Scene 1
Manpreet sees Rishi holding Naitra’s hand and hinting something, he coughs, Rishi moves away from her, Rano says I am fine, Naitra stop massaging, Rano says you both talk, I am fine. She leaves. Rishi says to Naitra that I told you to be careful. Naitra says I am bringing it, she leaves. Manpreet says sorry I didnt know you gave her phone to dry, you were about to throw it? Rishi says yeah I mean.. I would have to buy you new one so i asked her to dry it. Naitra brings phone there, Rishi is about to take it but Manpreet takes it and says its my phone, Rishi looks on. He starts beating Manpreet, Naitra asks what happened? Rishi says nothing, this is our love bond, he takes Manpreet from there, he snatches phone from him.

Abhi says to his body guards that you have to be with Natasha

all the time and call me for anything, I will handle all problems of her. Tanu looks on. Natasha says see papa have brought me toys, Abhi says they are your body guards not toys. Natasha asks guard to put her down from chair, he does it. Tanu takes Abhi away. She says what is all this? Abhi says security, Tanu says we dont need it, Abhi says I want to know that Natasha is safe all the time, Tanu says I told you I am here and I will call if anything happens to Natasha, if you dont pick up then I will call office,you dont have to do it. Abhi says whats the problem? they will always be with Natasha, thats good, she says no, you dont understand, I dont want it. Natasha comes to them and says papa dont listen to mama, I like your toys, Tanu says they are not toys, Abhi says yes, come here, he lifts Natasha and says they are body guards, my princess’s decision is final. Tanu says you both.. Natasha says doesnt listen to you, Abhi laughs, Tanu says do what you want.

Rishi checks Manpreet’s phone and says it doesnt have Tanuja’s number? Naitra sees it, she recalls flashback how she brought phone out of rice container and was about to take it to Rishi but she opened it and found Tanu’s number saved in it, she was shocked and deleted it, flashback ends. Naitra thinks Rishi I gave you 8 years to become your friend, I am finally closer to you so I cant let your past come inbetween us, your heart has Tanuja but your present is with me, she leaves. Rishi looks at phone confused.

Rishi meets his managers and says if we collaborate with Abhi then we will have loss. Abhi comes there and says you are right.Rishi says you dont have decency to take permission before coming in, Abhi says I dont need permission of anyone, Rishi says I dont care about your status. Banker says collaboration will benefit you both, Abhi says I am ready, banker says great then we will proceed further, bankers leaves. Rishi looks on. Abhi says marriage means living forcefully together, that is our marriage. Rishi says means we have that marriage night? our relation is weird, its based on helplessness, we will take divorce if it doesnt work out, Abhi says we arent even married yet and you are talking about divorce? you have to understand other party, when are we having first business date? Rishi says tonight, have dinner with respective families, let me see who has your life, I mean where you live and all that, first date at your house then at my house, Abhi says see you tonight and leaves. Rishi says this collaboration will be fun.

