Anika meets Samar and says I came to say I won’t be able to do this job. Shivaye looks on. She stumbles. Samar holds her. Some time before, Pinky asks Anika not to come back in Shivaye’s life, else I will tell everything. Anika recalls her words and says tell him, let things spoil completely, you think you will threaten me and I will do same mistake, never, I did mistake as I did not trust my love strength, I felt Shivaye will shatter, I was wrong, I should have become his strength, I took that decision as I felt you will manage him, you are his mum, you have let him shatter. Pinky gets angry.

Anika says I regarded you my mum, you did not become my Saas, and Shivaye’s mum. Pinky says Anika… Anika says enough, I won’t be caught in your plans, this water has important place in my and Shivaye’s

relation, I swear on this water, I will come back in his life, you challenged me that Shivaye will kick me out of here, I challenge you Shivaye will get me back with respect as his wife. Pinky says this can never happen. Anika says this will happen, our Ishqbaazi is not so weak to break. She walks off. Biwi no. 1…..plays….

Rudra asks what, you gave open challenge to Pinky. Anika asks how will this happen, Shivaye is not affected by anything, Om is not at home. He says Om will confuse you with his shayari, you came to right person, we want Shivaye’s reactions, he will react when he gets angry. She says he is not getting angry. He says we guys get anger when we feel jealous, we have to make him feel more jealous. She says Stone Singh Oberoi is not feeling jealous. He says when you were talking on phone, he was tearing flowers in jealousy with Rohit, he have to get his Tadibaaz out in SSO style. She asks how will I make him feel jealous. He says I m there, your Devar and love guru, I will say. She says fine we will see doing this. He sings Billu ko aag lagegi…..

Anika calls Samar. He answers the call and recalls Ragini’s words. He says strange, you came for job and did not come to join. She says sorry, I wanted to meet you regarding it. He asks her to meet him at some restaurant. She turns and sees Shivaye. She asks for car. Rudra comes and asks car. Anika says yes, I m going to meet someone special. He says but you always go on scooty. She says but I m going to meet someone special. Shivaye says take car and driver along. She leaves. Rudra says what happened to her, how can she change so much, she is going to meet someone in car to impress. Shivaye asks him not to worry. He goes. Rudra says you got worried, its fine, it will be seen soon.

Anika wears high heels and short dress. She finds difficulty in walking. She goes inside the restaurant. She tells Rudra that she can’t do this. Rudra says you can do it and sings Billu song. Anika says you made me wear this kerchief type dress, these 5 tower heels and 3000rs bag. He says that bag is worth 3 lakhs. She asks what and checks it. He asks her to focus on mission. She says why is this bag worth 3 lakhs. He says its brand value. She says I can’t do this. He says you have to do this. She says don’t say this sandal is worth 10000rs, my heart will fail. He says no, its worth 25000rs. She asks what, I could have paid 3 months rent to Chanda in this price. He asks her to see in front. She sees Shivaye and says Shivaye…. He says see this is called jealousy. She says its great. He asks her to focus in Shivaye, he is priceless. She says I can do anything for Shivaye, even wear this cheap dress. He asks her to go ahead. Shivaye looks at her. She greets Samar. He signs her to sit.

Anika says I had to say sorry to you, you called me and I did not come, I came here to say, I can’t do this job. She gives the resignation letter. Samar says you could have refused on phone as well. She says I wanted to meet you, and say thanks and sorry, sorry for not doing this job, thanks for showing trust in me. Shivaye looks on, sitting at the table behind. Samar asks will you have anything. She says no, thanks. Rudra asks Anika to go ahead now, else plan will flop. Anika says fine and stumbles. Samar holds her. Shivaye gets shocked and gets up. She sees him. Samar asks are you fine. She nods and smiles. Samar leaves.

Shivaye gets angry and drops the juice glass down. Anika smiles. Shivaye leaves. He comes home angrily. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Jhanvi asks what happened. Shivaye goes to his room. He recalls Anika and Samar, and throws a chair on the glass wall. Jhanvi and Pinky hear the sound. Anika comes to Shivaye and smiles. She asks what’s all this. He asks what, I did not do anything. She asks did any Bagad billa come here, this room was fine. He says maybe earthquake came. She says you won’t accept you did this in anger. He asks why will I get angry, I don’t care. She says you broke my room. He says this is my room, I want this room, find other room. She says atleast his tadi came back. She says fine, I will give this room to you, I would have given you even the house if you asked, I m very happy today. He says I have seen your happiness in restaurant. She asks did you follow me. He says no, if I cared, you would have been outside this house.

Anika says I don’t care if you don’t like my dress, but the one for whom I got ready liked my dress. He angrily breaks a vase. Anika gets ready and says I m leaving now. She slips. Shivaye holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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