Omru dance. Bhavya sees them and says they are dancing. Anika sees them and gets shocked. She says there is big problem. Bhavya says we have to find what they are hiding. Some time before, Bhavya gets ready to break door and hits Rudra. Rudra says I got hurt, its Om’s turn to manage Gauri. Shivaye says don’t tell anyone. Om says I know. He stops Gauri and Bhavya from looking inside. Gauri says I need to talk to you. Om says I m here, I m busy in work. Bhavya says but Rudra is working. Om says its a work to make Rudra work. Bhavya says but why this way by shutting door. He thinks thank God Anika is not here, else she would have asked 50 questions. Om says we are not a criminal, health is bad. Gauri asks what happened to you. He says I m fine, Shivaye is unwell. Anika pops up and says what happened to

Shivaye, tell me. Om says my lovely Bhabhi, wait a min. He signs he will send Shivaye and shuts door.

Bhavya says Rudra said he is working, Om is saying Shivaye is ill. Anika asks Shivaye is he fine and knocks door. Shivaye says now I have to drink kada. Om says I did not know Anika is there, Shivaye will manage now. Shivaye says I know I don’t have to tell anyone. Rudra says he learnt from me. Om asks him to shut up. Shivaye opens door and says I m feeling much better, do you have to know what’s happening inside. Anika asks will your height get less if you say. He says what are you three doing here, I don’t have to tell you. He shuts the door.

Anika says something is happening. Om says we have to hide it till we find truth. Shivaye says this baby and its written in card that one of us is baby’s father. Rudra says things spoiled. Shivaye says I think some business rival wants to defame us, till we find truth, this matter should be between us, Rudra does not digest anything. They see Rudra.

Rudra talks to baby and says you got a hot uncle, smile, if this baby was grown up, we would have known whose baby is this, if this was Shivaye’s child, he would have done this gesture, he would have spoken strange things if this was Om’s child. Om says there are equal chances its your child. Rudra says baby is cute, so I said that. They all argue.

Rudra says baby looks 9 months old, Om was with Riddhima 18 months back. Om says yes, but she was not in India, how is this possible. Rudra says I saw you chatting. Om says shut up, children don’t happen this way, she would have told me. Shivaye says its either Om or your baby. Rudra says what’s this, see his eyes. Om says kanji eyes. Rudra says now its confirmed, its little Shivaye. Shivaye says its not possible. Rudra says we have to go 18 months back, think of the dark night, your car going between the jungle, rains, that girl leaving, you going to the hotel, switching off lights, recall what happened. Shivaye reacts feeling accordingly and says nothing happened. Rudra asks what. Om says lucky Shivaye, if we fight like this, we won’t get any solution.

Anika says there is some problem. Bhavya says we have to find what are they hiding. Rudra says I m checking the lists, with which girls I was. Om says what about Tia. Shivaye says what about Tia, no. Rudra says there were many complications and baby came. Om says we have to find baby’s father. Rudra says Deewar, Trishul… Shivaye says Dna test. Rudra asks which is this movie. Shivaye says that’s the only way, its not easy, if media knows, this should be a secret.

Om says if someone planted this baby, he would be waiting for our mistake. Rudra says this is baby, not a cactus to plant. Shivaye says shut up, I will find a doctor to keep this confidential. Rudra asks how much time will it take for results. Shivaye says maybe one week. Om asks one week, how will we manage baby, its tough. Rudra says time teaches everything O. Om says I taught this dialogue to you Ru. Shivaye says its not easy. Rudra says look at this baby, he is calm like Om, he did not cry. Baby starts crying. They get worried. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri hear baby’s cry.

Pinky says Jhanvi should have got angry by now, what are they doing. Pinky sees Jhanvi and Tej coming and thinks seems much happened, they will ask me questions. Jhanvi says thanks Pinky. Pinky asks why. Jhanvi says for making me realize, you can never change. Tej grins. Jhanvi says I did mistake to believe you. Pinky says I m not lying, he went to hotel. Jhanvi says he went for meeting, not to meet Shwetlana, I forgot the woman who can break son’s house, how can she see my house getting better, stop this, else you will fall in my sight. Pinky thinks what did Tej tell her. Tej signs Pinky. Jhanvi says I m sure Tej changed now, mind your own business. They leave. Pinky says I m not a liar, you are foolish, I will prove Tej’s dark truth.

Rudra asks Om how to put baby on silent mode. Om says baby is not a phone. Shivaye says I m checking on net how to pacify a baby. Rudra says good boy, good girl, whatever, get quiet. Shivaye says swing the baby. Rudra asks how. Om says move baby. Shivaye says swing in flow. Rudra says I don’t know, you take baby. Shivaye says I m on net. Om says I can’t. Rudra gives baby to Shivaye. Om picks the phone. Shivaye swings the baby. Rudra says you forgot, do it in rhythm and flow. Rudra asks baby to look at him, Rudra Chachu will show his dance now. Rudra dances. Om dances along. Baby gets calm. Shivaye says he really got quiet. They stop. Shivaye says Rudy dance. Omru dance.

Om says this baby thinks he is Mughal e azam and you are Anarkali. Rudra asks which azam and which kali. Om says dance. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri come there. Bhavya looks inside via keyhole and sees Omru dancing. Anika asks what. Bhavya says Rudra is dancing, that too like Mujra girl. Gauri covers Anika’s eyes. Bhavya says Om is also dancing like Mujra girl. Gauri covers her eyes. Anika says let me see. She sees them dancing and gets shocked. She says these three are dancing cheap, did they get greedy to open dance bar for themselves. Gauri says let me see. She sees them and says Koi to rok lo…. She asks Om to stop, they can’t see. Shivaye asks who has come. Om says I m sure, its three devis, Rudra go, Shivaye has baby, and Bhavya interrogates a lot, go. Rudra says she is in police.

