In police station, Arjun and Ayan watch news about Maya’s murder and Arjun being proven guilty. Ayan says Maya trapped Arjun badly. Arjun says Maya was right, she is nowhere but everywhere. She is a loneliness in crowd. If leaves the world, even Arjun will not be alive. Ayan says there is no way he can get out now.

Next day, Arjun and Saanjh are brought to court room. People discuss Arjun killed Maya for her wealth. Some says here comes Arjun with his keep Saanjh. Arjun angrily stares. Inspector says there is no use of staring now. Courting hearing starts. Judge asks where is public prosecutor. A young woman enters and says sorry for late. She says sometimes to get truth out, it is better late than lost.

She starts alleging Arjun that he killed Maya for her money. Arjun says

this is wrong. She says Arjun loves Saanjh and not Maya. Saanjh says this is lie. Lawyer asks judge to remind Saanjh that she is an accused here. Judge asks Saanjh to sit. Lawyer continues alleging that Arjun forced Maya to transfer her company in his name. Arjun says this is lie and tells that Maya did not want her father to take over her company, so she transferred 51% shares in his name. Lawyer calls Malkhani who tells Maya told when one has to choose between love and ethics, love wins. She will transfer all her shares in Arjun’s name as she loves him and he will not marry her until he gets company shares. He says this is wrong. She says everything is fair in love and war. Out of flashback, he alleges Saanjh that she ruined Maya’s life. Saanjh says this is lie and Maya has trapped them in biggest conspiracy. Lawyer again reminds her that she is an accused. Judge says if she comments again, he will consider it contempt of court.

Lawyer continues that Maya was pregnant and Saanjh planned to abort Maya’s baby. Arjun says this is lie, Maya was never pregnant. He reminisces the incident where Maya fakes her pregnancy. Lawyer shows Maya’s pregnancy report and asks what would he say now, he was becoming father, but Saanjh conspired to abort Maya’s baby. Saanjh says again this is lie. Lawyer asks her to come to witness box and speak.

Saanjh walks into witness box. Lawyer asks if she loves Arjun. Saanjh says a lot since childhood, but for Arjun she is just a friend. Lawyer shouts she and Arjun killed Maya together. She continues her argument.

Precap: Judge pronounces Arjun guilty in Maya’s murder case and announces Arjun to be hanged till death.

Update Credit to: MA


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