The Episode starts with Dadi asking Naira to come later to meet her. Naira goes. Dadi tells Surekha that she is trying to get all happiness for Kirti. Naira says what will I say on call, if he gets annoyed and ends call then, shall I go and meet him. Suwarna comes and gives her a chocolate. She says there is no problem in this world which chocolate can’t solve. Naira smiles. Kirti comes. Naira says you look pretty, are you going somewhere. Kirti says I m going temple with Dadi, to do some charity. Surekha says I m going along, I did not ask anything to Maa ji, you have to see lunch today. Naira stops Kirti. Surekha thinks to give her kids’ work. Naira says your dupatta was touching ground, it will get dirty.

At temple, Dadi smiles seeing Kirti and Surekha. Naira gets down the

car. Dadi looks on. Dadi asks Surekha why did you get her along. Surekha says I tried to stop her at home, Suwarna sai she will manage kids and sent Naira, sorry.

Naksh and Bhabhimaa pray. Dadi says we got them here also. Naira says you should be in Krishna. Naksh says Bhabhimaa wanted to come. Dadi asks Bhabhimaa to forget it, and let them do their work. Naira asks Dadi why is she worried. Dadi says everything is fine. She thinks I will do what I decided. Pandit asks Kirti to add the items in havan kund. Kirti’s dupatta flies. Naksh sees her dupatta flying near havan kund. He holds her dupatta, while she puts the things in the fire. Kirti smiles and recalls Aditya’s tortures. Dadi looks on. Naira sees Naksh holding Kirti’s dupatta. She thinks Naksh is helping, but Dadi can get wrong meaning. Dadi calls out Kirti. She asks Kirti to come for puja.

Surekha asks Dadi are they coming. Dadi says they have come, how will we go to meet them, Naira is here. Surekha says I knew this. Dadi says I will think of something. Naira prays that she manages everything, Kartik’s annoyance ends. Manish and Akhilesh see Kartik and talk. Manish asks what happened to him. Akhilesh says he looks angry, he might have fought with Naira, he did not have breakfast. Manish says he got married and did not get sense. Akhilesh says one who has sense does not marry, they both are kids. He reminds Manish his time and smiles. Kartik sees them. They leave. Manish says shall I call or not….

Suwarna sees the gift boxes and cries. She shuts cupboard and gets hurt. She says Lord punish me, but don’t let anyone know this matter, none can bear this, especially Manish, I m ready to bear his side of pain too, I will silently bear everything. Naira does aarti. Pandit asks Kirti and Naksh to do aarti. Kirti does aarti and gives the diya stand to Naksh. Dadi goes. Naira sees them and prays their lives get happiness, I will be glad to do anything for them. Dadi thinks where did the people go. Naira sees a little girl and goes. She asks why are you crying, where is your mumma. She looks for the girl’s mum. The girl’s parents take her and thank Naira.

Naira hears a lady telling a couple about rich divorcee girl, money will flow in. Naira says such cheap thoughts, they are standing in temple and thinking such cheap things. She wears her anklet. Dadi meets the couple. Naira says so fish got caught, I wish to go and expose them, but its not right to talk in other’s matters. The girl gives her prasad. Naira turns and sees Dadi with the couple. She gets shocked. Dadi also sees Naira. Naira comes there and greets the couple. She introduces herself and talks to them well. She says its Kirti’s second marriage, we don’t want to keep it grand, just simple marriage in this temple, then you can keep any function later, we are against dowry and all. Dadi sees the couple. The man says we need some time. Dadi asks why, we will make the guy and girl meet tomorrow, it means you want money, not girl. Naira says police will give that. The couple apologizes and leaves.

Naira says sorry, I heard them, they will ask dowry as girl is divorcee, don’t say anything, I know whatever reason it is, if you do this for Kirti’s happiness, we will get a nice guy, we can’t put her life at stake, what will be difference between us and Aditya, we will find someone who loves and respects her, not anyone who thinks he is Lord. They see Kirti. Kirti asks what are you doing here. Naira says Dadi got emotional.

Kirti asks Dadi not to take tension, everything will get fine. Dadi says yes, it has to happen. Kirti goes to pray. Surekha says sorry, I could not stop Naira. Dadi says this time your mistake turned good for me. Naksh holds the diya, along with Kirti. Dadi looks on. Kirti’s hand gets bit burnt. Naksh asks did you get hurt. Kirti says no. He says I felt so, apply some chandan, why are you lying, why to bear pain for no reason. He applies chandan to her hand. Kirti looks at him and recalls Aditya’s misbehavior. Naira prays Kartik’s anger gets away.

Naira sings Acha ji mai haari…… and shows sorry to Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena


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