Asha meets Ishwari and asks why did not she go to office today. Ishwari says she is unwell today. Asha says she prepared sweets for her family and took it to her office, but found she did not come today. She then tell that today maa’s sister had called and informed that her and Bejoy’s marriage is not complete as only 6 pheras happened instead of 7. Ishwari asks what…Asha says even she reacted same and told Bejoy to have 7 pheras, but then maa told hearts should unite, marriage does not matter. Ishwari thinks of Nikki and Laksh.

Ishwari goes to Nikki and Laksh’s colony and asks passer by their address. She sees them with their bags arguing. Laksh says he did not know owner’s daughter will come today instead of tomorrow. Nikki says what now. He says he has arranged

flat, but will get it in 2 days, so they can go on a trip wherever she likes.

Sona searches Ishwari, but does not find her. Dev comes after hair cut. Sona says he is looking hot and says maa is not at home. Dev says what if she went to meet Nikki and gets nervous. Ishwari returns followed by Nikki and Laksh. She says Dev that she agreed to him and went to meet them. They will stay with them now. Dev and Sona say she did really good. Dev asks Jassi to take their bags. Laksh says he will stay with his friend and then will get a flat. Nikki says Laksh did not get his family’s love, so he wants to be part of our family picture. Dev and Sona look at Ishwari, but she stands silently. Laksh tells Ishwari that he named his company with Nikki and his name NIL, but now he realized it is Nikki, Ishwari, and Laksh. His company is incomplete without her, he will continue sending her mails and she can correct and approve them. Sona and Dev smile. Laksh speaks to Nikki next and leaves.

Dev and Sona get ready for family photo shoot. Dev walks to his room and gets romantic with Sona. She says someone will see. He says let them. Jassi walks in to call them for photo shoot. Dev asks him to get out and close door. He obeys.

Whole family gathers. Neha and Riya’s husbands chat. Mamaji says he cannot wait for photo session, so will do selfie with his 3 daughters to look at their faces when he wants. Riya, Nikki, Neha click selfie with him. Mami joins them. Mamaji asks where are Dev and Sona. Riya, Nikki, Neha say they will call bhaiy and bhabhi and walk towards their room.

Elena goes to call Vicky and sees him inebriated, sipping alcohol. She says everyone is waiting for him for photo session and he is drinking here. Vicky starts yelling that they consider him as their watchman and nothing else, yells at Dev that he snatched everything, even his son. He asks Elena to be support him and drink. She tries to calm him down.

Dev and Sona’s romance continues. Riya, Nikki, Neha walk and joke they are same since marriage and did not change. Nikki says they should have at least closed doors. Dev jokes. They all thank Sona for reuniting them. They all walk down for photo session. Vicky and Elena join. Vicky gets angry seeing Golu with Dev and insists Golu to come to him. Golu says he will take pic with his bade papa. GKB tries to explain. Vicky continues his yelling. Mamaji asks him to shut up. Laksh says there is a drama in all families and he likes it. Nikki thanks him for joining them. Vicky goes aside. Dev follows him and asks if he is drunk. Vicky says yes, so what.. and shouts he took his son Golu from him. Dev stands shocked.

Precap: Sona gets a call and says she is coming, says sorry Dev I have to do it alone. Dev asks Jassi where is Sona. He says she was on phone sometime ago.

Update Credit to: MA


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