Shivaye says I know what you did and did not. Anika says your fiancee can’t fool me, I understand her tricks. He asks what. She asks him to keep quiet. She holds him. Music plays….. Om holds Gauri. Saathiya….plays….. She asks you here. He says don’t fight with me, you are unwell. She says but my tent. He holds it and says go. She gets inside the tent and sleeps. Some time before, Anika and Shivaye see the dinner table and say Omru….. Shivaye murmurs the one I want to forget, Omru got me with her. He recalls their moments. She says its bad for me to get stuck with you here. She checks food. He asks what are you doing. She says I m serving food, I get hungry when I get anger, you also have food, you will get strength to fight with me, come, I m putting food for you.


eats. He sits. She asks him to have it. He asks can’t you have it with manners, there are some etiquettes, use fork and knife. She asks why, Ragini has etiquettes, be happy, you are my problem, change language, have food by fork and knife, why do I listen to you, when you have……broken our relation. He says you also wanted to break relation. She asks did I want? He says obviously, you insulted my family, and hurt Omru, I did not forget. She says even I can’t forget how you kicked me out of here. He says one day, you took one day to ruin everything. She says you also took one day to make bad opinion about me, you forgot what all I did and just remembered that one day. They hear Gauri. She says Gauri is not fine, we should go. He says I don’t have phone. She says phone should be need, not weakness, what to do.

They find the door locked. He pushes it. She asks will you break it, I have to repair this, its my house. She calculates the cost. He says total 15000, and kicks the door. He says two things, your maths is weak, and don’t ever challenge me. She smiles. Gauri sneezes. Anika asks what happened. Gauri says I have allergy to paint. Anika opens the paint boxes. Shivaye asks what are you doing. Anika asks him to see.

Anika says there is oil smell everywhere, Gauri you stay in hotel tonight. Shivaye says good idea, I will do booking. Bhavya suggests a hotel. Anika says Gauri is not fine, she should not stay alone. Shivaye asks Om to go along. Gauri says no, I did my arrangements.

Gauri puts a tent outside and sneezes. Wind blows. Om looks on. He says she is unwell and sleeping outside, I will give blanket, no, if she says something, fight will increase, she will get more unwell. He goes and covers her up with shawl. She asks you here. He makes her quiet. Saathiya….plays…. He says don’t fight with me, you are unwell. She says but my tent. He holds it and says go. She gets inside the tent and sleeps. He stands holding the tent.

Its morning, Priyanka shouts Ranveer and comes. Ranveer asks how did this happen. She says I went to have bath, paint came out of shower, don’t know what’s happening, someone wants to prove me mad, that day I made gas off and cleaned house, I m not mad. Kamini asks her to rest. She asks why, am I mad. He says stop it. She throws things and shouts I m not mad. She goes. Kamini says I told you there is some problem, we should do something for her.

Anika smiles. Shivaye comes and asks why are you smiling. She says I m very happy, loom there. They see Om with Gauri. She says Gauri was unwell, but she would have got relaxing sleep, Om is her husband, this is best feeling when anyone loves you more and stays awake all night to care for your sleep, even you do this for me. They recall the moment. Rudra sees them and smiles.

Ragini says I did not get Shivaye’s attention, everyone is liking Shivaye and Anika, I have to dislike them. She rolls down the stairs and shouts Shivaye. He goes to her and asks are you okay. Pinky comes and asks how did she fall. He says don’t know. She says she is staying here, she is our responsibility. He says I will call doctor and goes. Ragini acts. Anika thinks to show her truth to Shivaye. Gauri wakes up and sees Om sitting outside the tent and sleeping. She smiles seeing him. Saathiya….plays….. She keeps her dupatta to block sunlight.

