The Episode starts with Dadi telling everyone about meeting a family for Kirti’s alliance. Akhilesh asks why did you hurry. Dadi says even family makes a talk, Baisa told much that day, if we find the guy now, it will take time till marriage happens. Kartik asks is Kirti ready. Manish says sorry, I don’t think you are doing this for her happiness. Dadi says I know those people were wrong, I can see clearly, her sadness and loneliness, we are with her, she needs a relation that fills her loneliness. Naira says don’t worry, she will get someone, Rashmi was a divorcee, she got a nice guy Sameer, Kirti will also get a nice guy, this time her marriage should happen by her choice. Dadi says she got someone, if you think its easy, get them married. Naira asks really, tell me who is that

lucky person, Kirti is shy, Dadi tell me. Dadi says Naksh is that guy. They all get shocked.

Dadi asks will you get your brother married to a divorcee, or were you just saying great things. Naksh looks on and gets shocked. Dadi asks Naira to say, will she make Kirti’s life better like Rashmi’s, why is she silent now, none does things when time comes. Kirti says no. Dadi says be quiet, don’t lie, I know your heart. She says Naira’s silence shows she won’t do anything, family is annoyed, but I kept the truth in front of everyone, who will think of Kirti. Manish asks her to leave it. Dadi says talk will end if its one sided. Kartik says stop it, calm down, what’s the use to blame each other. Dadi says oh, you think I m blaming your wife, you just see her heart. Manish says he is saying right, once we think well, things can spoil.

Dadi and Kirti go. Naksh cries and leaves. He is about to fall. Guards hold him. Naksh pushes them and leaves in his car. Kartik asks Kirti to open the door, don’t feel guilty, none is judging you, we can discuss this. Kirti says no, leave from here. He says fine, call me when you want to talk, don’t be upset. She cries.

He sees Naira crying and says Dadi said a lot, she is angry, don’t feel guilty. Naira says I don’t know what did this happen. He says yes, so everyone is reacting such. She says Kirti likes Naksh, I did not know this, we have to do something. He says we can’t talk now. He gets a call and says its imp meeting, I have to go, but you please promise me, you won’t talk about this. She nods. He goes. Naksh stops the car, feeling unwell. He walks on the road. Kirti recalls Naksh and says Naksh never gave me any hint, even then I started dreaming. Naksh asks how did Kirti think this, did I give her any hint by mistake, Kartik and Naira’s relation can turn bad because of me, this shouldn’t happen.

Dadi cries and tries to light diya. Suwarna lights diya. Dadi talks to Suwarna and Manish. Manish says we are not saying its wrong. Naksh is a nice guy, the family is also good, the matter came out in a bad way, have some patience. Dadi says how, when anyone challenges my thinking. Naira comes and looks on. Manish says Kirti will go back to same mental state, she will feel guilty, maybe she does not know this, I saw her face, I m her father and know what’s in her heart. Suwarna says relation is good, but we have to know what does Naksh think. Dadi says we have to find out what’s in Naksh’s heart, its good to clear things fast. Surekha agrees and asks Naira to ask Naksh indirectly, if they really unite then, think what you find right. Naira thinks of Kirti’s words.

Kartik and Akhilesh are on the way. Akhilesh calms him down. Kartik says we should observe things and reach on a decision. Akhilesh says we should ask Naksh. Kartik says no, its better if we don’t know some things, else we get biased. Naksh passes by their car. Naira sends a voice message to Kartik, saying she sensed there is something in Kirti’s heart, I will talk to Naksh. Surekha asks Dadi to have juice. Dadi gets angry. Surekha says I have sent Naira to her Maayka, I hope she does not do anything wrong. Dadi says I will not bear anything wrong in Kirti’s life now.

Naira comes home and sees everyone. She looks for Naksh. She says I had academy work and came here. They ask her to come sometimes. Naira asks where is Naksh. Gayu says he went your home. Naitik says he went to give plant to Kirti. Naira asks what. Gayu says yes, Kirti gave him plant before and now he went. Naitik says maybe he went Krishna. Naira thinks did he come there, but he would have met me. Naitik calls Naksh. Naksh walks on road recalling Dadi’s words. Naitik says he is not answering, maybe he is busy. Naira thinks what will I talk to Naksh. Naksh says Naira fell in problem because of me, what shall I do. A truck horns. Naksh does not hear the horn and walks in middle of the road.

Naira says Kirti likes Naksh. Baisa asks what, Kirti did not get good proposal, Dadi took challenge, will she fulfill it this way.

Update Credit to: Amena


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