Anika sings Mai kya karoon Ram….. and dances around Shivaye. Shivaye goes. Some time before, Shivaye asks Om and Rudra why did they do this. Rudra says sorry, I did this. Om says no, its our mistake. Shivaye says that’s obvious, your signatures were there on ownership papers, this house was on name of three of us, it couldn’t sell off till any two of us signs on property papers, how did you two name house to Anika. Rudra says you went in some zone and Om went in coma, then I signed on papers. Om says yes, Tej gave me some papers to sign and I signed, you know I don’t know legal things, I got cheated, sorry. Rudra says what can we do now. Shivaye says I can rectify this within a day. Om says don’t you think Anika deserves this, you technically owe her alimony after divorce.

Anika says

I knew Shivaye will do something, did you check papers well, there is no use now, I got papers checked by my lawyer, this is my house, you would be angry on me. Shivaye says why will I get angry, you stay here, I don’t care. He goes. Ragini asks Samar about Anika reaching Shivaye’s house. Samar says I don’t care. She says if she comes in Shivaye’s life, what will I do. Samar says worry is not a solution of problem, why this tension, passion and worry for Shivaye. She says I love Shivaye. He names her boyfriends and says you loved them too. She says that was immaturity, this is love, I m damn sure Shivaye will be last guy in my life, he is the only one for me. He says fine, I get it, stop eating salad. She says this is my comfort food, this keeps me fit. He says fine, tell me how will your problem. She asks him to help. Samar recalls Shivaye. He asks are you serious this time. She says I want Shivaye any any cost, else I will die. He says fine, I did not refuse to you, I gave you every toy till now, you will get Shivaye. She hugs him and says thanks, I love you.

Anika says he is not that Shivaye, whom I know, where did his Tadi go, where is the hatred in his kanji eyes, where is my Shivaye. Om says so we got you back, we made this plan. Rudra says Shivaye is shattering, just you can make him old Shivaye. She says you think this will be useful, he is not even seeing me, I think he is hating me. Rudra says person hates one whom he loves. Om does shayari. Rudra says we have seen Shivaye has gone somewhere along you, get him back. Om says we are keeping your promise, you promise us you will get our Shivaye back, his Tadi back. She promises she will not let Shivaye break like this, he will become Tadibaaz for sure.

Pinky asks Shivaye to see the result of blindly believing Omru, they proved they are Tej’s son, they killed you by getting Anika here. He says I can’t hear against them. Pinky says you are not my Shivaye, that girl came back, she will dance on our head like Naagin. He says enough. She says your heart still has place for her. He says I don’t want to talk and leaves. She says I will pull her ear and kick her out of here.

Anika goes to Dadi and says sorry, I know I have hurt your heart, the day I went from this house, I spoke to you badly. Dadi says I don’t know why you did that, my heart says, whatever you are doing, there is some reason behind it, I used to worry for Billu day and night before you came, but you have come now, I m tension free now, I m sure, you will manage my Billu and get his Tadi back. Anika says I will try my best and hugs her.

Ranveer apologizes to Priyanka and says this is just my fault, I promised you to get a comfortable life, but couldn’t afford a maid. Priyanka says I have no problem to do household work. He says I know you are working hard, but forgetting things. She says I have really cleaned the room. He says fine, we will end topic. He hugs her. Kamini says you are not ill, but I will make you ill gradually.

Anika asks the servants to change the room. Shivaye comes and looks on. Anika asks servants to get colorful curtains and carpet, atleast person’s room should have colors, if not life. She asks Shivaye why is he here, he would have forgotten its her name now, he might be angry that she took his room, but what to do, I m owner of this house, the biggest room should be mine. He says you did good, I was bored and was thinking to change it, its said person should leave the place from which he has bitter memories. She says I m changing everything. He asks her to do anything. She says I m throwing coffee machine. He says I don’t need it, I don’t have coffee. She asks did you leave it. He says when habit is bad, it becomes weakness, when worst habit got away, this bad habit will also go. She thinks how to get old Shivaye back. She sends servants. She shuts the door.

She says you know why I came here, to settle scores, the way you have kicked me out, I did not forget. He says but I have forgotten everything. She says I think you forgot yourself too, Stone Singh Oberoi became Sad Singh Oberoi, you had tashan and Tadi between you before, now you have nothing, you should keep your name Sadhu Singh Oberoi, it will suit you. She thinks he is not reacting even on hair, I have to do some other drama. She plays song and dances around him. Mai kya karoon Ram…..plays…. He asks is it done and goes.

Its night, Anika sees Shivaye sleeping on the ground and covers him with the blanket. She thinks what happened to Shivaye, I went away so that he stays happy, but he forgot smiling and getting angry, we both lost, its enough, now I have to get my Tadibaaz back, I will do this. Anika sleeps on the ground and cries.

Anika asks servant to move this, I will set kitchen, food will be made in desi ghee. Shivaye looks on and sees smoke alarm ringing. He goes. Anika says he did not react even when I ruined his kitchen.

Update Credit to: Amena


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