The Episode starts with Surekha calling Naira and asking if she has spoken to Naksh. Naira says I have to talk to Kartik first. Surekha says men won’t understand such sensitive matters, talk to Naksh. Naira says we atleast know about Kirti’s feelings, we don’t know about Naksh, tell Dadi that…. Baisa comes and asks what did I hear, Naksh and Kirti…. Dadi wants Kirti to marry Naksh, now I understand everything, why she was showing love for Naksh, she was talking sweetly to us, tell me, and we thought to apologize to her, I got these gifts for her, she is very clever.

Naitik says where did Naira go. He gets a call. Baisa says we got to know why Dadi challenged us, and then blessed Naksh, they don’t like anything in our family, if Kirti did not get any good relation,

they came here, Dadi always sings of her respect, and she is asking you to talk to us, Naksh has many proposals, I will not let him marry any divorcee, do and tell him we are not mad to get him married to Kirti, she challenged me, ask her to fulfill it some other way. She throws the gift. Naira gets shocked seeing Kartik. He gets angry.

Kartik says I did not differentiate between this family and mine, you proved relatives are relatives and family is family, I will not hear anything against them, this was the last time, then maybe I can’t tolerate this. He leaves. Naira apologizes and goes with Kartik. They are on the way. She asks him to drive slow, why is he annoyed with her, she did not tell anything. He stops the car and says why did you go there. She says I went to talk to Naksh. He asks why, who was running away, why did you inform me for formality, Baisa will create an issue now. She says I was trying to make things fine. He says both families will blame each other and stay annoyed.

Naitik asks how did Naira go. Gayu says don’t know, she messaged she is going for imp work. Naitik says maybe she had work, Gayu did not call Naksh, where is he. Manish says I want to talk to her, but I think she will feel embarrassed. Suwarna says I did not talk to her, she said sorry to you. He asks why. She says she has hurt Naksh maybe. He asks what, where is Naira, I have to talk. Kartik and Naira come home. Kartik says we have to tell something. Naira gets Naksh’s call. She answers the call and asks who are you, how did you get this phone, where is my brother. The man says we saw this number in last dialled, he met with an accident. She asks what, and cries.

Kartik asks what happened. Naira says Naksh met with an accident. Everyone gets shocked. Kirti hears this too. Kartik asks Naira to be strong, we will go there. Manish says go there and inform us. Surekha asks shall we tell Naira’s family. Akhilesh says no, they will be worried. Dadi sees Kirti. Kartik consoles Naira. They reach the place and see Naksh. Kirti prays for Naksh. She says he is a nice person who always help others, you help him today. Dadi asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to Naksh, I know you and your heart well, you can’t hide your feelings from me. Kirti cries and hugs her.

Kirti says I m not able to understand this, its right or wrong, I m scared. Dadi says I m with you, Kartik and Naira will call and say everything is fine. Manish hears them. Naira and Kartik ask Naksh to open eyes. The man says we would have taken him to hospital but we did not get any taxi. Kartik thanks the man. He asks Naira to sit in car. They take Naksh. Dadi hopes everything is fine. Manish worries. Surekha says see this happened before Kirti’s house settled. Suwarna asks her not to say all this. Akhilesh asks Surekha to use her mind. Dadi says don’t get annoyed Suwarna, people says something in anger sometimes, Surekha’s words had worry, about Naksh and a new relation too.

Akhilesh gets a call and asks how is Naksh. Naitik asks what….. Naksh is not in Krishna and office. Gayu says he said he is going to Naira’s house. Bau ji says he is not careless, maybe something happened that was not in his control. Naira cries seeing Naksh. She gets Naitik’s call on Naksh’s phone. Kartik asks her to talk. She disconnects. Kartik says they will be much worried. She says yes, but if I tell them, they will worry more, once doctor says Naksh is fine, I will tell them. She cries. He asks her to stay strong.

Baisa says you all don’t know about Dadi. They all get shocked seeing Kartik and Naira getting Naksh home. Dadi says maybe they reached home till now, I will go and see. don’t tell me anything Suwarna. Suwarna asks shall I come along. Manish says I think we should not hurry, we should not go. Dadi says no, I will go. She asks Kirti to come along. Kirti says no, you go. Dadi asks her to come. Manish asks why are you insisting. Suwarna prays for Naira and her family.

Naksh gets semi conscious and holds Kirti’s hand. He says Naira, Kirti…… Dadi and Kirti look at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


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