Shivaye, Om and Rudra fall in the pool. They sit sad. Pyaar hame kis mod pe le aaya…..plays…. Ragini says I want Shivaye by any way. Some time before, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya turn to leave. Shivaye says they were acting very smart. Anika signs Gauri. Gauri signs Bhavya. They turn and push Shivaye, Om and Rudra into the pool. They laugh at the sight. ShivOmru see them laughing. Shivaye says what do they think of themselves. Anika says you were angry, stay in water for some time. They go. Om asks are you mad. Rudra says you said my birthday will be grand, it went other way here. Shivaye says we have to see them. Pinky says see, Shivaye was doing cake fights and now Anika has thrown him in pool. Ragini asks does he want to get Anika back in his life. Pinky says I know what’s better for his life,

that cheap girl won’t return in his life, do you like Shivaye. Ragini says who will not like Shivaye, any girl coming in his life will be lucky. Pinky says I wanted to hear this, I will make Anika out and you in. Ragini dances and says thanks, I m with you. She hugs Pinky.

Anika says its fun to have icecream in anger, mind gets cooled, but ice gola has great taste, I will take you two there. She sees Gauri sad and asks what are you thinking. Gauri says I was thinking of Om, its rainy season and I have pushed Om, if he catches cold. Anika says we also pushed Shivaye and Rudra, we melt so soon, so boys take advantage, what did we say, Nari shakti zindabad. Bhavya says we had cold water in training camps, you have to be strong. Anika says certainly.

Rudra says we will change clothes later, we will have hot chocolate first. Om says good idea. They come to kitchen. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya laugh seeing their drenched state. Rudra asks are they laughing on us. Shivaye asks what are you laughing at. Anika says its our matter. Shivaye says you can’t mess in my kitchen. Anika says you can’t mess any house, what’s this. Shivaye sees water dropping on the floor from their wet clothes. Shivaye says its because of you all. Gauri asks will you have icecream. Anika says no, he is sensitive. Gauri asks Rudra to have it. Bhavya says no, Rudra catches cold so soon. Rudra says I m not a kid, I will have it and show. Bhavya says stop, go back, you can’t have it, won’t you ask Om. Gauri says no use, when he sees sweets, his Nandi ox horns come out, he won’t have. Om says Shivaye, we will order from outside, come. Rudra says don’t think we will lose, we are Obros, we will reply with a …… He sneezes and says with a sneeze, no with a stone, come we will find stone, I mean we will make coffee. Omru leave. Shivaye sees Anika.

Omru come to room and get to their natural self, feeling cold. Rudra asks are you also feeling cold. Om asks am I not human, I had to do acting there for Obro respect, don’t sit on bed, it will get wet. Rudra says shall I stand then, I was also pretending to be cool, but I was shivering, I want hot chocolate and Shivaye’s medicine, and a hug too. Om stops him and says wet hug won’t look good. Rudra says we will take a shower and then hot chocolate. Om asks shower together, mad… Rudra says no, in respective washrooms. Om says this is my room, you go. Rudra says its too cold outside. Om asks him to go and have a bath.

Shivaye and Anika stare at each other. Gauri calls out Shivaye. He sneezes. Anika shouts Shivaye….. Gauri and Bhavya smile and leave. Shivaye walks to her. She asks why were you staring at me. He says even you were staring at me. She says as if I don’t have any work. He stops her. He says you are jealous of Ragini. She says even my new Chamki won’t be jealous of her, why will I get jealous, we both moved on. He asks are you sure, we have moved on. He holds her close. She says I feel you are feeling jealous. He takes icecream and eats. She says you are already drenched, leave this. He feeds her icecream and says I gave you engagement news, I should make you have sweets. He goes. Pinky says I was afraid for this, they will get close if they stay under same roof. Ragini asks what can we do. Pinky says leave it on me. Ragini makes a face. Pinky asks what’s your ex boyfriend’s name. Ragini says Siddharth and signs what…. Pinky says now he will help us.

Gauri and Bhavya keep the food. Shivaye comes and sees them. He says why to hide if you have to help Omru. Gauri says we don’t have to show we care for them, Anika said such men….He says it means she is the leader, you both are emotionally torturing my brothers, you don’t know she is fully mad. Gauri and Bhavya laugh. He asks is it a joke. Bhavya says you and Anika are so cute, talk was about us but you took it to Anika, she is your fav topic. He says you are suffering and making my brothers suffer by hearing her. Gauri says no, trust is needed to keep relation, I trust Om, but he does not, so I stay away. Bhavya says whatever I did was to protect Rudra, he feels I cheated him, he is also right, but we are not saying right. He says okay I get it. Gauri says we know you three brothers don’t hide anything, but please don’t tell this to Omru. He says fine. They go. Omru come. Rudra asks Shivaye to have hot shower. Shivaye asks were you guys bathing together. Rudra says no. He sees food and says Omg, did you do this for us, will you make us cry now, brother is a brother, see everything is ready, I love you, I would have hugged you if you were not drenched. Shivaye says thank God. Rudra says if you want me to hug you, go and have a bath.

Anika takes medicine for Shivaye. She asks Gauri and Bhavya did they go to help Omru. Gauri says no, commissioner called. Bhavya says oh yes. Anika says I will just come, I have to talk to Khanna. She goes to see Shivaye and keeps medicine bottle. She hides. Shivaye comes. Om says Anika was right, you will catch cold. Shivaye says I had some icecream, medicine is in my room, I won’t go there. He sees bottle and says how is it here, obviously my brothers. He drinks the syrup. Anika sees this and goes. Shivaye sits with them and smiles. They pass biscuit to him. They all smile. Rudra asks why are you smiling so much. Shivaye says because you are smiling seeing me. Rudra says I m smiling seeing you. Om says I m smiling as my brothers are smiling. They laugh. Rudra jokes that pool water intoxicated them, they did not do right on my birthday. Om says I can’t believe Gauri can do this, she is a …. Shivaye says Devi.

