Nandini goes to see Amartya,guards stop her,Nandini says Magads queen wants to talk to Amartya let me in,guards let her in,Amartya asks how come a queen wants to see me,Nandini takes his blessings and says a daughter wanted to see her father and she thought of you so I came to you,Amartya says you didn’t Stand by your own father then why will you by me,Nandini says I’m just supporting the truth,you taught me this,Amartya says Chandra is terrorist,Nandini says no pitahamaharaj was a terrorist I still love him but hate the way he choose to climb the ladder of success and I’m here because I need help.

Amartya says sorry I’m still loyal to my maharaj Nand and so I won’t help,Nandini says you are making same mistake like pitahamaharaj did,he took throne more important

than country,don’t do this,kings keep changing,Amartya says sorry I can’t help you.

Nandini says I beg of you, I need this for my son,I just want to know is my son safe from my malayketu,due to new rule Chaya wants malayketu back,magad is your land and bindusara it’s future king and so please if not a queen help a mother,Amartya says Nandini malayketu just wants to rule Magad, he tried marrying you so that he gets over Magad but when failed he tried it with Chaya and now he wants to get inside mahal and kill Chandras son to get over magad.nandini thanks him and leaves.chaya thinks are these two trying to keep malayketu away from Magad,what was Nandini talking to Amartya.

Nandini says tomorrow I will tell Chandra about malayketu and bindusara will be safe too,Nandini sees Chandra with bindusara and says Nandini when you left to see Amartya he started crying look ,he doesn’t stop when I’m with him,come have some water and put him off to sleep,and I hope your confusion is cleared,Nandini has some water,Nandini says Chandra you knew I went to see Amartya why didn’t you stop me,Chandra says I know the position Acharya Chanakya have in my life you have amartya in your life and don’t worry I won’t ask reason,Nandini says but I,Chandra says look son your mother wants to say It when I don’t want To know.

Nandini says Chandra I went here for sake of bindusara ,actually I heard in bindusara kidnap,malayketu was included too and explains whole discussion to Chandra. Nanidni says Chandra this is why I don’t want malayketu and now Amartya cleared my doubt that my worry isn’t vague,Chandra says Nandini don’t worry,malayketu won’t come but I would be happy if you had shared this with me,Nandini says I know I shouldn’t have hidden I’m sorry but I did it for bindusara,Chandra says we should and here on will fight together,Nandini smiles and walks to bindusara.

Malayketu asks Apma what took you so long,Apma says patience malayketu and I have a good news for you,Magad will call you back and just hope Nandini doesn’t stop you because she has learnt That it was you behind bindusara kidnap,malayketu says this Nandini why is I she always behind me,Apma says calm down we will get rid of her soon,malayketu says Nandini when I come back in mahal I will make every breath of yours difficult.

Acharya points a guard, guard says but promise me this won’t harm Amartya Acharya,Chanakya says I promise ,me and Chandra won’t harm him this is for his good,guard says I’m his student and his welfare is my duty , the student creates smoke and guards faint,the student walks in and says Amartya I’m your student I’m here to save you,Amartya recognises him and asks how did you get in here, He says I have lot of contacts in Magad don’t worry we will escape safely.amartya says Magad will always be grateful to you and leaves.

The student walks to Chanakya and says work done,and says why have I done this,Chanakya says pandugan is in mahal ,hands last chain and once I punish him my oath is fulfilled and I will retire from my post and Magad needs a qualified person on this post and it will be Amartya ,student says but he hates Chandra,Chanakya says but he loves Magad and so don’t worry you look after him I will get Amartya back in mahal and leaves.

Mora asks Chandra your decisions,what’s the reason. Nandini says ma malayketu was behind bindusara kidnap and this was to kill Chandra and bindusara and rule over Magad,Chaya asks any proofs,Chandra says yes Amartya,mora says but he is your enemy,Chandra says but he is loyal towards Magad and so won’t lie,mora says okay then I would like to hear this from him,Chandra asks guard to get Amartya.

Guard informs Amartya has escaped,Nandini says this isn’t possible, Chaya says it is because you let him escape,Nandini says Chaya what are you saying,last night I met him,Chaya says yes you met him and now he has escaped,and this will happen only when you will help him,Nandini says Chayas you are wrong I went for sake of bindusara,mora says enough Nandini I can clearly see what your intentions are and now king Chandragupta now you have to get malayketu as we have no proofs.

Chandra says acharya won’t you say anything,Chanakya says no I have nothing to say on this,Mora says l want to hear malayketu as well and if I find any thing fishy I will step back.( before this Helina had met Nandini : Helina says Nandini I know we were never on good strings with each other But I’m with you and also a mother to bindusara and so we will go against anyone for bindusara and so for his safety I have a plan,Nandini asks what is it,Helina shares a plan)
Nandini says ma can I say something,mora says okay,ma you know what I’m feeling about binudsara, like you want Chaya safe even I’m worried for bindusara so how about if we give Chaya and malayketu their own state so that they can have their own private space and live happily there and even bindusara will be safe here.

Mora says who are you to send my daughter out of this mahal this means you from very first are behind her,and let me tell you Chaya has equal rights over this mahal as Chandra,Nandini says ma you are taking me wrong,Chandra says ma at least listen to her because I dont find anything worng, mora says impossible, if Chaya has no rights here even I won’t stay here.

Pre cap : Mora says Helina you got no letter then who must have gone against me,Helina says who else other than Chandra.
Chandra says Nandini I won’t leave anyone who tries to get enemity with bindusara .
Pandugan says Nandini isn’t in mahal,bindusara is with Malti I should finish him before Nandini comes back from pooja.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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