Maya enjoys noodles and watches news about Arjun being hanged in 3 days in Maya’s murder case. Her face is shown on TV and she gets tensed. A girl asks if she is the one on TV. People around hear her. Maya says one in TV is dead, then how is she alive. One who dies does not return again.

Saanjh reads Arjun’s letter that her duffer planned with his friend to act as misbehaving with her to get into lonely jail cell, he will come out to take revenge from Maya and Dusky should he him. She throws letter in dustbin and walks out of her room searching Suman and Shubh. A man’s shadow is seen following her. Ayan is shown who picks letter from dustbin and says what will Arjun do by living alive, even he wants to take revenge from Maya. Saanjh comes towards him.

Maya reminisces Arjun

taking 7 vows during marriage and then breaking them. She reminisces each vows and Arjun breaking each. She lights fire and dances reminiscing punishing herself. She says 7 vows, 7 steps, 7 promises, she will follow each promise in this and every life. She starts dancing again on adivasi music and gets tired. She says she crossed all limit of love for Arjun, when they first meet it was attraction which became bonding, which gave color of love, which was strong on the basis of faith, which was a prayer, which went till death. She cries loudly and then laughs. She dances again reminiscing Arjun’s hatred for her and gets tired again. She says Arjun and her bonding for this life was only till here, with Arjun’s death his love will not end, but with her death, a new love story will start. If Arjun is dead, evens she will die, if no another then no Maya, both will die together.

Ayan shouts at Saanh that he wants to forget Arjun, but she is reminding him. Saanjh shouts he should not forget that Arjun is his brother. Ayan says she forgot that his mother died because of Arjun and walks out. Saanjh then goes to jail and cries in front of Arjun. Arjun says he is not yet dead. She says his escape plan is not good. He says this time Maya cannot win from him.

Maya digs grave and gets tired. She laughs and then cries, says her breaths are also finished with Arjun’s breaths, 7 steps, 7 vows, 7 lives. Arjun thinks nobody can save Maya from him and shouts Mayaa, even if she is hidden in pataal, he will find her.

Precap: Maya gets a gift of bridal sari and mangalsutra. Arjun doing exercise thinks he has sent an unique gift to Maya.

Update Credit to: MA


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