Lawyer Pooja addresses judge that Arjun and Saanjh killed Maya for her money. Saanjh says this is lie. Arjun’s lawyer says Maya was behind Arjun and proposed him on hot air balloon and took new photographer Arjun to Mauritius for a photo shoot. Pooja says Arjun is not that handsome that Maya will propose him. She continues alleging Arjun and calls Maya’s ex-secretary who comes into witness box and gives statement against Arjun that he told he married Maya for money. Arjun says he was joking and working with him so long does not she realize is jokes.

Pooja then calls peon Ram Prasad who tells Arjun always used to come with Saanjh and go with Saanjh. He reminisces Saanjh and Maya having food together and hugging, etc. Arjun says he and Saanjh are each other’s support, Saanjh was in depression

after her papa’s death. Ram Prasad says so much that they were intimate once. Arjun says Saanjh was consoling him after he lost his child due to Maya.

Pooja says Saanjh forced Maya to abort her first child. Saanjh says Maya was never pregnant at all and Arjun reminisces Maya confessing that she faked her first pregnancy to keep Arjun away from Saanjh. Pooja shows medical reports. She then says Maya was never mad and calls mental asylum doctor who says he did not see an intelligent girl like Maya in his life and she underwent treatment for depression. She was mad, but for her husband and was waiting for him to come and take her, but he never came till 6 months.

Saanjh tells she wants to tell something. Judge asks to come into witness box and speak. Saanjh enters witness box and says Maya killed her father, her baby, my father via her aide Samay, Vandana aunty, trapped Ayan in rape case and even tried to kill him. Pooja yells all these are baseless allegations, then why did she try to destroy evidence. She calls inspector Ranveer who says he knew Saanjh would try to do some something, so he went to Maya’s house and caught her trying to destroy evidence. Arjun’s lawyer says his client is being trapped in false allegations.

Pooja then calls Shruti into witness box. Arjun says he is seeing her only since 2 days. Pooja says she is Maya’s close friend since years and Maya used to write letter to her from mental asylum. Pooja continues her allegations and provokes Arjun that he is so angry when his friend Saanjh, sorry mistress is alleged. Arjun angry tries to slap her, but stops. Pooja continues that that he did not mind trying to slap a woman with just small allegations, how he must have tortured Maya. She continues her drama.

Precap: Judge addresses that after hearing all witnesses and proofs, it is proved that Arjun killed Maya, so he should be hanged till death.

Update Credit to: MA


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