Shivaye asks from where is this sound coming. Rudra says I think, its coming from there. Shivaye checks the basket. They get shocked. Bhavya asks why are you not opening the door, is everything fine. Rudra says no. Om shuts his mouth. Some time before, Anika collides with Shivaye. He says nothing such happened between me and Ragini. She asks why are you telling me. He says I m just clearing it. She says I don’t care. He says I do care, it affects my image, I don’t want Ragini’s respect to get spoiled. She says she is clever, she is not helpless. He says you don’t see her pain. She says she is not one to bear pain, she is one who gives pain. She sees Ragini taking selfie. She asks Shivaye to see there, how helpless is she. Ragini acts to talk to her mum, and says yes, I m leaving, Shivaye said he

will drop me. Anika says she changed colors so soon. He asks what’s wrong with you Anika. She takes her phone. He asks her to stop it. Her phone falls down. He goes. She says I had to make a good video, but phone broke, Shivaye lost his mind, I have to show that Nagini/Ragini is so clever.

Gauri sees her mum’s pic and says I miss you a lot, but you don’t worry, very soon I will come to meet you, Om stopped me, but I will come to you soon. Om comes and sees her. He says your allergy did not go till now. She keeps sneezing and says I got fine. He says I can see, come out. She says no. He gives her anti allergic. She says this is not needed. He asks her to have it. Her mum’s photo falls down. She cries. Om says I m sorry. She says let it be, I don’t need your help, why are you behaving so good with me, because I exposed Buamaa, you think you have misunderstood you, so you did not let me go, if you are doing this so that I forgive you, I have forgiven you, so please do what your heart wants, do everything by heart, not helplessness. Saathiya…..plays….. He goes. She cries seeing her mum’s pic.

Rudra looks into the washroom and says maybe spider went till now. He asks Bhavya is spider is still there, go and check. Bhavya asks why, you go and see. He says you are spider expert. She says I know you are acting, you kept spider. He says no, I feel michmichi. She ask what’s that. He asks her to ask Anika. She says I don’t have time for this nonsense, you shift my focus, I would have gone from here, but thanks to you, I m till here. She goes. He shuts the door. Bhavya says I m sorry Rudra for hurting your heart, I m doing this so that you stay away and I focus on my mission, don’t know why, whenever you are in front of me, I fall weak in my mission.

Dadi says I did not ask for anything, maybe someone else ordered, ask Pinky. Khanna goes with the basket. Dadi says what’s inside it. Pinky says I did not order anything, go and ask others. She asks him did anyone not read the note, do I have to do this. She checks the note. She asks did you ask Jhanvi, go and ask her.

Tej asks Shwetlana where is she. She asks him to wait. Shwetlana comes. Tej signs her to come. Gauri says Om has changed much. Bhavya says I also feel so, when I met Rudra for the first time, I felt he is stupid, but I got to know he is very sweet, emotional and caring, he does not taunt me about eggs, he got eggs for me, Anika and Shivaye is behind this. Gauri says yes, Anika opened paint boxes so that Om takes me to hotel. Bhavya says it means they are trying to unite us.

Anika says right, if we succeeded, its because of you, it was my and Shivaye’s plan but action was yours, see how Bhavya ran hearing Rudra, and Om stayed in tent with Gauri. Gauri says no, he is helpless. Bhavya says inner guilt increases in such case, I feel Rudra’s life is getting complicated, I m hurting him. Anika asks do you think he won’t be hurt if you go, and Gauri this time Om stopped you, why, he has shown your importance in his life, so he stayed in cold to take care of you, I have track record with them, Shivaye’s tadi, Om’s pride and Rudra’s heart are sensitive, they don’t express real feelings, you have to have patience.

Bhavya says exactly, you also have to do the same, I have checked the video, someone has morphed it. Gauri says I think Nagini did this. Bhavya says she is Ragini. Gauri says but her work is of Naagin, command me and I will not leave her. Anika says it won’t be needed. Gauri says but tell me when its needed. Bhavya asks what do you think. Anika says I also feel Ragini did this, but laws ask for proof. Anika says which we don’t have. Bhavya says don’t worry, laws find evidence and culprit too. Gauri says yes, we will find proof against her and expose her truth in front of Shivaye. They join hands.

Tej says I feel I got an asthma attack. Shwetlana asks did you get inhaler. He says no. She says I will doctor. He says no, none should know we are here, it will be a scandal. She asks him to relax. He faints. Jhanvi says I did not order anything. Khanna says please help me, I m roaming with this since 2 hours. She asks him to keep it in boys room.

