Anika says baby is on your laptop, you want a baby. Shivaye asks how does this matter to you. He sees her and says walkie talkie. He dances on Chahe koi mujhe….and dances. Some time before, Rudra and Om sleep. Shivaye looks at the baby. Omru wake up. Rudra says see how he is smiling. Shivaye says thank God he is not crying. He asks baby to sleep. Om says he won’t sleep this way. Shivaye says there is one way. Rudra says I m dancing since yesterday, tell me other way, I heard babies sleep by lullaby. They look at Shivaye. Shivaye sings Chanda ha tu…..Rudra says Anika was right, you sing so bad, its good Bhavya is not here, else she would have arrested you for harassing baby. Om says baby will cry instead sleeping. Shivaye shows the baby slept. Rudra asks how did this happen. Om says its amazing,

Shivaye’s bad voice came to use. Rudra says we will also sleep now.

Bhavya gives walkie talkie to Anika and Gauri. She says we can stay connected by this. Gauri asks what will happen. Bhavya says it will be easy to keep an eye on Obros, if we know their activity, we can immediately inform each other, but we won’t use our real names, we have to use code names, like Alpha Beta Gamma for Anika, Bhavya and Gauri. Gauri suggests Dhanno, Basanti… Anika says this looks names like horse. Gauri says Basanti was a girl, like you. Anika asks her to keep Simran name. Gauri says Om is not Raj. Bhavya says Simran will work, I will keep Angaare name. Gauri and Anika agree. Bhavya asks them to have Nayi soch. Anika says Sabpe haari Indian Naari… The trio say the same.

Jhanvi praises Gauri. Gauri’s mum says my heart got glad meeting you, I have to meet Om. Jhanvi asks Gauri why did she not make her meet Om. Gauri says he was busy. Jhanvi says I will call him. Shivaye asks baby to be quiet. Rudra dances. Om says life is long, crying won’t help, learn to face your problems, Aag ka darya hai aur doob ke jana hai. Shivaye says don’t say shayari to him. Rudra dances and asks why is he not getting quiet. Om says you are not dancing by heart. Rudra says I m tired of dancing. Shivaye says I think he is hungry. Rudra says I will order pizza, which topping will he like. Om asks did you get head injury in childhood. Shivaye checks Rudra’s head. Rudra says no.

Om asks why do you talk mad, which baby eats pizza, he drinks milk. Shivaye says yes, go and get milk. Rudra says wah, you said easily go and get milk, you asked me to dance and open door, I tackled the girls, you are saying as if its my baby. Shivaye says it can be. Rudra says its not. Shivaye asks him to go. Rudra says fine, I will go being youngest brother. Om says don’t add protein powder. Rudra says I will come after half an hour, I did not go gym, I will do 100 pushups and come. Om asks him to do it here. Shivaye says don’t think to leave us alone with baby. Rudra asks can’t you manage baby without me. Om and Shivaye say no. Rudra says I m going but take care of Bunty. Shivaye asks who is Bunty. Rudra says I named him Bunty. Shivaye asks why. Om asks really, did we sit here to keep his name. Shivaye says Bunty or Babli whatever. Rudra says no Babli, its a boy. He goes out and sees Jhanvi. He runs back to room and says mum is coming. Shivaye asks is baby’s mum coming. Rudra says no, our mum is coming. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says I don’t know. Om says I will handle her, come and get milk. They leave from the room. Anika says Omru out of the room, Shivaye is alone, I will see what he is doing.

Shivaye says you…..and turns to see Anika. He asks why did you come here. She asks what are you guys doing here. He says you made me leave room, what problem you have now. She says I worry as you were unwell. He asks so? She says our relation ended, but there was a time when…..we worried for each other, so I came to ask. He says I know, I have to send many mails and work. She sees laptop screen and says baby…. He asks what, where is the baby. Anika says baby is on your laptop. Shivaye says I was searching some sites, I was seeing. He shuts the screen. She says you did not like babies, you said you don’t care if I don’t give you a child. He says forget it, just move on. She asks you want a baby, so you are marrying Ragini to get name, blood and good family child, you can tell it. He asks how does this matter to you. She says you are ready to marry after three months of our divorce. He says you are in hurry to remarry, I just announced engagement, you got engaged, why do you care. She says I… He says we will talk when you complete thiss sentence.

Gauri says I will just come. She thinks before Om tells truth to mum, I have to do something, else her heart will break. Jhanvi asks what are you guys doing. Om says leave it. She says I have a surprise. Rudra sees dumbbell and says I m sorry, I did not meet you since yesterday, I can’t break this wall of helplessness, I just came to say hi, take care. He hugs the dumbbell.

Gauri comes to Om. Jhanvi says even she has complains, why are you not giving her time. Gauri says work is imp. Jhanvi says person should not forget wife and family, you can get angry on him, I have to make him meet someone. Gauri asks Om to have bath and takes him. Jhanvi smiles.

Bhavya says so you have come. Rudra keeps the dumbbell. She says I knew you can’t stay away from dumbbell. He asks were you waiting for me. She says yes, I have to find whats happening in boys room. He says its Obros matter. She asks why this milk. He says for drinking. She says but you always add protein powder. He says don’t be Chacha Choudhary, Om asked for this. She asks why do you feel you are hiding something, what is it. He says nothing. She asks why are you stammering then. He says this is my house, not police station that you question me. He goes. She says why did he get angry.

