Scene 1
Shaurya asks Priya where is deserts’ list? Priya says Mahek has it, Mahek gives it to him and smirks, he checks it and huffs at her, he storms off. He says all are buttering her like its her restaurant and not mine.

Jeevan says to family that we have to do some work, Ravi says but what work? Jeevan says we will try something. Sonal comes there and says i am going to meet my new boss, he said that I can get job back again. Kanta says but you are pregnant, sonal says when you were pregnant with Mohit, did you stop doing house’s work? its easy and doable, Jeevan says my heart wont allow to send you, Ravi says its our duty to run this house, dont take tension. PD says she is not snatching your right, she wants to work so she can and she can rest after 6 months, Nehal says I am going

on job with her, I will work and take care of sonal too, Mohit looks on, Sonal asks can I go now? Kanta says fine go, she hugs her. Sonal greets everyone and starts to leave but Mohit asks where are you going? you are pregnant, are you not listening to me? Sonal says I just answer my family, Mohit says am I am your neighbor? I am your husband and this is my baby, Sonal says this is our baby and I used to go on work before marriage too and you used to rest at home that time, Mohit shouts Sonal! Sonal says I took permission of people that I needed, I dont need your money so I dont need your permission, she starts leaving, Sheetal says Jeevan arent you ashamed to send pregnant girl to work? are you stooping that low? PD says you fat lady handle this useless Mohit and Sonal can go to work if she wants, our house’s girls are more competent than our sons, she takes stick and says if you dont stop then I will beat you, Sheetal moves away, Sonal and Nehal leaves.

Niki is passingby Shaurya and strikes with him, she is about to slip but Shaurya holds her and says so sorry, are you fine? Mahek comes there and gets jealous, she says to Shaurya that you could have walked with open eyes. Niki asks Priya if they keep fighting like this? this must be true love. Mahek asks Shaurya what is this arrangement? its pathetic, shaurya says I have been handling this all on my own, I know ambiance and decoration of this place and its standard, you have made staff wrapped around your finger already, Mahek says I am leading them so they will listen to me, right staff? all nod in her favor. Shaurya says you are looking after cooking but I am going to decide style and ambiance of this restaurant, I know what standard it needs, look at your clothes and style, the one who cant even dress properly wants to decorate this restaurant? if it was dhabba then I would have allowed you to do decorations, you handle kitchen as that is your skill but I will look after style of this restaurant, Mahek says fine, i will handle cooking but this is my restaurant, I own it and I will keep reminding you, and one more thing, talk to me with respect infront of my staff and this order not request, she leaves, Shaurya fumes in anger, Niki gets call and leaves.
Niki comes out of restaurant and says to caller that they are fighting since morning but they have started working together, when investors see them together then it will bring results. Shaurya comes there, she ends call. Shaurya says when Mahek was needed here, she didnt come and now she has took after everything like she owns it, who was on call? Niki says it was Vicky, why you are so tensed by Mahek being here? its so cute, you are typical husband, cant stay away from her and cant bear her closeness, Shaurya smiles and says stop saying rubbish, he leaves. Niki is tensed, she clears her call log.
Shaurya and Niki are in restaurant. They strike with each other again, Shaurya holds her and laughs at her, they smile and talk. Mahek sees all this and is jealous. Niki and Shaurya comes to Mahek. Shaurya says is this the dress you are wearing Niki? Niki says Mahek knows about fashion, ask her about my dress. Shaurya says Mahek doesnt know much about fashion, her passion is cooking. Mahek gets insecure and looks at her dress, shaurya says seems like something is burning. Niki asks Shaurya to say thanks to Mahek for helping, Shaurya says thank you Mahek and clean your clothes before investors come here, Niki says how mean, Mahek huffs in anger.

Scene 2
Mahek is working in white chilies. She sees one kid about to eat without washing hands, she stops him and says you will get ill because of germs if you dont wash your hands, she takes him to wash basin.
Investors come to white chilies, they taste dishes which Mahek cooked. Investor says I am impressed, Mahek you have turned around situation, we hope your differences with Shaurya is finished, Mahek says yes and I am sorry to you and Shaurya for my behavior, we will take white chilies to new heights. Investor says we want you to arrange party tomorrow to celebrate victory and for branding, Shaurya says ofcourse, they leave.

Sheetal comes in room and sees Mohit counting money, Sheetal says so much money? Mohit says I wont let Sonal work in this condition, Mohit hears some noise and goes out. Sheetal says this fool will fail my plan. Mohit comes in lounge, he and Sheetal sees Sonal and Nehal making family eat sweets. Sonal puts salary in PD’s hand and says I got salary in advance and Nehal will get it jat end of month, Balwant blesses them.

Mahek is working in white chilies. she stands on stool and puts a to do list on wall, she slips and falls from stool but Shaurya comes there and catches her in his arms, he puts her down. Mahek winces in fear, Shaurya looks at her intensely and holds her securely in his arms, Piya re piya sad version plays as they longingly gazes at each other. Tears fall from Mahek’s eyes looking at him closely, she panics and turns to leave but Shaurya holds her and says listen Mahek, she says dont say anything, dont say any sorry or thank you, dont give any explanation, dont promise or vow about anything, let everything remain like as it is between us, Shaurya pulls her closer and says then why you are doing all this? Mahek says this restaurant is not only your dream but Karona’s dream too and I cant upset her, yes I love you a lot but the wounds you have given me are very fresh, what Mohit did give me pain but I completely brokedown when I got to know that you were behind all that. Mahek says even after so much happening, I keep thinking that Shaurya might change, I keep hoping that you will change soon but soon having hope of chaning will go away too, habit of waiting for you to change will change and then I will bear anything you say and do but then it wouldnt matter at all, it wouldnt affect that much then.. bye, she glares at him and leaves, Shaurya feels remorseful.

PRECAP- Shaurya says to Priya that tomorrow’s party day is very important, everything should be top class and over the moon, Priya nods, they leave restaurant. Someone is in restaurant in veil and comes to inventory, that person tricks with inventory and leaves. In morning, Mahek comes in inventory and is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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