The serene surface is rippling in Chandni’s heart. An uneventful year has become a thing of memory. From the moment she took the decision to step out of the Vashisht house, things has been happening to her, confusing her, terrifying her  but at the same time imbuing her with strength and fortitude. The person at the center of this storm, the person who is out to terrify her out of her wits and at the same time be the armor that protects her from his own wrath is none other than ADVAY SINGH RAIZADA!


In Advay barges holding on to the collars of a quaking man. The Vashisht women and Mausaji converge to watch the unfolding drama. Advay roughs up the man claiming he was the one to besmirch fair Chandni’s name. Advay, who is the cynosure of all eyes and especially of Chandni, tells her that he regrets that he was unable to stop what happened? subtly suggesting to Chandni that he regrets that he was unable to stop the vilification of Chandni but meaning that he regrets that he could not stop his enemy Chandni from performing the Maha Arti! * How I love the cheek of this man?*

Chandni gazes into his twinkling merry brown eyes, gets struck in confusion. She simply does not know what to make of this stranger, at times a bully and at other times a knight. But the action is happening elsewhere – Shrewd Indrani is not completely fooled by Advay’s heroic act. She gives a veiled warning and an ultimatum to Advay. Advay perfectly understands what Indrani is really saying, after all he is a master at prevarication, isn’t he? He knows Gharjte baadal baraste nahi hai ( Thundering clouds do not rain) and Advay definitely wants to rain in on Indrani’s parade. He maintains silence, his darting eyes noting and observing the byplay between the Vashisht family but as ever his focus and his eyes remain glued to Chandni!

Advay leaves, steady and quickly but the imp in him takes over. At the door, he turns, sees Chandni looking at him. With a mischievous smile lighting up his face, he gives her a deep long look, winks at Chandni and walks away insouciantly leaving a terrified woman who is assaulted by strange emotions.

Chandni who has never had a man wink at her is shook to her core by his magnetism. While remaining like a statue, Chandni’s mind replays her interactions with Advay again and again. A man who tormented her in the outside world now torments her in her thoughts, has thrown a stone in her placid emotions, shaken her up, has awakened feelings that had been lying dormant.

Advay has begin knocking on the doors of Chandni’s heart. The young girl is helpless to stop his royal swagger into her life.


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