Gauri thinks I will be stuck if I take Om inside the room, mum is there. She stops him and says I got you here to get clothes. He says I have to get in there to get clothes. She says I will get it. He says strange woman, now I can’t go there. She gets his clothes. He asks where to go to get fresh and change. She asks him to go to his brothers, they would be waiting. He says I don’t want these clothes. She goes. He says she is mad, what will happen if I go in my room, there is something fishy, I will have to find out.

Rudra asks baby to see what he got. Shivaye says you have to feed baby, not talk. Rudra says I have to tell what I m feeding. Shivaye stops him and asks will you feed by glass. Rudra says I m so innocent. Shivcaye says you are a fool. Rudra gets a straw and smiles. Om comes and says I think Gauri is hiding something, I have to find out. Rudra says he is not drinking by straw. Shivaye asks did you leave mind with dumbbells. Om asks don’t you know feeding a baby. Rudra says no, I did not raise baby. Shivaye asks don’t you have common sense. Rudra says you have it, feed him, you say you raised us, not raise him. Shivaye says baby drinks milk by feeder, I ordered it. Om says then everyone will know about baby, parcel will come on Shivaye’s name, three devis will jump. Shivaye says chill, I got parcel on Tej’s name. They call him smart. Shivaye says parcel has arrived, I will get it. Anika, Bhavya and Gauri take positions. Bhavya says focus Basanti, target is coming towards you. Shivaye sees walkie talkie. Anika says we are playing Chor Sipahi with Bhavya. He says you mean Chor police. She asks don’t you understand Sipahi. Bhavya asks her to take position. He asks Basanti. She says its my code name. He asks from any movie. She says from world’s best movie. He says Titanic. She says she was in Sholay. He comes back to room and says Basanti was standing outside. They ask who. Shivaye says its her code name from world’s best movie with S name. Rudra says DDLJ. Shivaye asks did you not go to school, does DDLJ start with S. Om asks guys, why are we discussing them, why did they keep code name. Shivaye says don’t know. Rudra asks about parcel. Shivaye says I have a plan B and calls Ragini.

Anika says Shivaye heard Bhavya and went back. Gauri says we have to keep an eye. Bhavya says 12 clock. Anika asks is it 12. Bhavya says I mean turn behind, its a mistake. Anika sees Ragini and says what is she doing here. Ragini smiles seeing the parcel. She says Shivaye ordered this for me and asked me to pick it, what’s inside, is there engagement ring or necklace. Anika comes to her. Rudra sees them and says your plan B also failed, Anika caught Ragini, I have to say, Anika can play her band today. Shivaye and Om say sorry Rudy. Rudra asks why. Shivaye says you have to go and get parcel. Om says that too by hiding from Anika and Ragini. Rudra says why me always, because I m more smart. They say no, because you are younger, go now. Rudra goes.

Om says I will just come. Shivaye asks where are you going. Om says to find what’s Gauri hiding. Anika and Ragini have a formal greeting. Anika says you will keep coming, why don’t we become friends. Tej gets the another parcel and sees his name. He thinks Shwetlana has sent surprise gift for me, not bad.

Ragini asks why are you talking to me sweetly. Anika says you will keep coming, its not good to fight every day, we will forget and become friends. Ragini asks how to believe you. Anika says I knew you will ask proof, I will prove by helping you lift this box. Ragini says I will manage. Anika says its okay. Ragini says Shivaye got a gift for me. Anika gets angry and takes box. She says then I should help you. They take the box and argue. Rudra lies on the floor and looks at them. He gets a knife and cuts the box’s bottom side. He gets the thing and thinks it looks like a watch, feeder is not such, I think Papa too baby’s parcel. He crawls and goes. The box falls down. Anika says sorry I was helping you. Ragini says I won’t leave you if this breaks. She checks and says its empty. Anika says it means Shivaye fooled you, now you don’t need my help. Ragini throws the box.

Gauri says who gets empty box. Anika says Ragini got insulted. Gauri says they are doing this to trouble us. She sees Om and says Om is going to his room, I will just come. Om takes Gauri’s mum’s blessings and hugs her. Gauri comes and looks on. He says you did not say mum came, actually she said and I got busy in work. Gauri’s mum says work is imp. He says Shivaye, Rudra and I are working on imp project, so we shifted to another room, so that Gauri does not get trouble.

Gauri’s mum says what’s such work that husband and wife have to stay apart. He says no, just away, its said staying away gets people close, its good you came, Gauri gets bored, I m sure you both have to talk, I will go, take care, ask if you need anything. He goes. Gauri stops him and says thanks. He says you were not letting me come in room so that I don’t meet him, you felt I won’t behave well with mum, mum is just mum, she is not ours or others, one should always give respect to mum. He goes. She thinks of him. They see each other and turn. Saathiya….plays….

Tej keeps the box and drinks water. Rudra takes the feeder and keeps the watch inside. Tej turns. Rudra leaves. Tej says how did the box open, Shwetlana’s everything has magic. Shivaye asks baby not to cry, you are hungry, Rudra went to get feeder. Om comes and says baby won’t stop, don’t try, dance. Shivaye says you dance. Om says Pappu can’t dance. Shivaye says I sing lullaby and dance. Om says right. He takes the baby. Shivaye sings Yahoo chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe….. and dances. He makes faces to entertain the baby.

Om says I m leaving him here Shivaye. Anika asks what’s laundry basket doing here in kitchen. Shivaye says how would I know. Om asks where is laundry basket. Shivaye says Anika too it. Om says Bunty was inside laundry basket. Shivaye asks what. They run to stop Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena


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