Wardboys open Maya’s mortuary ice box and discuss poor woman could not be cremated till now. Another wardboy asks till when she will be in icebox. He says till her case is closed. One sees Maya’s eyes moving and says he saw eyes moving. Another one laughs. One says it looks like as if she will wake up and say hello I am Maya Arjun Sharma. They laugh and close ice box.

In court, Pooja continues alleging Arjun and says he acted on his friend, sorry keep Saanjh’s orders. Arjun angrily tries to slap her. Judge stops him. Pooja continues that this man is so cruel and is trying to hit a woman, imagine how he must have tortured Maya between 4 walls. Arjun reminisces Maya torturing herself. Arjun’s lawyer says he needs time to examine all the evidences. Pooja says there is nothing left

in this case now and she will call Maya herself as witness. Everyone discuss what rubbish is this. Pooja continues that she got a message from morgue that Maya’s body should be cremated within 2 days, so she wants judge to come with her to morgue and notice Maya’s plea.

Judge with others reaches morgue. Pooja shows Arjun’s finger prints on Maya’s neck and says imagine how this beast must have tortured her and she must have pleaded to kill him. Arjun reminisces venting his anger on Maya by holding her neck and saying death is not her punishment, he wants to give her more rigorous punishment. Pooja continues that she wanted judge to imagine the pain Maya went through and punish Arjun and Maya. Judge tells next argument will be in court.

Once back in court, Pooja continues that Arjun forced Maya to abort baby on Saanjh’s plan and when Maya wanted to get back her wealth, Saanjh forced him to kill Maya, so they both should be given rigorous punishment and made an example for others. Arjun says he killed Maya and not Saanjh. Saanjh asks not to take blame on him and be sensible Arjun continues that he killed Maya and only he should be punished. Judge pronounces it is proved that Arjun forced Maya to abort her baby and then killed her, so he should be hanged till death; Saanjh tried to evade evidence, so she should pay 2 lakhs fine or face 2 years imprisonment.

Arjun and Saanjh are taken hand cuffed out of court by police. Arjun reminisces Maya challenging that he is only hers and even death cannot separate them, etc. He laughs loudly. Saanjh asks what happened to hihm, if he has gone mad. Arjun hugs her and continues laughing. Inspectors even now their romance is continuing and drags them away. Pooja tells Jahnvi that she should be happy that her daughter’s murderers are punished. Jahnvi leaves on her walker looking angry. Pooja notices it.

Precap: Maya’s body is cremated. Maya is seen shaving her head with monks and smiling.

Update Credit to: MA


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