Rudra says don’t use this word, that Devi was a Daayan. Om gets back to topic and says Gauri has hit cake and pushed me in pool, she is not that. Rudra says Bhavya has hit cake on me. Om says you fell down. Rudra says she is a cop, I thought I m protecting her but…, Om says but she was protecting you. Rudra says she is revolver Rani, she keeps gun under pillow and sleeps, who does that. Om says Bhavya. Rudra says very smart. Shivaye says we will talk about something else. He sees Om and Rudra paused and keep the biscuits down in the plate. They sit sad. Pyaar hame kis mod pe le aaya…..plays…. Om and Rudra do silly things. Om drops tea. Shivaye gets it in his cup and drinks. Rudra aims at Shivaye. Om rings the puja bell. Shivaye sees them. Omru rest on his shoulder and kiss him. Shivaye moves them away. Ruda makes Om’s hair. Shivaye can’t take it anymore and leaves.

Gauri and Bhavya worry for Omru. Anika looks on. Bhavya says we can send someone to them. They send servant. Anika and Shivaye walk in the corridor and come face to face. Shivaye sees Dadi sad and goes to her. He asks did you not sleep till now. Dadi says how will I get sleep seeing family relations breaking, some relations are not made and broken, I gave Ishqbaazi in your hands, with belief that you both won’t let the string break, Shivaye is getting tangled in a new string, I always said Ishqbaazi should be equal, don’t know why your relation broke, and your brothers are doing same as you, if you don’t handle yourself, how will you handle them.

Anika says don’t worry for Omru, Shivaye will manage everything. Dadi says I wish you said you two will together manage everything. Dadi cries and leaves. Anika says Dadi is saying right, Omru’s life should not be affected by our fight, Gauri and Bhavya are upset being away from them, I think we should unite them, if you need my help, I m ready. He says yes, you should help, you provoked Gauri and Bhavya, just follow me, no stupidity. He goes. She says its like doing a favor on me by taking my help, Stupid Singh Oberoi.

Ragini calls Shivaye. She gets angry and throws the vase. Samar comes and picks the glass pieces. She says I want to be alone. He says breaking things is not a solution. She says I don’t want to hear lecture, please leave. He gets seated and says fine, tell me your problem. She says Shivaye is not answering. He thinks of Shivaye and says maybe he is busy. She says he is so unpredictable, he announced engagement in front of family and then he flipped, its because of that girl, his ex wife Anika, whom I asked you to hire. He recalls Anika and says she is Shivaye’s wife. She says ex wife, she is staying in his house, and trying to snatch him, he is leaving a thin, s*xy and gorgeous girl like for me for that fat girl. He says she is not fat, you are just being jealous. She says I will be jealous of every girl around him. He says don’t do anything crazy. She says I want Shivaye any way, if not being good, but by madness. He says alright, you will talk to me before taking any stupid decision. He says I will surely come to you if I need your help, right now I don’t need your help, I know what I should do.

Shivaye talks to Om and Rudra turn by turn to know their problem. Rudra says I feel cheated. Om says Gauri is not giving me a chance when I realized my mistake. Shivaye asks him to try. Om says I tried a lot, she scolded me. Shivaye asks Rudra did he see Om. Rudra says yes, he was missing Gauri a lot. Shivaye says Om does not accept this marriage, but Om and Gauri are perfect for each other. M asks what’s the problem. Shivaye says problem is Rudra’s ego is hurt, how can any girl be stronger than her, what’s Bhavya’s mistake, she is an undercover cop, I think Rudra is overreacting. Rudra says right, I think Om is overreacting, Om should give fair chance to Gauri. Shivaye says we should patch them up. Om says you are right, we should help Rudra, and clear their misunderstandings. Shivaye tells Rudra that this should be between us. Om says don’t worry, it will be between us. Om goes. Anika says great, you got them against, you are very clever. He says watch your language. She says you used Pappu work yesterday. He says its habit, I have to change. She says you have to change a lot. He asks like? She says leave it, focus on plan, I have great plan, won’t you ask. He says even then you will say. She asks will your height get less if you ask. He says don’t go on height. She says I will go. He asks her to say. She tells her plan.

Omru look at them. Om asks divorced couple? Rudra says its complicated, why did they get separated if they had to stay together. Om says they always fight to talk, they need our help. Rudra says we should get their patchup done. Shivaye says fantastic plan and smiles. O jaana….plays…. Pinky calls him. Shivaye sees Ragini crying and ask what happened. Ragini says he had come. He asks who. She says Siddharth, he said you can’t marry Shivaye. He asks what. She says he got mad, when he got to know about our engagement, he got angry and did this to me, just read his messages. Shivaye check threatening messages. Anika looks on. Ragini says I tried to explain and said truth, he is not listening, I m really scared, he will kill me, he follows me everywhere, he attacked me when I was parking car. He says we spoke of engagement at home, how did Siddharth know this. She says I don’t know, please help me. She hugs him. Pinky smiles and sees Anika. Anika leaves. Shivaye says I will do something, and leaves. Pinky thinks Shivaye can’t do anything, I will make Anika out and Ragini in.

Pinky says the more you come close to Shivaye, he will get away from Anika. Shivaye asks Anika did you give kada to Ragini intentionally. Ragini says I understood. He holds Anika’s hand and says I m asking you.

Update Credit to: Amena


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