Scene 1
Abhi says to Rishi that meet my lovely wife. Abhi and family are shocked to see Tanuja coming down, Tanuja is shocked to see them too. Rishi recalls Abhi praising his wife and challenging him, Abhi says Rishi meet my lovely wife. Abhi says to Tanuja that this is my new partner Rishi and his lovely wife Naitra, Naitra smiles. Abhi asks her to come down, he offers his hand. Tanu takes it, Rishi looks away. Naitra says hi.. Abhi says so Rishi are you shocked? Rishi says I am, Abhi says he didnt know that my wife is beautiful. Rishi says I cant believe that you married her, Abhi says I am lucky, you are sitting here crying and she must have moved on. Rishi says she is lucky that she married business tycoon like you, Tanu says Abhi is a nice person and is honest, he is loyal, knows how to love and

honor, infact he is very nice husband, Rishi glares at her. Naitra says lets sit down, all sit down. Abhi says you brought one flower only? give it to my better half, she has lit up my life so she deserves it. Rishi offers rose to Tanu. Tanu holds it but thorn pricks at her hand. She says he gave me thorn, Rishi says I gave flower but you chose thorn, Tanu says you hurt me at the end. Rishi says I am sorry, let me see. He holds her hand.. Abhi says hey hey.. Naitra says its Rishi’s habit, he get worried about people, Rishi leaves her hand. Tanu leaves from there. Rishi looks on. Naitra says I wanted to use washroom, Abhi says I will show you, he takes her.
Abhi brings Naitra to washroom, she goes in and smirks. Naitra laughs, she says Tanuja married again? I cant believe this, she married someone else and has daughter with him. This means Rishi will remain with me. She comes in Tanuja’s room and smiles.

Tanuja is in room, Rishi comes there, she asks if he need anything? Rishi says you got what you wanted, Mr. Abhishek Khurana, she says yes I got it. Rishi says now I understand why you said you are happy without me, I cant believe that you.. Tanu says I didnt believe too when I.. she recalls seeing Rishi in bed with Naitra, Tanu says I didnt know my husband would introduce you like that, I didnt know you became mother too after being my wife, Tanu says yes I left you and I became mother, Rishi says great when I used to come closer to you, you used to say that dont come near you, you are shy and all that and you have a daughter with Abhi? Tanu says yes, what could I do? Abhi loves me a lot, when I saw him, I fell in love at first sight, I couldnt control my heart, I didnt even know my heart has otherside but Abhi came in my life and showed me. Rishi gets angry, Rishi says I never thought you would tell your heart thing like this, Tanu says I didnt think too. Rishi says what? she says leave it, you never understood, you didnt change, Rishi says I am changed because of you, you were right that you are dead, you cant be my Tanuja, Natasha wanted me to meet her mother, it was you right? she says it was me, Rishi says Natasha is a cutie pie and different from you all, when Beeji saw her photo, she said that she looks exactly like me, Tanu is stunned.

Natasha comes to Tanya and says see I am cute, you take this lipstick, I took it from my mama’s purse, Tanya says you stole? she says no I took it, Tanya says hide it, Natasha says you are a coward, lets play game.
Tanu says to Rishi that Natasha is not like you, Rishi says then like that PK? Tanu says take his name with respect, he is Abhishek. Tanu turns to leave but he grabs her hand. She says leave my hand, its paining, Rishi says what about my pain? I was searching you for 8 years, if I knew you are like this I wouldnt have searched for you, you should feel pain which I felt, I used to see your face every waking moment, it was your face and your face only 24/7… Tanu is wincing in pain as he doesnt leave her hand and twists it. Rishi says what could I do? how do I throw your face out of my heart, Tanu screams to leave her hand, he pushes her away, Tanu says accept that I am happy without you, Rishi says really? she says a lot, he says then live your life as you want, your happiness is my happiness. Tanu says I know you are happy and were happy with your Naitra, Rishi is shocked at her, Tanu glares at him and leaves.

Scene 2
Naitra comes in Tanu’s room, she looks at Tanu and Naitra’s photo and says why Abhi’s photo is not here? She opens cupboard and finds clothes inside, she closes it and opens another but there is no Abhi’s clothes inside, she says Natasha’s clothes are not here too. She looks at table and finds Abhi, Natasha and Tanuja’s photo, she says its so cute, Tanuja is happy without Rishi and I dont have to afraid now. Abhi comes there and says you here? she drops photo in fear and says sorry, he takes photo and says this is my life. Naitra says its glass broke. Abhi says its okay, Tanu says glass breaking is good omen, Naitra says your house is pretty, Abhi thanks her.

Tanu is working in kitchen, Rishi comes to her and says I am sure you didnt tell Abhi about us, Tanu says you dont deserve to be discussed. Rishi says he knows that my wife left me, Tanu says Abhi knows you well thats why he calls you irritating, Rishi says you are taking his side a lot, Tanu says I have to as he is nice, Rishi says you are saying that he is better husband than me? Tanu says there is no doubt about that, I am not yours so stop all that. Rishi says you didnt miss in these 7 years at all? swear on Natasha and done lie, he grabs her arm. Abhi comes there and says Rishi what are you doing in kitchen? Rishi leaves Tanu’s arm and says i just needed water. Abhi says come and lets have drink with me, I told you once you saw my wife, you wont stop looking but dont stare too much that I remain on side track, Rishi says lets go drink, he leaves.

Abhi asks Tanu honey what would you drink? Tanu says what I take daily. Abhi asks Naitra, Rishi says my wife doesnt drink, Abhi says sad my wife drinks, servant brings orange juice for Tanu, Rishi says orange juice? its Naitra’s favorite too, he gives one to Naitra, Naitra thinks that I have allergy from orange juice. Rishi thinks she is sitting with Abhi but is not happy, Tanu thinks I want to show him that I am with him and happy, Tanu feeds Abhi with her hands. Rishi gets jealous, he holds Naitra’s hand and says my wife convinced me for this collaboration, she knows it all, he caresses her hand, Tanu gets jealous, she moves closer to Abhi and wipes his coat, she says you are so careless. Rishi gets jealous seeing their closeness. Naitra thinks Rishi is doing all this to make Tanu jealous but atleast he is close to me, Tanu is here but not between us. Abhi whispers to Tanu that why are they not leaving? Tanu says I am enjoying acting like your wife, she puts her head on his shoulder, he whispers you are acting too much, Tanu says wives are romantics. Abhi says lets have dinner, he goes, Tanu says I have to talk to my husband, she leaves too, Rishi tries to go behind them but Naitra holds them back. Abhi brings Tanu to corner and says you are acting weird, Tanu says I am acting like your wife, just do what I am saying, when I sit down then take my hand and kiss it, he is uncomfortable but nods. They come back to Rishi and Naitra. Abhi says my darling wife made very nice food today, he kisses Tanu’s hand, Rishi gets angry and says leave her hand. All look at him..

PRECAP- Rishi crushes glass in his hand in anger, his hand bleeds. Manpreet comes there and asks what happened? he puts cloth on his hand and calls for first aid, he says I know it must be paining, Rishi says the pain Tanu have given me is way more than this.. Tanu remarried.. Manpreet asks who? Rishi says Abhishek Khurana, Manpreet is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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