Pinky comes to hotel and asks the man about Tej’s room. He says sorry, we can’t give you info. She says his wife is unwell, I have to inform him, I m Shivaye’s mum Pinky, I can buy entire hotel in a day. He says sorry, I can’t give info. She gives him money and thinks money can break any rule. She says this is price to break rules. He takes money and says there is no booking with Tej’s name, sorry, maybe he did booking by some other name. She says Shwetlana. He says no. She asks is there booking of Oberoi company. He says no. She says he is clever to have booking by someone’s name, I wish I could get Jhanvi and Omkara here. He says wait, there is a room booked by Omkara’s name. She says he is enjoying here on Om’s name, I will not leave him now.

Gauri goes to Om’s room and sees a sketch of her mum. She recalls Anika’s words and Om. He says I m mad, I told a lot to Om, I should apologize to him. Servant tells Bhavya that Rudra ordered equipments for her. She recalls Anika’s words and Rudra. She says I scolded him, I should apologize to him. Anika gets a phone and note. She reads I just have right to break my phone, not yours. She says he will gift with an attitude, this tadi makes him Shivaye, I get angry on him, our fight is not of hatred, but of Ishqbaazi, we have to stay together and fight.

Pinky calls Jhanvi and says Tej did not go Delhi. Jhanvi says I know, he got unwell, he is coming back home. Pinky ends call and worries. Shivaye, Rudra and Om sit. Rudra says I have my eggs to her. They ask what. Rudra says I mean I gave my share of eggs to Bhavya, even then she scolded me. Om says Gauri always gets wrong meaning. Shivaye says Anika thinks Ragin hurts herself, they know all our weaknesses, so they use it. He hears baby crying. They see Rudra cupping his face and think he is crying. Shivaye says its okay, don’t cry, be a man. Rudra says I was giving a massage to face. Shivaye asks who is crying then. Rudra says Om cupping his face and says don’t cry. Om asks am I a kid to cry. Rudra says maybe its coming from any phone. Shivaye asks from where is this sound coming. Rudra says I think, its coming from there. They see the basket. Anika asks Gauri and Bhavya are they thinking the same, what to do. Gauri says we should apologize. Bhavya says I was thinking the same. Anika says fine, we will go.

Rudra says its same basket Khanna was roaming with, why is it here. Om asks what’s inside. Rudra says it will be a baby when baby cry sound is coming. Shivaye calls his imagination wild. Om says what’s inside. Rudra asks are you CID. They all say lets open it. Shivaye says fine, I will open it. Shivaye checks the basket. They get shocked.

Jhanvi gives water to Tej. She says thank God, you did not check in, you could have trouble on flight. Pinky asks did you not go Delhi. Tej says I was running to get flight and got breathing problem. Pinky taunts him. He sees Pinky and leaves. Pinky says my phone also broke, don’t know video is saved or not. Jhanvi asks what are you doing. Pinky says trying to join. Jhanvi asks joining or trying to break. Pinky says Tej is flying with someone, I have seen them hugging in hotel, he was with Shwetlana.

Jhanvi says no this can’t happen, you are lying. Pinky asks what will I get by lying, how can you trust Tej. Jhanvi asks what proof do you want. Pinky says truth does not need proof, even then I have proof, his car keys with hotel’s valet tag, it has date and time.

Shivaye says how did my imagination go do wild. Rudra and Om say ours too. They get the card and check. Om reads this baby is fathered by one of the Oberoi sons. They get shocked and see the baby in the basket.

Om and Shivaye point to Rudra. Rudra points to Om. Om signs no and points to Shivaye. Shivaye signs no. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri knock door. Shivaye says who is knocking such a way, is it someone who has sent this baby here. Rudra jokes. Om says if he has to come, why would he courier the baby. He asks Rudra to check the door. Bhavya calls our Shivaye. Rudra says police has come. Bhavya asks Shivaye to open door. Rudra says Bhavya got this baby, commissioner will say this is my child, I think this baby is also police, he will have raw eggs and talk in police language. Shivaye says shut up, commissioner would have told me. Anika says he won’t open the door if we call. Bhavya asks is everything fine, why are you not opening the door. Om and Shivaye ask Rudra to manage them.

Tej says yes, I will not forget my medicines. He ends call seeing Jhanvi. She asks did you go to hotel, your car keys have showed this. Tej looks on. She asks did you go to meet Shwetlana. He gets shocked. Bhavya asks Om and Rudra why are they not opening the door, I think I have to break it. She goes to break door. Rudra opens the door and gets hit. She asks are you fine. He asks why did you kick me. She says I was worried when you did not open the door. He says its my wish. They argue. She laughs that he does no work. He says we don’t need to work. He says we are doing this to timepass, leave from here, I m busy. Gauri asks him to call Om. He says fine, I will call him. He shuts the door. Bhavya says what secret thing are they doing. Gauri says there is something cooking.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra argue. Anika says there is a big problem. Gauri asks why. Bhavya says we have to find what they are hiding. They hear the baby crying.

Update Credit to: Amena


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