Maya digs grave and cries that she will also be finished with his love, even after death she will not leave him. Arjun tells Saanjh that he will break jail and take revenge from Maya. Saanjh says police will shoot him if he is caught. He says he will be hanged anyways. She says she has sent mercy petition to prime minster’s PA. He says she did online polling and filed man petitions in 3 months and nothing happened, in fact people now yell at her. She says she promised Vandana aunty to protect him. He asks her to help him and explains plan, gives number and asks to call this number and he will explain her what next to do, she has to give him some money. He says she has to bring car near tree outside at 2 a.m. She sees a shadow and runs behind it thinking if duffer is caught, he cannot escape

again. She then hears Ayan telling jailer that Arjun will escape from jail. Jailer laughs and asks if he watches movies so much. Ayan says he knew he would not believe, so he brought proof and gives Arjun’s letter. Jailer says all inmates plan to escape, but they will go out only after death. He asks to go now as he needs to prepare papers before hanging Arjun. Ayan walks out and sees Saanjh standing.

Arjun angrily scratches Maya’s name on his chest with a stone reminiscing Maya inscribing her name on his chest. His chest bleeds profusely. Jailer asks constable to closely watch Arjun.

Saanjh takes Ayan out and asks what was he doing, Maya is still alive and Arjun wants to take revenge. Ayan says he wants to take revenge from Arjun as loved Maya and she ruined their lives. Saanjh says if Arjun dies, Maya will be alive. Ayan says Maya’s punishment would be Arjun’s death. Saanjh says she will not let Arjun die.

Maya writes Arjun’s name with a knife on stone and hearing a stone throws knife. She follows sound and does not find anyone. She finds blood on knife and thinks someone is following her, her past’s pages are opening again. Arjun erases Maya’s name from his chest and thinks he will erase even her name from this world, he laughs loudly and shouts Maya.. Maya finds blood on stone. She shouts who is it and flips stone angrily.

Ayan asks Saanjh not to waste her time and let Arjun die. Saanjh says she promised Vandana to protect her duffer and will never leave him. Ayan says she has gone mad and he knows how to correct her. He drags her out and asks to sit into car. She pushes him and runs away. Inspector asks Ayan if girlfriend is angry on him and laughs. Ayan reaches Suman and informs that Saanjh has gone and and is trying to help Arjun escape from jail, if she is caught this time, she will not be spared.

Maya hides a stone under leaves and walks hurriedly. Someone clears stone and finds Maya’s name and her birth and death date on it. Maya runs and falls slipping and shouts Arjun..Arjun in jail thinks let Maya run wherever she wants, her love will reach her soon. He laughs insanely. Maya finds she slipped on a rope. She gets up and worriedly looks around. She then wears veil and runs again. Maya is seen written on tree.

Precap: Ayan hugs Arjun and says thank god he escaped from jail. Inspector Ranbeer surrounds them with team. Ayan injects Arjun and says he will not let him kill anyone. Arjun collapses.

Update Credit to: MA


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