Maya plays traditional jumping game with children and they cheer her up. She wins. A child says she won again, how does her target hits all the time. She says because one which is seen by brain works and one with eyes is only Maya/illusion. She reminisces Arjun unconscious on floor and she plotting blaming him or her murder. Children shake her get out o imagination. She says one should not think by anger, but by brain. She reminisces leaning on Arjun’s chest and saying she is not angry on him, but sad that he did no value her when she was near him, but when she is going away from him, he will remember her whole life, will search her in each sound and darkness. When she wanted him to remember her, he wanted to forget her, but he cannot now even if he wants to. Out of flashback, she says one should

not do mistake and leave evidence. In to flashback again, she holds her look-alike’s hand and says her dead gave new life to her. She wakes up and walks out. Out of flashback, she says children that someone told mistake itself is a punishment and no one can escape from it.

Arjun breaks stones in jail reminiscing his and Maya’s love and Maya promising him that she will be with him till his last breath and when he will try to go away from her, her love will be a noose for him to strangulate his neck. Arjun hopes if stone was Maya’s head, he would have shown what he can do. Jailer comes and taunts him that dying person’s anger increases near death, his wife’s anger came handy on time. Arjun angrily shows him hammer and says murder’s punishment is death, whether it is one or two. Jailer asks constables to hit him and they do same. Arjun taunts Jailer. Jailer laughs and leaves saying he will die soon. Arjun thinks he will do the sin which he is being punished for.

Maya hopes to kill Saanjh. Saanjh enters jail with lunch box and tells guards that she got court permission to meet Arjun Sharma. Guards take her to stone breaking area and get busy chatting. Goons pull out knife seeing her and silently follow her. Maya comments when Arjun cannot be hers, he cannot be anyone else’s. Goons surround Saanjh and try to rape her. Saanjh shouts Arjun… Arjun comes to her rescue and beats goons. Maya laughs writing Arjun’s name on stones and says she is everywhere, but nowhere. She will come in crowd as loneliness, etc.. Arjun will search her everywhere and will not find her.

Arjun continues beating goons. Jailer comes with guards and beats Arjun, says Arjun still has 3 days for hanging and will be kept in isolated cell. Goons shuts Saanjh’s mouth and warns if she wants Arjun safe then to go away, gives her letter and sends her away. Saanjh comes out of jail and is surprised to see Arjun’s handwriting. Arjun writes that he planned to get out of jail with his friends who acted as torturing her, he is going to take revenge from Maya and needs her help. Arjun is seen removing brick from wall and trying to break iron door.

Precap: Maya digs grave and cries that she dug her and Arjun’s grave, when is he coming. Arjun thinks he is coming.

Update Credit to: MA


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