Note: There won’t be separate updates for Dil Bole Oberoi from now on as DBO has merged into Ishqbaaz.

Shivaye shows the cake. They girls seeing the damaged cake. Anika says you just have our cake. Shivaye punches their cake. Anika applies cake on her face. Shivaye hits cake on her face. Some time before, Shivaye says I have decided to get engaged to Ragini. Pinky smiles. Shivaye asks Anika is this affecting her. Anika gets a call and says yes, I m coming. Pinky says you made all of us glad, we felt its just friendship, matter went ahead, who has proposed whom, what does Ragini call my Shivaye, now my Shivaye is marrying a good family name, our Billu is not one to look back. Dadi says sometimes its necessary to look back to get ahead. Pinky

hugs Ragini and says I wanted this, you turn into his life partner from a best friend. Rudra asks Shivaye are you serious. Shivaye says marriage is a not a joke. Shivaye says but sometimes it becomes a joke. He goes. Pinky asks Ragini to manage him.

Anika sees her ring and recalls Shivaye’s words. She says I became a fool, this is the truth, Shivaye has forgotten me, he loves someone else now. Shivaye sees his ring and gets sad. Anika cries.

Ragini recalls Shivaye’s words. She sees herself in mirror. She says yes, finally I will be Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She takes her selfie. She praises herself. She says fake boyfriend, engagement and crying, but real results, now Shivaye and I will become a power couple. She sees Anika.

Ragini says I must say, you are very sorted. Anika asks what do you mean. Ragini says you are Shivaye’s ex wife and took his engagement news very sportingly, you would have got hurt, but you did not cry, typical housewife would have cried, but not you, quite impressive. Anika says there was a name on our relation, it got erased, but it does not mean relation also gets erased. Ragini asks what do you mean. Anika says you won’t understand, what name did you say, Ragini says Ragini, if you forget my name, you can call me Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She goes.

Shivaye says Ragini I was…. Ragini says you surprised me, I did not know you think this about us. Shivaye says hold on, whatever I said, I did not mean it, we are just friends, I wanted to make Anika jealous, sorry I should have not used you in my personal matters, I will clarify this to my family, sorry about it. She gets shocked. She says its okay, I m happy I could help, that’s exactly what friends are for. He says thanks for understanding, I will set everything right okay. He holds her shoulder and goes. She repeats his words and says I will turn this lie into truth, just wait and watch.

Anika cries. Shivaye comes and asks what are you doing here. She recalls his words. She says this is my house, I can do anything. He says but this is my room. She says everything won’t be according to you. He says so much anger, I think someone is affected by my engagement news. She says you are affected, you don’t know what to do and what not. They argue. Shivaye says it was my mistake to trust you. She asks where is your fiancee. He says you came early, did you cancel your date. She asks why do you care, why will I tell you about my personal life. He says I already know, you are affected, I have moved on. She says fine, you move out as well. She makes him out of the room and shuts door. He leaves. Anika sits and cries.

Gauri says my work is over, I have no reason to stay here, I have no rights, do you have any reason to stop me. Om holds her hand. Saathiya…..plays….. He says  I realized my mistake, I m sorry, stay back atleast now. She asks why shall I stay here, so that you ask me to leave from this house, you are not understanding,  She says you don’t accept this marriage, by what rights shall I stay. He says you did a lot for my family, by being Chulbul and my wife, don’t take decision in hurry, take some time, just think about it, you believe in Lord, ask him, maybe he tells you, what happened. She says I can’t think when you are around. He asks what shall I do. She asks him to go. He says what, this is my house. She says fine, I will go. He says wait, I will go, just think about it. He goes.

Rudra says I don’t believe you are a cop. He recalls Bhavya. She says I tried to tell you. He says I felt you are joking. She asks whose mistake is it. He says you mean its my mistake, now I understand everything, eggs going missing, you used to do exercise in my room, you had a gun too, you always keep that gun with you. She says yes. He says I felt you are a helpless woman, but you are a cop, you used me and my family. She says sorry, I was just doing my duty, where are you going. He says anywhere, but away from you. She says I can’t leave this assignment till I get orders. He says you were like family for me, I m just an assignment for you. He goes.

Om and Rudra come to Shivaye. Om and Shivaye ask Rudra to shut up. Rudra says I did not say anything. Shivaye says even then I know. Om says we are made to leave from our rooms. Shivaye says who signed on property papers, Anika made me out of my room. Anika says I had to come back for Shivaye, he got strange. Gauri says Om asked me to leave from house, there are some misunderstandings between us. Om says we should give time to each other to think and end misunderstanding. Bhavya says he is not understanding my helplessness. Anika says its so bad, we care for all this. Shivaye says they don’t care, we are talking about them. Rudra says so can we make them out of rooms. Shivaye says we can make them out of mind. Anika says why should we encourage their tadi. Gauri says you are right. Anika and Gauri talk in each other’s typical language. Bhavya says I was thinking its my mistake, not Rudra’s. Rudra says its my birthday tomorrow, but I don’t want to celebrate it. Shivaye and Om say we will celebrate it well. Anika says why shall we ruin Rudra’s birthday, we will celebrate it. Gauri says yes. Shivaye says its decided then, it will be boys party. Anika says it will be girls party, we will show we can stay happy without them. They join hands. Gauri says Nari Shakti J/Zindabad.

