The Episode starts with Dadi choosing Kartik’s pic to give in magazine. Kirti says Kartik and Naira convinced Dadi, we lose hope and sit, they make everything fine. Suwarna says yes, we are lucky to have Naira. Kirti says Kartik should get credit to find such a nice girl. Kids fight. Dadi says tell clearly if you don’t want to give things, lie is bad. Manish says lie comes out some day. Suwarna drops tea cup. Manish asks what happened, be careful. Akhilesh asks are you not fine. Suwarna says no, cup slipped. Kartik and Naira come. Akhilesh says you woke up late. Kartik says yes, we came late from award function. Naira says his friends’ messages were coming at night. Dadi says Anita came and wants to meet me. Kartik says she is our close aunty, she loves us a lot. Surekha says she

loved Kirti a lot, her son settled in US. Kirti says I don’t want to meet her, sorry. Akhilesh asks why, she loves you. She says but she questions a lot, I don’t want to answer anyone, I will go out when she comes, you all can meet her. She goes. Manish says we try to keep Kirti happy, but something happens that she gets hurt. Suwarna says Kirti is right, Anita will say her son and Kirti’s jodi was good. Surekha says her bahu passed away and baby is growing, aunty is finding a girl for his son again.

Kartik says I m going office. Naira says bye. He asks her to come, there is some work. She asks what is it. He shows gems. She asks did you snatch this from kids. He says oh God, how bad you think about me, you think I will snatch this from them. She says sorry. He says I have stolen this. She says you are so bad. He says I m intelligent, I have stolen this, as you had these at night and when you woke up in morning, you…. I decided to get this everyday, have it and life is set. She asks him to eat it and leave. He holds her close and says I don’t want to go office. Dadi sees them and does umm… Kartik says I got so late, I have to go office. Dadi laughs. Naira goes to Suwarna.

Surekha asks Suwarna to see work, Akhilesh asked her to order proteins. Naira says Kartik also gave me work. They go. Naira finds Kirti sad. She says I m sorry. Kirti asks why. Naira says you will feel strange when everyone spoke about their husbands, like single needs time to get married, married needs time to get single, you are not single, we all are here to hold your hand. Kirti says you are sweet. Naira says I want fees to make your mood happy, you have to help me. Kirti says done. Dadi looks on and says I have gone through same time, I had no work to do, all of my husband’s work ended in my life, like Naira said, one hand left, I have managed by holding children’s hands, and then more hands joined, you are not alone, we are with you. Suwarna and Surekha join hands and says we too.

Naira gets Kartik’s call. He asks what are you doing. She asks shall I give account. He says yes, listen, a close friend invited us at club, be ready, wear something that I collide with the pole. She says fine and ends call. Naira says Kirti, there is party at club, you will come along, its Kartik’s close friend’s party. They all ask Kirti to go. Kirti nods.

Naitik goes to Naksh and says I need to talk, don’t take me otherwise, everything has a right time. Naksh says yes I understood, I will be involved in this collection, Gayu will also manage, it will be launched on right time. Naitik says why am I scared, I m father and can talk straight. He says Naksh I mean… Naksh gets Kirti’s call and goes. Kirti asks did I disturb, sorry I need your help, Naira does a lot for me, I want to do something for her, I was not getting any idea, I thought to ask you, you know her better. Naksh says Naira likes small gestures, I m coming your place to discuss about academy, we will discuss, you can call me anytime to ask help. She says thanks, I don’t know why somehow I can talk to you. He says its good. Dadi and Naira look on. Dadi says I know why you want to take Kirti along, but this is your and Kartik’s time. Naira says no, its time for three of us. Dadi says fine, be careful, things can go out of control. Naira asks her not to worry.

Kirti gets ready. Naira says wow, you look great. Kirti says no, we can tone this down. Naira says look at yourself, you look so pretty. Kirti says you have to shock Kartik, he would be expecting you to look great. Naira says he gave me order and goes to get ready. Kartik calls her and asks did you not get ready. She says no, I was making Kirti ready, she is coming with us, she will feel good amongst youngsters. He asks did you force her, did she agree by her will. She says I had to convince her, now let me get ready.

Naira gets her dresses and says what shall I wear mumma. Suwarna asks did you call me. Naira says Kartik asked me to get ready, don’t smile like this, I feel shy. Suwarna says I will help you, you will look so beautiful that Kartik will collide with the pole. Naira asks is this line family’s favorite. Suwarna asks what. Naira says nothing, tell me what to wear. Suwarna says first makeup. She makes Naira ready. Kirti comes and says wow, Kartik is gone, seriously.

Kartik waits for them. Kirti waves him. He compliments her. She signs I m okay, just see Naira, she looks awesome. Naira comes. Kartik smiles seeing her. Yahan wahan……plays….. Kartik asks Naira to meet her at entrance. Kartik collides with the pole. Naira smiles. He says I wish no pole comes in the way, else I will die by colliding again and again. Naira says wow, what a way to compliment. He says all the praise is less today. He holds her hand. Kirti says Kartik did not change and come. Kartik changes and comes to them. He takes them. The guard says just couples are allowed. Kartik says its private party. Naira says its not club to have rules. The man says sorry, we are told to just allow couples, not singles. They get shocked.

Manish asks Dadi about Kirti. Dadi says Naira took her in Kartik’s friend’s party. He says good. She says I m scared that something may happen that hurts her heart. He says Kartik and Naira will care for her, nothing will happen, she will be fine. Kartik says you don’t make your rules, I came here many times, tell your host the guests are leaving. He asks them to come, we will have dinner somewhere. Naira says yes. Kirti says wait, maybe the person has got some theme, I came uninvited, I did not care for all that. Kartik says I don’t want to go. Kirti says no, I will go back, Kartik’s friend invited with love, you guys just go. Kartik and Naira see each other.

Dadi says you came soon. Kirti says I had headacche, I asked Kartik and Naira not to come with me. Dadi calls Naira. Naira and Kartik dance on Senorita song.

Update Credit to: Amena


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