The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Naksh. Kartik says his injury is not big. Naira says his car was unlocked, he maybe walking on road. They ask why was he worried. Baisa thinks this maybe related to Kirti, he is falling in trouble. She says ward off bad sight, someone’s bad sight affected him. Kartik looks at her. Dadi, Surekha and Kirti come there. Dadi says we came to see Naksh and ward off bad sight. Bhabhimaa says I was doing the same. Dadi says he will get fine soon, we will pray for him. Dadi and Bhabhimaa ward off bad sight. Devyaani thanks Dadi. Dadi says we are one family, Naksh is ours too. Surekha says don’t worry. Naksh will get fine, we got Kirti along. Naira stops them and says I did not tell anyone yet, that you believe in that temple a lot.

Dadi says

fine, I have much devotion in that temple. Bau ji says we will go downstairs, else Naksh’s sleep will get bad. Dadi says you all go, I will sit here and chant mantras, Kirti will be with me, he will get conscious soon. She asks Gayu to take everyone down. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to stay back. Kartik says I will also stay. Naitik asks him to come.

Baisa asks why did they leave Dadi with Naksh. Devyaani says she was insisting. Baisa says I know her love and acting. Devyaani says she is not bad hearted, she supports us always. Baisa says now I have to tell everyone.

Kirti sits by Naksh’s side. He holds her hand in sleep and says Naira, sorry…. He recalls Dadi’s words. He says Kirti…. Dadi smiles. Surekha says see Naira, he just took Kirti’s name in this state, it means she is in his heart, Kartik used to take your name in unconscious name, you also took his name when you got hurt. Dadi says we will see after Naksh gets conscious. Baisa gets angry and keeps the juice glass. Naksh gets conscious. He sees Kirti and leaves her hand.

Surekha says I will go and call everyone. Baisa asks Dadi to leave. Dadi says we are fine here. Naira asks Baisa not to drag the matter, it will be big issue, you know Kartik is much annoyed. Naksh hears them. Naira feeds him water. She asks do you want to say something. He thinks how to say, you don’t know that I know everything. He asks are you fine. Kirti thinks he still worries for others, where do we get such people. Naira says I m fine, tell me are you okay. Everyone comes and sees Naksh. Kartik says its good accident was small, we will go now, take care.

Manish calls Naitik and asks about Naksh. Naitik says he is better now, we can’t tolerate children’s pain. Manish says he will be fine soon. Naitik says thanks, sympathy words are big support. Suwarna thinks Kartik will be there, I will just message Naira. Naira gets her message and replies thank you. Dadi says pandit will do puja on Naksh’s name. Bhabhimaa thanks her.

Baisa asks them to leave now. They all get shocked. Baisa says I mean Naksh is fine now. Dadi says yes we will leave now. Kartik says Naira, tell Baisa not to tell anyone in anger, it will get embarrassing for Kirti. Naira goes with Baisa. She says why are you doing this. Baisa says you find my talk bad, did you see they are so selfish, Naksh is so unwell, they are thinking of Kirti’s alliance, this puja is a drama. Naira says its nothing like that, Dadi really believes in puja. Baisa says how did she see son in law in Naksh and got love, I will not let them use our goodness, go and explain Dadi, she is trapping Naksh. Naira says you are making me worry. Baisa says fine, tell everyone, they will know what’s right and what’s wrong, if I say no, your life will get in problem, if I say yes, Naksh will get trapped.

Naira asks her to stop this. Baisa says this will affect your and Kartik’s relation. She goes. Naira cries. Naksh gets sad hearing them and says I can’t tolerate Naira’s life getting problem because of me. Kartik asks her to come. She asks shall I stay here. He says fine, but nothing wrong should happen. She promises. Dadi asks Naira to stay and talk to Naksh, its not good to delay. Naira says I will talk if I find right. Dadi insists. She says we will leave now. Kartik says Naksh is fine, don’t worry. Naira says I will manage everything. He says yes, but I m tensed. She says yes, even I m tensed. Dadi and others go. Bhabhimaa says I m glad seeing Dadi’s love. Baisa says dadi is acting. Naira asks her not to say anything. Baisa says I will not forget what she did, now don’t talk between us, I will tell them truth. They all worry. Naira says please, I fold hands, don’t say anything. Naitik asks Baisa what’s the matter. Baisa says Dadi wants Kirti to marry Naksh. They all get shocked.

Baisa says ask Naira if you all don’t trust me, Dadi has sent alliance by her. She asks Naira to say truth.

Update Credit to: Amena


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