writing ingredients? Priya says to Niki that we can use essence too. Mahek says to judges that I have got it, all are stunned, host asks Mahek to go to pantry and take ingredients. Shaurya says we cant take more time, Niki says I didnt write all ingredients, Shaurya snatches list from her and goes to pantry, he pushes Mahek away and starts collecting ingredients, they both take spinach, Shaurya says I saw it first, Mahek says I took it first, she divides it in half and gives it to him, Mahek stealthily puts one ingredient in Shaurya’s basket, he notices it and asks what is this? Mahek says there is this ingredient in this dish, I know it, if you ever trusted me just a little then keep it, this competition is not above you for me, you havent taken all ingredients but I cant help you more, I never wanted to choose between you and Mohit but I have no choice, I am sorry, Shaurya throws her ingredient away, she huffs and moves away, Shaurya takes Mahek’s ingredient again and puts it in his basket,they collect ingredients, host says time is up to collect,start cooking.

Mahek starts cooking. Priya says to Shaurya that if Mahek wins today then we will lose respect infront of investors, they are already questioning why Mahek is not in our team. shaurya messages someone and leaves. Mahek sees it and says where he is going inbetween contest? she shakes her head.

Shaurya meets mysterious person and says I havent come to listen your argument, I will give you cheque once you make me win, I just need my victory. Sonal sees shadow of mysterious person, she starts going towards it, Sheetal comes there, Sonal asks what are you doing here? Sheetal says I came here to attend call, Sonal says why here? Sheetal says just leave, they leave.
Mahek asks Kanta where is Mohit? Mohit bring salad. Niki says to shaurya that dish is ready but there is something missing in it. Mahek makes Mohit taste dish and asks how is it? Mohit says it yum and hugs her, Shaurya gets jealous and shows her thumbs down, he thinks I will win this contest at any cost.

PRECAP- Host says the team which have won this contest is.. all look on tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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