Vicky continues pouring his heart out at Dev and says his problem is he wants everything, he everything, he even snatched his son from him. Dev asks what does he mean, why is he dragging little Golu in between. Vicky continues. Dev asks him to go to his room and not come out until he is sober. Vicky walks yelling even he is not interested in clicking pics with his family. He walks to his room and thinks Dev has kept him as servant, he will show him what villain is. He video chat his friend and explains his plan to destroy Dev. Friend says Dev is his brother. Vicky asks him to do as he says. Elena enters and asks whom he was chatting.

Sona clicks pics with Riya, Nikki, and Neha. She gets a call from her client who insists to meet him right now. She asks to have meeting

with her business partner Sourav. Client insists to meet her. She agrees and silently leaves thinking if she informs Dev, he will insist to come. Dev continues clicking pics with family. Golu insists Dev to click pic with him.

Vicky asks if she is doubting her husband. She says yes, she does not trust him and snatches laptop. It falls down. Vicky yells to check whatever she wants to now. He yells she could not become a good wife. Elena says she is a good wife, but he is neither a good husband nor father, Dev took care of Golu when Vicky did not care about Golu. Vicky angrily tries to hit her, and she holds his hand. Dev enters and scolds him how dare he is to raise hand on woman and says he should respect Elena for marrying him and taking oath to spend life with him. He scolds that he send Golu away from himself and if he tries to hit woman again, he will send him out of house.

Dev makes Soha sleep. She asks where is mamma, where did she go at this time. Dev says he does not know. Sona finishes meeting with client and rushes home in her car. Her car breaks down. She calls Dev and he asks where is she. She says she went for a meeting with client and did not want to disturb him as he was taking cute pictures with his sisters. He says he should have informed her and asks where is she now. She says she is near a bus stop and sends him address. Dev asks to be in car and don’t open doors as that place is unsafe. He asks Jassi to inform family that he is going to bring Sona and leaves. He rushes in car. Sona sees 2 men walking and acts as speaking over phone. She relaxes when they move away. She then sees a lady waiting for bus and gets into bus with her. She calls Dev and informs that she is a bus and gives bus number. Ishwari and mamaji gets worried and try their phone numbers. GKB yells why Sona went out at this time. Lady gets out of bus when her stop comes. Three heavily inebriated drunkards enter bus. Sona gets tensed. They get up and try to walk, but slip when driver applies brakes. Dev stops his car in front of bus and rushes in to bus. He sees inebriated men around Sona and trashes them. Sona stops him and lets them go, says nothing happened to her. Dev says he will not let anything happen to her until he is there.

Precap: Vicky fixes secret cameras in Dev’s cabin. Sona and Dev walk towards their cabins.

Update Credit to: MA


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