Maya tells Jahnvi that their togetherness was only till now as her Arjun is coming to kill his Maya. She packs her bags and takes shower and says her love is final, but not complete. She changes dress and walks holing her bag. Arjun stops her and asks where are you going my life. Maya says he calls her life and also asking her to go away, he frightened her. Why did he go away when he wanted to return. He says he had to return, else she would have gone far away, looking at her bag. Maya says how can a soul go out of body. She pour liquor in glass and serving him says like always Arjun’s love will not let her go. They are 2 faces of a coin and cannot breathe without each other. Arjun throws glass. Glass strand hits Maya’s cheek. She removes strand and says what is the use of anger, his T-shirt

is spoilt unnecessarily. He twists her hand and says she spoilt his life and has to pay for it now. He pushes her into bedroom and pulls waist belt from cupboard. Maya says injuries will not fade with another injury. She shows her injury marks and says she is trying to clear them since childhood. If he wants to hit his wife. Arjun says he will kill his Maya. She says kill her then if he feels happy by killing her.

Maya continues and says if voice goes out, people will blame him that he killed his wife. She touches him and says he should tell once that he loves her. Arjun says I hate you, I only hate you. Maya says if he loved immensely/beyhad, he should also hate immensely. Mujhe pyar karte in the background..Arjun says not more than the hatred he has for her. She says heart can burst with hatred as he does not know when Maya’s hatred starts. Does he know why she killed Vandana maa, because of himself told to do whatever makes her happy, her happiness was in killing the murderer of her baby. That baby was a bond between them and Vandana broke that bond. Imagine how much pain their Bandar would have felt, she wanted to give same pain to Vandana. Arjun imagines Vadnanas smiling face and slaps her. She says at least with hatred, he touched her. He has decided to kill her today, so she will reveal each secret. He slaps her twice. She starts revealing secret. He imagines Saanjh and holds her neck. Maya says kill her, only her love can be beyhadh in this world. He should punish her for her sin, he is her biggest sin. He says he told mistake itself is a mistake and she is his mistake. She says let us die together then, there is nothing left in this world for them.

Arjun pushes her by her neck and she falls on glass table. Her head bleeds. Tujhe pyar karte karte…plays. Blood falls on floor. She reminisces Arjun telling they will never separate, him proposing her, their romance, etc. Blood continues dropping on floor. She closes her eyes. Teears roll down her eyes.

Maya sitting on swinger says I love you Arjun Sharma, you changed my love, one can take life in love and can give life also. Polce comes holding handcuffs and wakes up Arjun. Arjun asks why. Inspector says he killed his wife. Arjun says he did not. Inspector shows Maya’s dead body and asks what is this then. Arjun sits in a shock.

Precap: Ayan pleads inspector that his brother did not anything. Arjun says he killed his wife and Maya made him a murderer. Inspector asks if he accepts he murdered his wife. Saanjh says Arjun did not. Arjun says this is truth, he does not know how he made this mistake, but he made.

Update Credit to: MA


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