Anika says if its same ring which I made Shivaye wear, it means Shivaye still cares. She acts to fall. Shivaye holds her hand. She smiles seeing him. Some time before, Shivaye greets Ragini and says sorry I did not come in your engagement. Ragini says my engagement and heart broke, Siddharth and everyone feel we have something between us. Everyone looks on. Ragini says we just have pain in our heart. Rudra says wow, you are so fast, you got to know about Shivaye’s heart ache, people think so by the photo printed in newspaper, I m thinking how people got to know, reached hill top and took your photo. Pinky says world is such, when two rich guy and girl get friendly, they get some other meaning. Ragini asks who is she. Rudra say she is my Bhabhi, Shivaye’s…… Shivaye says ex wife. Pinky says

she could not become wife, she is good as ex wife. Shivaye says you must be heartbroken, but its good, some people come in our life, but are not suitable to stay in, its easy to move on, relations which are not strong break, so just chill and move on. Ragini says sure. Anika goes to a corner and cries.

She says it means Shivaye has gone ahead, so he does not care. Ragini says media got after me. Shivaye says I will make a few calls and sort it out, come. They leave. Anika says I did big mistake to agree to Pinky and go away from Shivaye, now I can’t end my distance with him. Pinky says Ragini and Shivaye look so good together, anyone can think they are more than friends, I pray the rumors turn true. Dadi asks her to pray for Billu’s happiness. Pinky says if Ragini comes in his life, he will be happy on his own. Dadi says you won’t understand, the heart which does strong love once, its marks don’t fade from heart, Billu will never forget Anika. Pinky asks who Anika, Shivaye does not want to talk to her, she is his past, he has moved on, I never taught him to turn behind and see. She goes. Rudra says Pinky got overconfidence, we have to do something. Dadi says yes but what….

Om asks what to do now. Rudra says don’t know, but we won’t let Anika lose. Om says yes, Ishqbaazi won’t lose this time, silence increases distance, we have to break their distance. Rudra says how, they are in different zones. Om says they won’t talk. Gauri says so what, you make them talk. Om says they are too different. Bhavya says if suspect is clever, investigating officer has to think like him to catch him. Rudra says this matter is serious, stop watching crime shows, your language is becoming like policemen. Bhavya says I mean….Gauri says we have to answer Pinky in her language.

Anika sees her mangalsutra and recalls Shivaye. She says his happiness is much imp for me, but maybe his imp is with someone else, I promised Dadi I will get his tadi back, maybe I can’t fulfill my promise, now my presence or absence does not affect him, I don’t want to lose, but there is no hope to win. She cries. She says I want a sign that he still cares for our relation, he has place for me in his heart. Shivaye talks to Khanna and comes in. Anika looks on and thinks is this same ring which I made him wear in our engagement, this is the sign I was finding. She holds his hand. He stops and sees her. He leaves. Anika says if its same ring which I made Shivaye wear, it means Shivaye still cares for our relation, I have to find which ring did he wear. Pinky asks do I have to eat this burnt food made by Anika, will you follow her order, my son pays you salary, it will happen as I want.

Jhanvi asks why are you getting anger on them. She sends maid to serve breakfast made by Anika. Pinky argues. Om says we know who did wrong, you tried to make Anika fall in our eyes, we know she is perfect for Shivaye. Jhanvi says you lost bahu and son too, Shivaye and Anika are made for each other, he is just breathing, but not living. Om says we can see his state, we regret his mum can’t see this. Pinky says no need to explain me, I m not a kid, all this sympathy is a show, you would be glad that my son’s life is getting ruined, I won’t move back, I will tell Shivaye that he is Shakti’s illegitimate son, let’s end this problem.

Jhanvi asks don’t you worry for him. Om says you won’t do this. Pinky asks who will stop me. Rudra says I will stop. Om says we will leave this house. Pinky says I will book ticket. Om says if we leave, Shivaye will leave the house and come to us. Rudra says then he will hate you. Jhanvi says we know you won’t say his birth truth to him, you don’t want to lose him. Rudra says you are nothing without him. Om says your life revolves around him, if he goes, you will get alone. Pinky says wow, you got an army, my family is blackmailing me. Rudra says children learn from elders, we learnt this from you.

Anika sees Shivaye working. She goes to see the ring. He asks do you want anything. She says no, its my house, I can go anywhere. She thinks maybe Ragini made him wear that ring, no her engagement broke, I have to find. She stands at pool side and says wow, what a beautiful weather, I wish it rains. He sips tea. She starts acting to fall. Shivaye holds her hand. She smiles seeing him wearing the ring which she made him wear in their engagement. Music plays….

He asks why do you go near the pool if you don’t know swimming. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…. He goes. She happily jumps and says I got the sign, Shivaye has worn our engagement ring, it means he cares for our relation, I will fight and win, none can stop us from uniting. She laughs.

Pinky claps and says great, you both got wings, I can’t tell Shivaye his birth truth, as I don’t need, I have won by getting Shivaye and Anika divorced, he hates her, I will use this and make him do what I want, he will marry the girl I choose for her. Om and Rudra wish her luck. Pinky stops Anika and says I was coming to you. Anika asks did you take appointment. Pinky says don’t jump on other’s money, you became rich by begging, you are not rich like us. Anika asks done? Pinky says yes, you don’t know what I can do. Anika asks who else can know it. Pinky says if you try to come in his life again, I will tell him everything. Anika recalls her words.

Anika says I want car, I m going to meet someone special. Shivaye says take car and driver too. She leaves. Rudra says don’t know what happened to her, how can she change so much, she was talking to someone on phone, now she is going to meet someone in car to impress. Shivaye looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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