Its morning, Jhanvi asks what’s happening. Tej says its Rudra’s birthday and Anika, Gauri and Bhavya should not know about it. Jhanvi says Shivaye messaged this to me. Shakti says Anika messaged me that Shivaye and Om should not know it. Pinky says its two parties. Tej says it looks more like partition than party. Shivaye and Om get a cake. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get a cake too. They sing baar baar din ye aaye…. Shivaye and Om sing birthday song. Rudra says I m centre of attraction, so I m here. He joins Shivaye. Shivaye says he is our brother, he will be with us, we are Oberois, Dil Bole Oberois. Gauri and Anika ask Rudra to come to them and cut cake. Rudra says so sweet. Shivaye says those who can’t make cake on own order cake. Om asks Rudra to cut their cake. Anika says come here, we will sing birthday song. Shivaye says anyone can sing. Anika says yes, but none can hear it, remember your song. Shivaye recalls and says you mean I sing bad. Anika says very bad.

Rudra says don’t fight today, its my birthday. Bhavya says exactly, we got your fav cake by difficulty. Rudra says I won’t melt by this cake. Om says we have blood relation, he won’t be bought by this cake. Tej asks what’s happening. Shakti says I feel war will start now. Shivaye says Rudra will cut our cake. He shows the cake. They all get shocked. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya laugh seeing the cake spoiled. Rudra asks Shivaye and Om not to worry.

Anika says I wish this cake had some tadi. Gauri says this would have not happened. Anika asks Rudra to have their cake, that’s only one left now. Rudra says its such a good cake, its my birthday, chill I will cut that cake. Shivaye and Om go to them. Shivaye says very nice cake. Anika says girls do everything perfect. Shivaye stabs the cake and punches it. They all look on. Shivaye eats the cake from his hand and says girls don’t do it so perfect. Gauri says you killed the cake. Anika says arrest them. Bhavya says I would have arrested them, but there is no such crime. Dadi says you spoiled the cake. Shivaye says everything is fair in love and war. Anika says phail gaya raita….. Shivaye asks where. She hits cake on his face. Gauri and Bhavya say she did good. Shivaye hits cake on her face. Everyone smiles.

Gauri hits cake on Om’s face and smears it well. Om wipes off the cake and says you too… Gauri says yes, I also thought to play cake holi. Om says I understand and smears cake to her face. Bhavya asks Rudra to hit cake first, my aim is good, once I hit, you can’t hit. Rudra says oh over confidence, you hit first. She says as your wish. She hits cake. Rudra falls back and laughs. He says now you are gone and smears cake on her face. Om runs after Gauri. Tej asks what the hell is happening. Jhanvi says let it be, they look happy. Tej says they are behaving like wild children. Dadi smears cake on his face. Tej says you too. She says yes. Tej smears cake on Shakti’s face. Even Jhanvi gets cake on her face. They all laugh. Pinky looks on, standing alone. She sees Shivaye and Anika happy. Anika runs after Shivaye. Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi…..plays………. They all run playing around. Shivaye holds Anika in arms. O jaana……plays…..

Ragini comes and asks what’s going on. Pinky says they all got mad. Gauri asks Anika what happened and shoves off. She says sorry, I got a sprain in my neck. Bhavya says me too got sprain. Dadi says you all have hurt them. Shivaye asks does anyone get hurt by cake. Dadi asks them to lift their one and take to room. Shivaye says but Dadi… Dadi says don’t argue, do as I said. Shivaye, Om and Rudra lift Anika, Gauri and Bhavya in arms, and leave.

They drop the girls down and argue. Shivaye says we knew it, you are making us… Anika says Pappu…. He says yes. She says we were celebrating Rudra’s happy birthday. Shivaye says its just birthday. She says you all made us angry. He asks what did we do. She says what’s the use to say if you don’t realize. Gauri says leave it, we will go. They all look at each other.

Anika asks why were you staring. Shivaye says even you were staring, you are jealous of Ragini. She says even my new slipper Chamki is not jealous of her, we both have moved on. He asks are you sure.

Note: There won’t be separate updates for Dil Bole Oberoi from now on as DBO has merged into Ishqbaaz.

Update Credit to: Amena


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