Kamini sees Ranveer and says we have to face truth, else it can be late, its not easy, we have to do this, we should show her to psychiatrist, maybe we have to send her to asylum. He says no, I don’t think this is needed, she is not mad, maybe she is not able to adjust here, give me some time, help me in managing her. She says I m with you in every tough time. He says thanks, will go and see Priyanka. She thinks to do something so that he thinks Priyanka got mad.

Om wakes up. Gauri asks were you here all night. Om says no, I just came to wake you up, you like to stay outside. She says no, I was getting paint smell, so I had to sleep here, is the smell coming now. He says don’t know, I m here all night I mean I did not see, you check. Maid comes and says we kept exhaust fan and made paint smell out, we fixed aroma oil diffuser also, now Gauri can go inside. Gauri asks did you do this for me. Om says maybe Dadi said, why will I tell her, she is stupid. Gauri holds him and says my mum used to say, truth and goodness always leave a mark. She removes grass from his clothes and hair. They have an eyelock. She says thanks. He asks why, what did I do. She says just thanks. He smiles.

Pinky says she got sprain, I will get balm. Shivaye asks how did you fall. Ragini says I was coming down and felt dizzy, then I don’t remember and saw you all. He says I m sure its food poisoning. She says no, I was waiting for you for dinner, I know I just have organic food. Anika comes and asks her to have potato, I will make aloo halwa for you.

She gives water. Ragini refuses and says I had kada, maybe it had something. He asks how can this happen. Ragini says I felt strange while drinking kada, I fell ill, how strange. Anika says much strange, someone fell from height but mobile is stuck to her, its like clever vamp is doing big stunt to get hero’s sympathy. She laughs. Ragini asks what do you mean. Anika says we are sensible, have water. Ranveer makes Priyanka have necklace. She smiles and thanks him. He says its for my lovely wife. She says I m fine, I m not mad. He says I know you are not mad, you are not habitual to stay in small house, I m trying hard, we will shift in big house. She says I don’t want big house, I want your support, love and trust. He says I m always with you and hugs her.

Bhavya says I will go for bath first. Rudra says its my room, I will go first. She says its not your room, washroom is also mine. He says no, my tommy is there. She asks did you have dog here. They argue. He takes towel from her hand and runs.

Shivaye asks how did you talk to Ragini like that, you taunted her indirectly. She says I say anything direct, what did I tell Nagini. He says she is Ragini, you told her what you tell me. She says Bagad Billa. He says no. She says tadibaaz. He says no, you said what you call me. She says Chantumai/clever. He says you called her daily vamp, that she did drama to fall. She says I said she fell and her mobile did not fall. He says don’t try to fool me. Shivaye says I know what you did and did not. Anika says your fiancee can’t fool me, I understand her tricks. He asks what. She asks him to keep quiet. She holds him. Music plays….. He holds her hand. They hear Bhavya shouting. Bhavya asks Rudra to come out.

Kamini comes and says sorry I will come later. Ranveer stops her. Kamini says its a bad news, my relative is unwell, doctor asked me not to travel, I was thinking if Ranveer could go, she helped us a lot in our bad time, if we don’t go, she will feel bad. Priyanka nods to him. Kamini says it fine, I will go. Ranveer stops her and says I will go. She smiles. She thanks him and says I will make besan laddoo for her, she will feel she has someone. She goes. Ranveer asks Priyanka why did you ask me to go. She says I don’t want you to get back from any duty. He holds her. Kamini looks on and says after Ranveer goes, I will prove Priyanka is mad. Ragini does something and says I got much wounds, it does not affect Shivaye, now its time to give wound, Shivaye’s name will join my name forever. Om asks Shivaye will this plan work. Shivaye says I don’t know, maybe if she is saying. Anika comes with a box and opens it, asking them to say hello to her friend Kamla. They get shocked. Rudra takes bath.

Rudra shouts to Shivaye and Om. Shivaye says I have to go, he is scared. Anika says no, don’t ruin my plan. Om says I can’t see Rudra like this. Bhavya breaks open the door and falls on Rudra. Anika smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


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