Scene 1
Abhi ends meeting with people. abhi asks samar to call tanuja, samar says there is no signal, abhi says I dont have it too in my phone, he tries from landline, she doesnt pick up. Abhi is tensed, Samar says she must be busy. I will check. Abhi calls home, servant takes it and says Tanuja have gone out, she read about terrorist attack in school, Samar comes there and says Natasha’s school had attack, Abhi runs to go to school, Samar says listen police saved them, Abhi doesnt and leaves from there.

Naitra is tensed and says to Rano that I am going to school. Ahana comes there and says they are bringing Tanya home, she is safe. Rano says dont worry now, she is fine. Naitra says she is fine right? policewoman brings Tanya there. Naitra runs to her and hugs her. Rano says see she is

fine, she hugs Tanya. Policewoman says your husband and some teacher saved everyone, your husband is a hero.

Abhis is in car and calls Tanu again but she doesnt pick up. He says my daughter.. oh God. Samar calls Abhi and says I got call from home, she is home, everything is fine, Abhi says okay I am going home, he goes home.
Tanu and Natasha are home. Abhi calls home, Tanu asks servant to take call. Servant takes it, Abhi says why do you take call everytime? I want to talk to my family, dont ever take my call. Servant says to Tanu that its Abhi on line and he is angry. Tanu takes his call, she tries to talk but line gets disconnected. Abhi asks driver to drive fast.

Rano is waiting for Rishi. Naitra comes there, Rano says why did Rishi not come till now? is Tanya fine? Naitra says she is little tensed but Ahana is with her, Rano says everything will be fine. Rishi comes there injured and wounded. Rano says you are here, are you fine? she hugs him but he winces in pain, he says its small wound, Rano says look at Naitra, she was waiting and crying for you, Rishi says if I didnt go then who would have saved Tanya? I am fine. He nods at Naitra, he comes to her and puts hand on her shoulder, she hugs him and cries, Rishi says I am fine, Naitra says what if anything happened to you? Rishi says all is well, dont hug me tightly, Tanya comes there, Rishi hugs her. Tanya pulls Rishi and Naitra closer, Rishi is tensed, Naitra blushes, Rishi moves away from her and says I will get fresh, Rano asks Naitra to call doctor, Rishi sees Naitra looking at him, he hints her to smile, she smiles. Ahana sees all this and smiles.

Tanu opens door, Abhi comes there, she says you came soon from office? Abhi comes to Natasha and hugs her tightly, Natasha asks why you are crying papa? Abhi says I missed you, are you fine? Tanu looks at them and smiles. Natasha says I didnt get hurt but mama got hurt, you know mama saved us from goons, Abhi hugs her and cries. Servant brings toy, Natasha goes to play. Tanu offers juice to Abhi, he glares at her. He moves towards her. Tanu says actually.. I.. Tanu says to Abhi that when I got to know about terrorist attack, I got scared for Natasha and ran to school, I thought I would handle everything on my own, Abhi corners her and says who am I am to you? what place and importance I have in your life? Tanu is stunned and says what? what kind of question is this? Abhi says there was attack in school, you went there alone but didnt call me? I am miffed with you, I am just that for you? you had to bear so much but didnt inform me? she says I am sorry, Abhi says promise me that if you or Natasha have any problem in life then Abhi will know first.

Manpreet comes to Rishi and asks if he is fine? Rishi says one girl saved me. Manpreet asks who? you should have called me, I would have beaten them. Rishi says it all looks good in movies but see what happened to hero in real life, I am wounded. Manpreet says I am a hero, I found Tanuja’s number too, he shows him phone, Rishi says I dont want.. Manpreet says I know you love her. He takes out phone and throws at Rishi but phone falls in water jug, they are stunned, Rishi brings it out and says why did you throw it? how will we call Tanu? Rishi wipes phone. Manpreet says you didnt want to talk so why you are drying it? you will buy me new phone too, Rishi says you are right, she fought with me so she will comeback to me, Manpreet says fine, he starts taking his phone but Rishi takes it from him.

Abhi says to Tanu that call me if you need me, I will come from Natasha from anywhere, promise me, Tanu says promise. Abhi says lets go to doctors now, Tanu says I am fine now, doctor treated me there, Abhi says you shouldnt have to become hero, he turns to leave, Tanu smiles, she says dont smile, remember my promise, he leaves, Tanu looks on.

At night, Abhi is telling stories to Natasha. Tanu says let her sleep, she has school tomorrow, you didnt have dinner too till now, Abhi nods, he leaves. Natasha says next time I will hear hitler’s story, Tanu glares at her, Natasha says I didnt call you hitler, you saved everyone so you are dream girl, Tanu tucks her in bed and asks her to sleep.

Rishi is lying in bed, he recalls how someone saved him from terrorist, he says I am sure, it was Tanuja who saved me, no other girl could put their life in danger for me, if she saved me then why didnt she come infront of me? why she treats me like this? if she loves me then why doesnt she say it? it was Tanuja only. Naitra comes there and asks him to take medicines. He takes it and asks why she is looking at him like that? she says nothing, Rishi says can you give me hair dryer? she says I will bring it.

At night, abhi is punching boxing bag, Tanu comes to him and says food is ready, come and eat, he keeps punching bag, Tanu says what are you doing? abhi says why didnt you push me out of Natasha’s room like that? Tanu says I cant believe you are miffed for petty thing, she has school tomorrow and you have to eat dinner too. Abhi says what will I say to Salman? she says what? Abhi says Salman said girl and boy cant be friends, when I asked you what I mean to you, I wanted your reaction, I was scared, I mean I am hero but we are different, our thinking is different, why girl and guy cant be friends? look at us. Tanu serves him food. Abhi says I agree that you are beautiful and boys ask for your numbers, you are girl that every boyfriend wants, you can make life of person you marry but I dont understand love or marriage, you are nice girl and deserves nice guy, I dont deserve you too but if you have love feelings for me then throw them out, love is not for me, I cant survive with one girl. Tanu glares at him and says are you blind or am I mad? what has happened to you? your mind is crazy, love and with you? you are my friend and I respect you but dont even talk about love, love is what we dont want in life, we dont expect anything from each other, you live your life and I live mine, love is our enemy thats why we are friends, right? Abhi says I understood, can I eat now? she says wash hands first, he says you are really a hitler, he leaves.

Naitra brings hair dryer. Rishi says I have to dry Manpreet’s phone, she says I will do it. He says no I will. Naitra says you know my phone slipped in water and I tried to use dryer but it didnt work out, let me put this phone in rice box and it will start working again, he says okay and gives phone to her. She says okay. Rishi says when will I get it back? she says tomorrow morning in breakfast, he thanks her, she leaves.

Scene 3
In morning, Naitra brings Rano home and says you always hit something on street, Rano says its not my fault, scooter came infront of me, Naitra says you have sprain in leg, I will apply ointment. She applies pressure on her foot. Rano winces in pain. Rishi comes there and hints at Naitra to give his phone, she hints that she is busy massaging Rano’s feet, Rishi hints that he will massage and you go. Manpreet comes there and sees them talking through eyes, he thinks since when Rishi is flirting on both sides? he coughs, Rano turns and sees Rishi holding Naitra’s hand.

PRECAP- Naitra is in Tanu’s room. She sees Tanu, Natasha and Abhi’s photo. She says this is cute photo. Tanuja is happy without Rishi so I dont have to worry, Rishi is mine only. Abhi comes there and says you here? she drops photo in fear of seeing him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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