Episode starts with… Shaurya goes to Nikita and tells the breakfast so amazing and puts a hand on her shoulder..Mahek looks shockingly at him..Nikki ask Mahek did she made this cake ..it looks yummy… Shaurya calls whole staff and tells she made cake for whole staff and ask them to taste it…Priya tells it’s amazing.. Shaurya ask Mahek is she ok…she nods her head and he takes Nikki aside ..Nikki tells what is happening you both should talk out and clear the things…Mahek comes and ask excatly I want to know what’s happening…she stars crying telling I made that for you and since night I wanted to tell you thanks ..and you are ignoring me ..he ask why is she crying…she throws flowers on him and tells iam not crying…and tells to stop sticking to Nikki …coz

if she sticks to someone than he can’t handle it…he holds her hand…maahi bolna song plays and Shaurya asks she can try but her old delhi values won’t allow her to do that..Mahek goes and sit on sofa.. Vicky comes and tells mahek why don’t you do the same thing and make him jealous…Nikki ask why he is troubling her and he tells he wants to bring her real feelings out..

Ravi and Jeevan was framed by sheetal ..when they were loading the goods from godown in truck… driver flew away with the truck and …they complain to manager …and he informs Mohit ..and Sheetal ask to complain to police…Mohit leaves and..Sheetal comes and insult them as they are working in their son’s shop as peons…they leave the job

Shaurya was talking to Nikki and mahek think what he must be talking that their talks Never ends…a guy comes and stand in front of Mahek and Vicky comes from behind…guy hugs Mahek..and tells that he is Vicky friend and tells sorry Bhabhi he asked me to flirt with you…he kisses her hand , and tells he is her big fan and ask to Come along with him to Mumbai… Shaurya gets angry and goes near to her and pulls Mahek aside , and tells she has commitment here , guy tells her looks like he won’t allow to move you from this place…Mahek tells it’s nothing like that we can discuss .. Shaurya pulls her aside and tells he will break his legs and gives it in his and ask her to stay away…and goes from there…Mahek laughs..

Nikki gets a call and he tells not to shout at her she is doing her work…she hung phone and tells he will screw him up badly and this time Mahek wont be able to help him…

Mahek gets a call from Sharma house…and she rushes in hurry.. Shaurya looks at her and thinks what happened to her…Mahek reaches home and tells what is happening here, Sheetal tells police is arresting them …as they have stole 1 crore rupees goods…Ravi tells we weren’t aware that the shop belonged to Mohit and they went for sales man job and they were hired for peons job..and when they were trying to load the goods driver ran away… inspector tells they found the truck standing outside the house…Ravi tells they are framing us ..

Ravi asks you have did the partition wasn’t that enough now you want to send us to jail…he tells you joined my shop to destroy me…kanta slaps him and tells she is ashamed he is her son…Sheetal ask to arrest them..Mahek request Mohit to stop them he ignores her .. Shaurya comes and stops their way and stands in front of them and looks at Mahek..

precap : Shaurya tells he has purchased that goods worth rupees 1.25 crores and transferred amount to his account…sheetal tells he is lieng ,and ask him the bill .. Shaurya tells ..they haven’t given him as they wanted to save the tax

Update Credit to: Shamrouz


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