Maya wears veil and runs to her room. She picks a bag from trunk and looks at Arjun’s gifted red dress, hugs it and says she does not want to run more and wants to rest peacefully with him. She enjoys touching it. Someone knocks door. She anxiously walks towards door. Arjun does exercise in jail and thinks he will not wait more, he will give Maya so much happiness that she cannot handle it. He laughs insanely. Maya sees no one outside and a parcel for her. She picks it and walks in and opens it. She is surprise to see bridal sari, bangles, mangalsutra, sindhoor, etc. with her and Arjun’s wedding pic.

Saanjh meets Arjun’s informed man and gives him a packet. He says work will be done at 12 midnight. Doctor checks Arjun and says his BP, pulse rate, etc., are normal. Arjun says he

is checking his health before death. Doctor says it is procedure. Arjun asks iff everything will be fine. Doc says yes. Jailer asks doctor about Arjun’s injury. Doc says it will heal over time. Arjun says he does not have time. Doc asks to hang Arjun on time and walks away. He then returns saying he forgot his bag. He returns and gives Saanjh’s given packet to Arjun. Arjun hides it. Doc walks away. Arjun opens packet and removes hammer and says thank you fake doctor and Saanjh.

A truck driver heads towards jail wall and reminisces meeting Saanjh as a vegetable vendor and receiving money from her. He rams truck to wall and power goes off. Constables surround him. He says it is brake fail. Constable sees electric wire broken and says it needs to be fixed. Saanjh meets a man next who gives her jail’s blue print and says she has to get truck on the marked spot and he has dug a small tunnel for Arjun to escape.

Arjun breaks wall with hammer and runs out. He heads towards tunnel hole. Constable sees him and run behind. He hides and then gets into tunnel and reaches truck. Ayan reaches there and hugs him and says he is happy to see him. Jailer with his team and inspector Ranveer with his team reach and warn Arjun to surrender. Ayan promises Arjun that he will not let him anything happen and stands in front of him. He then injects in Arjun’s neck. Arjun collapses.

Maya burns gift and says when Arjun is not with her, nothing matters to her. Her dialogues continue.

Precap: Doctor checks Arjun and says his pulse is not beating and nobody can save him. Saanjh cries and asks Arjun to wake up. Ayan smirks.

Update Credit to: MA


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