Ishwar waits nervously for Dev and Sona. Dev calls her and says he knows she would be waiting for him, he is fine and Sona is with him. Ishwari relaxes and says she knows Sona would be fine. She informs GKB that they are fine and returning home. Dev and Sona at once say they will not inform maa and laugh. Sona says if they can stop somewhere for a coffee. Dev says okay. They stop at a coffee shop and buy coffee.

GKB sees Elena sitting in corridor and asks what is she doing here. Vicky comes and fills water glass. GKB asks why he is drinking so much water, if he needs anything else. He says no and says Elena he needs to talk. Elena does not speak. GKB asks if something happened between them. Vicky says no and asks her to go in. She walks in. He tells Elena he needs

to talk. She scolds she does not want to, who gave him right to hit her. He yells at family/especially Dev. Elena asks not to blame his failure on others. Their fight continues.

Sourav and Ronita return home and gets happy seeing house decorated with candles and flowers. They get happy and say they should go out often then. Bejoy and Asha enter wearing groom and bride’s attire and say they remarried as per rituals now. Sourav says Bejoy was opposing it. Asha sys he insisted again. Bejoy says they spoilt their honeymoon. Sourav says even they had spoilt their honeymoon. Ronita takes Sourav away. Asha shies. Sourav and Ronita walk into their room and are surprised to see their room decorated or honeymoon. Sourav says he cannot believe. Ronita says their parents are super cool and unqiue.

Ishwari gets ready for office. Riya and Nikki say good she is rejoining her job. GKB asks her to drop at market as she needs to buy vegetable. Ishwari says she will buy vegetables online and asks Riya to send Aaru’s pics. Riya says she did not find time for printouts. Ishwari asks her to send it to her mail and she will keep it in cloud storage. Riya is surprised seeing her mom’s progress.

Sona gets ready for office. Dev on bed wishes her good morning. She asks him to rest as he must be tired after last night’s adventure and running around. He holds her hand and asks not to go to office today. She says she has important meeting with a client and leaves. She meets client who says he will evaluate her credentials and will finalize deal. Dev calls her repeatedly and she disconnects call. Dev then calls client and asks to inform his wife Sona that he is waiting her out. Client asks Sona why did not she inform she is Dev’s wife and says their deal is final. Sona says he should approve based on her credentials. He says yes and asks her to go down as Dev is waiting for her. She walks to Dev and asks what is he doing here and how did he get client’s number. He look aside nervously says she should not ask why, how, etc. She asks to look at her and says last night’s event was an accident and she is safe. He says he cannot take chance. She gets client’s approval message and scolds him. He says she got project based on her credentials. She angrily walks into car and walks behind her.

Vicky goes to Dev’s office and calls his aide Thakkar. Thakkar says Dev’s office has CCTV cameras and he needs to be careful. Vicky says he knows and asks not to worry. Thakkar asks what if both brothers are trying to trap him. Vicky says he will meet in the evening and give him proof. He then fixes hidden camera in Dev’s cabin and sits on Dev’s chair, thinks Dev’s reverse countdown has started. Dev reaches office and walks behind Sona. Sona goes to her cabin. Dev enters his office and sees Vicky. Vicky says he needs do discuss order book. Dev says not now. Vicky leaves smirking.

Ishwari reaches office. Her colleagues get happy. Laksh enters and is surprised, he says what a pleasant surprise. Ishwari says she has come to cancel her resignation, if there is a place for her in this office. He says there is always a place for her. She says they will be professionals at office and will not discuss about house. He promises they will not intermix it and asks not to call him aap. She nods yes and smiles.

Sona hears her employees cheering up and thinks whose birthday it is. Her employees congratulate her for getting such a big contract. Dev thinks he will give so many reason to Sona that she will be surprised with so many happiness. Sona cuts cake and feeds employees. Dev says celebrate Ms. Bose, it is her win and wants her to win always.

Precap: Dev gives Sona a gift. She asks what is it. He opens sindhoor box and applies it on her forehead and says nobody can snatch her from him.

Update Credit to: MA


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