Maya’s last rights start. Pandit keeps wooden logs on her body chanting mantras. Saanjh says let her do it, she is sure even Jahnvi wants her do it. She keeps logs on her and reminisces Maya’s warning not stay away from Arjun, else she will feel dire consequence. She leans on Maya and apologizes her repeatedly leaning on her body, and then says death is first sep in love, today someone got death and someone love, she will not spare Maya. She walks thinking Maya never loved Arjun as love builds someone’s life and not destroys it, Maya’s loves was madness and not love.

Saanjh goes to meet Arjun. Arjun asks if she found ring mark on Maya’s finger as Maya had mark and dead body did not have, so he is sure it is not Maya’s dead body. He reminisces acting as hugging Saanjh and informing

her about it. Saanjh reminisces checking ring finger and says she did not find any mark. Arjun laughs and says Maya fooled them easily, she found her duplicate and is sitting somewhere peacefully. Doctor, watchman, he friend, all saw what Maya wanted to show. Saanjh calls him duffer and Maya made him duffer. He reminisces Maya telling she will not leave him easily, shouts Maya will leave him only after he dies. He angrily shouts Mayaaaa….

Maya’s dead body is set on fire. All her beloved ones cry. Ayan at home cries looking at Arjun and his photo and reminisces Arjun’s love for him. Saanjh returns and asks him not to worry, they will free Arjun at any cost. Ayan cries that Arjun never used to accept defeat and reminisces childhood incident, says his brother lost this time. Saanjh says his brother is planning to win, her duffer is not a loser and will win. She says Maya’s story is not finished yet, it just an interval, Maya is sitting far and waiting for story to finish, but it will not.

A monk is seen running with water and giving it to senior monk. Monk drops water on a woman/Maya. Maya’s injured ring finger is seen and she hides it. Sanskrit shlokas are chanted in background… dosham dishkritam papam daurjanam..anartham….Maya’s head is tonsured and given milk and then water bath. Jahnvi is seen sitting near Maya’s ashes. Maya becomes monk and greets head monk by kneels down. Monk blesses her. Maya folds her hands and smiles. Tujhe pyar karte karte…music plays in the background next. Maya thinks her love and hatred is Arjun and when he tried to go away from her, she destroyed him. Arjun reminisces Maya telling love someone whom one can control, if not destroy them. He shouts Maya can fool death, but not Arjun. Tujhe pyar karte karte..

Precap: Maya reminisces telling unconscious Arjun that he did not value her when she was near him, now when she is going away from him, he will remember her whole life.

Update Credit to: MA


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