Rudra goes out and asks what happened. Bhavya asks why were you dancing. Rudra says because I m happy. Anika and Gauri ask about Shivaye and Om. Rudra says they are also happy. Anika says tell truth, what’s happening inside. Rudra says actually, umm umm umm… She asks what umm umm umm…. He says I can’t break bro code, I can’t tell you, sorry. He shuts door. Bhavya says it means matter is such which can’t be said. Anika says but what. Rudra says these girls a lot. Shivaye says mine one too, I mean my ex. He says baby slept and keeps baby back in basket. Baby wakes up and cries. He asks them to dance. Rudra and Shivaye dance. Om gets worried.

Gauri sees Khanna with someone and goes to see. Khanna asks the lady what work she has, whom does she want to meet, she has to leave if she does not answer. Gauri holds her and sees her mum. She says you here….. Samar sees someone’s pic and recalls the girl. He recalls Shivaye. Ragini says nothing happens if you recall past, you are spoiling my present and future, you don’t know what happened to me. He asks what happened. She says when I had cucumber, you used to know I m upset. He says sorry, I did not notice what you are eating, tell me why are you worried. She says my problem and solution is same, Shivaye, Anika is coming between us, she is sending me away from him. He says so Anika is your problem.

She says and you too, you did not do anything. He says Shivaye does not love you, what can anyone else do. She says he has to love me, he is mine and will become mine, you can lose in life, I will not lose till I make Shivaye mine. He says love is not done this way, you can’t force anyone to love you. She says I can do this, Shivaye is not just my love, but my adamancy too, remember I told you, the day I need your help, I will come to you, tell me will you help me or not.

Rudra says I got tired of dancing, someone feed me water. Om gives him water. Rudra sees baby sleeping. He says baby’s legs are so chubby. Baby hits water glass and water falls on baby. Baby wakes up. Shivaye asks him to dance. Om says who made water fall. Rudra says baby kicked the glass. Shivaye says we have to change his clothes. Om asks how will we get clothes. Rudra says we will put him in pillow cover. Shivaye says we have to make him wear clothes, not pack him. Om says idea.

Gauri hugs her mum and cries. She says its good you came here, I m very happy. Her mum says your mum is like a palace, where is Om, he did a lot for us, I can’t pay for his favors, but I can bless him. Gauri says yes, but why did you come this way, I was coming to you. Her mum says I wanted to see how happy you are, I m glad, where is he. Gauri says he is busy. Her mum says I got chaat for you and sweets for Om. Gauri thinks mum will die if she knows Om and my relation truth. He sees Om coming. She asks her mum to rest. She sends her to washroom. Om comes to the room. Gauri stops him. He asks what happened.

Rudra says do something, I m going mad by dancing. Shivaye asks baby to have water, no fine I will drink. Om asks why do you look worried. Gauri says I m fine, I told you to stay away. Om says I want clothes. She says you are already wearing clothes. He says yours…. She asks why do you want my clothes, you will have problem with everything, I can’t agree to everything. He stops her.

Saathiya…..plays….. He says I want the clothes which you made for Lord idol. She asks why. He says actually…. She sees her mum coming. She says I will get clothes. She shuts door. Om finds her mad. Samar asks what, you got mad. Ragini says I know this idea sounds crazy, it actually works, I have to gain Shivaye’s attention, this can happen when he gets pity on me. Samar asks will you hurt yourself to get his pity, sorry do you think you will get him. She says no, you will hurt me, I will say Siddharth has done this. He says no way, I won’t do this. She says I m asking you to do drama, Oberois should feel my life is in danger. He says you are my sister, I can’t hurt you ever. She says then I have to get this done by random person, I will be hurt, will you like it, think will you do it or I make someone else do this.

Rudra says I have much experience to change clothes. Shivaye asks baby’s clothes change. Rudra says no mine. He talks to baby and sits. Baby kicks on his face. Rudra falls away. Om laughs and asks what happened. Shivaye says you had much experience. Rudra says my day is bad. Shivaye says Om you try. Om talks to baby. Shivaye says Om be gentle. Om says I m gentle. Rudra says talk deep meaning thing and baby will get bored and sleep. Om asks do you want fourth kick. Rudra says no. Shivaye says I will do this. Rudra says I won’t dance now. Om asks what happened. Shivaye asks how does this open. Rudra says its baby. Om says he is saying about clothes. Rudra says I was testing you. Om opens the buttons. Shivaye tries to change.

Gauri says what are they doing since morning. Bhavya says they are doing some big thing. Anika says they have to come out of room to have food, everyone dines together. Bhavya says we will find out what they are hiding. Jhanvi asks maid to take dinner for Shivaye and Omru to room. Anika says I feel like filing case on them. They smile. Dadi asks what happened, won’t they dine with me. Jhanvi says no, they have some imp work. Dadi asks what is it now.

Shivaye says maybe baby does not like these clothes. Rudra says we three will try this together. Om says good idea. Rudra makes them see here and there and says we have to care for baby’s privacy, we won’t see him while changing. Om asks will we change his clothes by becoming Dhritarashtra. Rudra asks who. Om says change clothes. Rudra says eyes close, no cheating. They change baby clothes. They see the baby and smile. Rudra does Dadi’s act to take blessings. Shivaye asks him not to do anything.

Shivaye sings Chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe…. and dances for the baby. Bhavya asks Anika to focus, target is coming. Shivaye sees Anika and says walkie talkie, Basanti?

Update Credit to: Amena


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