Scene 1
Samar comes to his office, he has file which has Rishi’s note it, he puts it in his office and leaves. Rishi and Tanu comes to his office, they stealthily looks around for file. Rishi finds it and says I found it, lets go. They hear Samar coming in office. They hide in washroom with file before he can see them. Samar brings client in his office for meeting. Tanu takes file from Rishi, Rishi says its same file in which I asked you to meet me. Tanu says I wouldnt come to meet you, Rishi says but I want to talk to you, Tanu says then do it, Rishi says who talks in washroom? Tanu says we dont have an option. Samar starts meeting in office and looks around for file, he doesnt find it. Client says I dont have time for another meeting, if we dont finish meeting today then I wont be available.

Client goes to washroom and tries to open door but its not opening as Rishi have locked it, Samar tries to open it but its locked. Samar says I will call someone. Inside Tanu says this is all happening because of you, Rishi says I didnt know we would get stuck. Tanu says this is Abhi’s office so why am I hiding? if someone sees me then it wont be a problem but if someone sees you then it will be a problem, you have brought me here for dont know what, Rishi says fine, you stay here in your AK’s bathroom I am leaving. Rishi turns to leave but says stop. Samar calls staff member, member tries to break the door. Rishi holds door from inside and doesnt let staff member open it as he breaks lock and tries to hit the door. Rishi keeps forcing from inside. Member says to Samar that lock is open now but door is not opening. Inside Tanu says to Rishi that if someone sees me with you here then you know how much big problem that would be? dont know what everyone will think. Outside member says to Samar that its not opening. Samar starts pushing it too, Rishi keeps his weight on door so they wont be able to open it. Rishi’s hand is paining but he keep his weight on door. Samar says we would need professional carpenter. Client goes to another washroom, Samar says we wouldnt need file, lets start meeting. Inside washroom, Rishi have sigh have relief as they leave door. Tanu holds his bandaged hand, Rishi asks what happened? Tanu brings him to basin and takes off his bandage. She sees his deep wound, she wipes it with tissue, he winces in pain, Tanu feels his pain and worriedly looks at him, he smiles seeing her worry for him. She blows at his wound and cleans it carefully, Rishi gently tucks Tanu’s hair lock behind her ear, she looks at him in tears as recalls how he used to tuck them before and how she would playfully push his hand away. She does his bandage using first aid box. Rishi sees anklet in her foot and recognizes as the one he gave her, he smirks, she hides it and says um.. it was with me and I wore it, I didnt want to but.. dont know what I am saying, she is frustrated and looks away. Rishi smiles at her. Rishi comes to her, he is in tears and wipes her tears away, he looks away and Tanu smiles through her tears, both silently weep, teri khushboo plays. Rishi puts hand on her shoulder in support, they wipe their tears away and glances at each other. Samar finishes presentation, clients leave. Samar leaves too. Tanu says lets go. Rishi wipes his tears and leaves. They start leaving office in silence, laal ishq plays.
Rishi and Tanu are in car, Rishi is driving. Tanu recalls Rishi wiping away her tears. Rishi stops car. Tanu is in thought. Rishi says Tanuja? your home is here. Tanu glances at him, he looks away. Tanu starts leaving. Rishi clenches his knuckles on steering wheel. Tanu looks at him one last time and leaves. Rishi is sad.

Tanu comes home. Natasha comes to her and says mama.. Tanu hugs her and smiles, Natasha says where were you? Tanu says I am sorry, Natasha says I will complain about you to papa, Tanu says sorry, she holds her ears and says it wont happen again, Natasha says you are forgiven but dont leave from next time, now food.. I am hungry, Tanu says yes.

Rishi comes to his room and recalls his day with Tanuja. He smiles looking at his bandage. Manpreet comes there and says are you loving me for doing your bandage earlier? Rishi says I am feeling love but for Tanuja.
Tanuja is in her room and says I never left Natasha alone earlier, I forget everything seeing Rishi, I cant break like this, I have to handle myself and Natasha too.

Rishi tells Manpreet everything what happened today. Manpreet says to Rishi now I understand why you asked me to call Samar. Rishi says I wont let Tanu’s honor be destroyed as her honor is my honor. Manpreet says I am seeing smile on your face after much time, Rishi says I am happy, after 7 years I am not feeling like alive deadbody, my heart have started beating again, he smiles.

PRECAP- Abhi calls Tanuja and says that Rishi is a big cheater, Tanu says what he did now? Abhi says he cheated, he thinks that he can do anything because I am in London but he doesnt know that I have you, you will go to his office in my place, Tanu says no I wont go to him, Abhi says I know why you dont want to go to him. Tanu looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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