The Episode starts with Kirti asking Kartik and Naira to go inside the party hall. Kartik says we will come with you. Kirti insists. Kartik says we will go for some time, you wait in cafe for us. Naira says then we will enjoy. Kirti says fine, I will have coffee, enjoy well, else I will feel guilty, go enjoy yourselves. Kartik says I was afraid for this. Naira says I did not know this, we will go and come back soon. Kirti sees a couple and gets sad.

Kartik greets his friends. His friend calls him lucky to get a beautiful wife. Naira says I m more lucky to get him. His friend asks why do they look worried. Naira says nothing. Kartik says chill, don’t think anything. Kartik sees Kajal and tells everyone used to like her in college, she used to like me. Naira jokes. Kartik says I

got a hotter girl than her, I did not wish to make any girlfriend. She says if I was a guy, I would have impressed her. He says I m being decent, you are saying this, anyone else would have gone to her, and you would have got jealous. She says I won’t be jealous. He asks really. She says yes. He says we will see.

Kajal greets and hugs him. They compliment each other. Naira looks on and smiles. Kartik introduces Naira, his wife. Kajal says lucky girl, you got him forever. Naira says thanks. Kajal says Kartik is also lucky, she is pretty. Naira says less than you, if I was a guy, I would have gone mad in your love. Kajal says so sweet. Kartik asks why are you not jealous, get bit jealous. Naira says I love you a lot, none can snatch you. Kajal asks Kartik to come for a dance, are you scared of wife, she likes me, come on. Kartik goes to get drinks. Kajal says Naira, let him enjoy. Naira says if he had fun with you, he would have gone with you at first place, if you don’t understand even now, sorry, nothing can happen to you. Kajal says what happened to her. Kartik gets drinks. Naira hugs him and asks him not to praise any girl. He asks jealous. She says no, shall we leave. He says we will try.

Manish says I did not call Kirti, let her enjoy. Kirti comes home. Dadi says you came early. Kirti says I had headache. Dadi asks did you come alone. Kirti says Kartik and Naira were coming back with me, I asked them to stay in party, this migraine is troubling. She goes. Manish asks since when is she having migraine. Dadi says pain is at heart, and making headache excuse. Manish asks what would have happened. Dadi says someone would have told her something, so I told Naira not to take her, they left her alone. Naira and Kartik get leaving. His friends stop them for a dance. Kartik and Naira dance on Senorita….. Dadi calls Naira. Naira’s phone is away. Dadi calls again. Naira says I m worried for Kirti. Kartik goes to washroom. Naira sees Dadi’s 8 missed calls. She thinks to tell truth. She answers the call. Dadi says you took Kirti on your responsibility, she came here crying alone, you know anything or not, I told you not to take her, are you satisfied now. Naira says no. Manish says my daughter is already bearing a lot, she did not need this incident. Naira gets shocked. Kartik says we shall go home. Naira says Kirti went home alone, Dadi is angry. Kartik says I told her not to force her. She says she came by her wish. He says she got hurt. She asks till when will she stay at home, she has to face world. He says fine, we will go home and see her.

They come home. Kirti says sorry, I had migraine and had to come. Naira sees Dadi. She says no, we met everyone, are you feeling good now. Kirti nods and goes. Kartik says thanks Naira for not telling Kirti everything, she would have got upset, I wish we took care of this, and goes.

Its morning, Kirti does planting. Naksh comes and laughs. He asks are you planting on pots or on your face. He shows her face in phone. She laughs. She cleans her face. He asks for Naira. She says she went out. He says we came to give papers to Naira, and this is for your idea, I have to go. She says tea or coffee. He says no, I will go. She gives him a happiness plant, and says I m planting one, you plant one. He thanks her and goes. Someone comes.

Suwarna says its not Kartik and Naira’s mistake. Dadi asks her to stop it. Anita aunty comes. Dadi hugs her. Anita says we miss you all a lot. Kartik greets her. Kartik and Naira take blessings. Anita says you got a beautiful bahu. Dadi says we got your message and was thinking to reply. Anita says I knew you will be busy, so just came in, I miss you all and Kirti, I loved her a lot, I heard about her marriage, it was good, that man was not suitable for you. Dadi asks her what will she take. Anita says nothing, I felt sad hearing about Kirti, we did not know what she is tolerating, she could have called me once. Everyone look on. Anita says this can get late, Arjun is coming from USA, I will not let this mistake happen, give Kirti’s hand to Arjun, its Lord’s wish, this happened with Kirti, and Arjun’s wife also left 3 years ago. Kartik says this is not right time, we will talk later. Anita says I will not take risk again, you think they both are lonely, this is not US, this is Udaipur, Arjun can get any girl, he is well settled, prepare Kirti for this relation, she will stay as princess in my house.

Naira says sorry aunty, Kirti does not want to talk. Anika says then make her sit at home. Dadi says Naira is right, Kirti will marry the one whom she likes.

Update Credit to: Amena


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