Abhi call Tanu and says we are having collaboration. Tanu is in traffic and says why didnt you tell me before? Abhi says you just come home then we will talk. She ends call and says when will I reach home. Rishi’s car arrives beside hers. Tanu’s driver says to Tanu that our car brokedown, its rain hard and engine is not starting. Tanu will I reach home today or not? Driver says let me try, he goes out and knocks on Rishi’s car, Rishi asks what happened? driver says my madam’s car brokedown, please drop her, its urgent, Rishi says fine call her. Driver comes to Tanu and says I have asked for lift, you wont get cab in this rain, Tanu says how can you ask lift from stranger? Driver says there is no way. Tanu says fine. Tanu goes and sits in Rishi’s car, she says thank you.. Rishi says its okay.. they turn and are shocked to see each other, they both face palm, Rishi says are you fine? Tanu says what would happen to me? Rishi says question with a question, where do you live? Tanu thinks i wanted to live in your heart but you didnt let me stay there, Rishi says where do you want me to drop you? Tanu thinks you already dropped me in middle of the way, Rishi says dont talk if you want to, mana k hum yaar nahi plays. Rishi sees Tanu in tears, he tries to console her but cant move towards her. He offers her tissue, she takes it and wipes her tears, she offers it back to Rishi, Rishi takes it, their hands touch, they feel the shock, Tanu says I will go myself, Rishi says its raining, Tanu says stop car, I will get cab. Rishi says fine, he asks driver to stop car, car stops. Driver goes out. Rishi says I am sorry. Tanu says for what? Rishi in restaurant? I shouldnt have done that, Tanu says you know how much you have hurt me? Rishi says I know, Tanu says you have hurt me again and again, you have moved in your life but I dont feel good, Rishi says times moved on but life was stuck that station only. Tanu says why Naitra called you that day? Rishi says she wanted to ask when I will comeback home, it was for Tanya.. Tanu starts leaving, Rishi tries to stop her, she says dont you dare touch me, he says I am not touching you. He comes out and opens door for her, Tanu comes out and turns to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in car’s door, she says dont stop.. she turns and sees it stuck in car, Rishi frees it and gives it to her, Tanu says I used to think our relation is for life, Rishi says you are right, our relation is for births and births, I always hoped you would comeback to me, if its my last wis before dying even then you wouldnt comeback? Tanu thinks not even for that, not after what happened 8 years, wish it didnt happen 8 years so I would be with you today, Rishi says my heart says you would come. Tanu turns to leave but Rishi holds her dupatta this time, he says you know why? because I have loved you, you have loved me, he drapes her in dupatta, he says if our love is true then you would definitely comeback to me, humari adhuri kahani plays as Tanu leaves. Rishi thinks Tanu you are in my fate otherwise I wouldnt find you when I search for you, I will bring you back in my life soon, I promise on our love.

Scene 2
Tanu comes home in daze. Abhi asks how she got drenched in rain? where are you lost? only me and Natasha are allowed to be ill,if you get sick then what we will do? Natasha says you are right papa, mama change before you get cold, Tanu says you naughty. Abhi asks her to get ready, that irritating man is coming, Tanu leaves.

Naitra comes to Rishi and says get ready soon, we are going to AK’s house, we have to buy flowers too,Rishi says I wont buy anything for him, Naitra says dont give it to him, give it to his wife, Rishi says fine. Rishi gets ready.

Tanu is getting ready. Abhi comes there and looks at her smiling. He says beautiful, stunning, you are looking so pretty, Tanu slaps him and says if you fake praised me again then I will beat you, Abhi says I am just praising, my competitor is coming, I want to burn his blood, when he sees how my pretty wife loves me then he would get jealous, you are looking like AK’s wife today, we have to show made for each other love, Tanu says why not normal couple? Abhi says he will recognize it, he knows my lifestyle, we cant know our relation, Natasha and I look like daughter and father but problem is with you, you have to pretend like loving wife, Tanu says if you want me to act so much then tell him that I am not home, he says no just as much as you want.

Rishi buys one flower. Naitra says you brought one flower? Rishi says I just got this, Naitra says it doesnt look good to give one flower, Rishi says i wouldnt want to give him one single thorn.

Door bell rings,Tanu goes to call Natasha. Abhi welcomes Rishi, Naitra and Tanya. Abhi says flower for me? Rishi says there was boycott of flowers today so I just got this. Rishi asks is there your wife or not? Abhi says she is coming. Abhi says meet my sweet and lovely wife.. Tanu comes down stairs. Rishi and Naitra are shocked to see its Tanu, they both stand up seeing her, she is shocked too.

PRECAP- Naitra comes in washroom and laughs, she says Tanuja married again? I cant believe this, she married someone else and has daughter with him.
Rishi is in room with Tanuja, he grabs her hand. She says leave my hand, its paining, Rishi says what about my pain? I was searching you for 8 years, if I knew you are like this I wouldnt have searched for you, you should feel pain which I felt, I used to see your face every waking moment, it was your face and your face only 24/7… Tanu is wincing in pain as he doesnt leave her hand and twists it. Abhi comes there and says Mr. Rishi Singh Bedi? Rishi turns and glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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