Into the chaotic universe of Advay comes Spring in the form of Chandni, clad in green and carrying milk like a newly wedded woman.

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Chandni steps into Advay’s world unknown to him, her eyes scans the room noting the mess, the chaos and the covered portrait. Just when she is about to unveil the portrait, Chandni hears the sound of footsteps. With foreboding and fear, Chandni quickly slides under the bed, covering her eyes, hoping desperately that she remain undiscovered. But luck is not with her on that day.

The normally absent minded or should one say indifferent Advay Singh Raizada is on full alert, he quickly notices the open door, realizes something is afoot. Like a leashed but powerful Tiger scenting the whereabouts of an innocent deer, Advay prowls through his room, keenly scrutinizing for any change when the mirror proves to be his friend. There beneath the bed is his destiny, his soul!

With a smirk, he approaches his destiny confident that he can control and handle it. He bends down to Chandni, tells her to come out. Reluctant and embarrassed, Chandni uncovers her eyes, Those kohl lined eyes slowly lift its gaze to meet the waiting honey brown-Amber eyes of Advay. Once he gets a full glimpse of her serene beauty, the honey in Adavy’s eyes melts, turning into pools of warmth, of love that he left behind. Advay retreats and Dev, the boy who loved, loves Chandni comes to the fore. With a concerned warning, Advay orders her out from underneath the bed. Chandni, who had hidden herself comes out in her full glory.

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Advay’s words ricochets into past, bringing Dev’s words into Chandni’s memories but a quick diversion ensures that Chandni forgets to pursue the puzzle known as Advay. Chandni who is on full steam, thanks to the manipulations of Advay, accuses Advay of giving poison to her father. Not content with that, Chandni also warns Advay or else she will stop him from playing any more games with her family. The sleeping tiger is roused but is amused at the bravado of the kitten. Instead of roasting Chandni, Advay gives an amused smile and walks away, leaving a flabbergasted Chandni looking at his retreating back. The amused tiger toys with the petite kitten until the kitten makes the mistake of revealing that she has no idea about his name.

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The hackles rise, amusement flees from Advay’s face, rising to his feet like a battle ready warrior, Advay strides towards Chandni. Alarmed Chandni hastily starts backing away. Advay is undeterred, he corners her, grabs her hand and twists it to her back. Wincing in pain, Chandni closes her eyes as she waits for the sword to slice off her unruly tongue. But Advay who is holding on to her hand, their bodies close enough to spark electricity is lost in her face. His eyes search her face, memorizing each lines, expressions.They scan every planes of her face.

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Advay slowly, gently leans closer, closer towards her face, Chandni”s silky hair brushes his face. Advay leans forward, his warm breath heating up her neck. very close to her, Advay softly whispers, “Open your eyes”. Her eyes reflecting a swirl of emotions caused by the proximity of Advay’s towering frame,  Her heart aflutter with feelings that were strangers until that moment, Chandni feebly confronts Advay sounding brave and determined, She walks away carrying the tattered remnants of her pride when her eyes lights up on her head & **Shrieeeeeeeeeek**. Advay is vastly amused by her reaction.

Forgetting her earlier fear, Chandni turns towards Advay, her eyes lit by wrathful fire that promises dire consequences when Chandni becomes aware of her pristine clean hands touching something foreign. Chandni’s fearful eyes turn down as she checks the object brishing her palm. Her every move is watched keenly by an amused Advay who is intelligent enough to not reveal his amusement openly but enjoy it to the hilt. Disgusted by the tea bag sticking to her palm, Chandni desperately tries to remove the offending object.

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Watching her unsuccessful actions, ever the gallant gentleman, Advay steps forward.. His long, limber fingers caress the creamy fingers of Chandni. Advay’s hand slides over the tiny hand of Chandni, encompassing it, encircling it while his eyes lock into Chandni’s eyes. With their eyes locked into each other’s heart, Chandni’s hand in his palm..moment becomes frozen, time stands still – forgetting everything, Chandni becomes lost in the  quizzical eyes of Raizada until reason asserts itself. Chandni quickly snatches away her hand. Advay saves her from further embarrassment by diverting the topic.

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Reminded of her business, Chandni points at the poisoned milk. When to her horror, Advay lifts the bottled milk, his unwavering gaze fixed on her beautiful face, his eyes lingering on every inch of her face… With his pink tongue unfurling like a petal of a rose, Advay begins to drink the milk while his eyes drink in her beauty.

Chandni, who does not know she is playing with a fire that if allowed will consume her, takes the safest path of least resistance..She flees!! Advay looks on..content to let the girl of his dreams run away, knowing fully well that the threads of kismet have bound them together irrevocably!


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