Dev asks Sona how was celebrating. She says her team.. Dev says she should not count calories. She argues and says it is his win as he got her contract. He jokes and then says it is her win. She feeds him cake. He asks if she had. She says it is his cake and his win, walks away.

Vicky meets Thakkar who asks what info he has. Vicky shows video in which Dev is working on his laptop and says he is making a software which will end competition. Thakkar asks him to get that software. Vicky says it bears a price. Thakkar says he can quote any money, but bring software for him. Vicky says countdown begins. Dev hears fire alarm and peon informs Sona’s cabin is burning. Dev rushes to Sona’s cabin and searches her but does not find her. He walks out searching her and panicking.

Sona comes and asks what happened. Dev emotionally hugs her and says thank god she is safe, her cabin caught fire.

Sona reaches home. Ishwari asks how was her day, if she had food. Sona asks if Dev sent her. Ishwari says no, she is just asking her. Sona says she is very tired after hectic day. Ishwari asks her to take care of her health. Dev joins Ishwari. Sona and Dev then ask Ishwari how was her day in office. Ishwari says her colleagues took her promise not to resign again and made her sign a note and everyone signed it. Their chatting continues.

Vicky goes to his room and tries to speak to Elena. Elena is still angry. Vicky gives her gift box. She opens and sees diamond ring, asks where did he get money from. Vicky says he bought it from his money and asks to forgive him.

Sona walks to her room and tells Dev she needs to talk. He says he has surprise for her and gives her gift box. She opens it. He shows her mangalsutra and sindhoor box and dorns them in her neck and forehead. His romantic chat continues.

Next morning, Dev and Vicky exercise. Golu challenges that his big cha will do more pushups. He sits on Dev and Soha sits on Vicky. They start pushup. Elena and Sona cheer them up. Sona sees diamond ring in Elena’s finger and congratulates her. Elena happily says Vicky gifted her.

Sona gets ready for office. Dev says now no one will flirt with her. Sona says mangalsutra and sindhoor was for that, what about women wearing these and are harassed. He says he is just worried for her. She says she is having client meeting and leaves. She reaches restaurant and discusses business with client. She sees Dev sitting in a nearby table. Dev hides. Waiter serves her cappuccino and then pizza. Sona realizes it is Dev. She walks to Dev and asks what is he doing here. He says she left home without having anything, so he sent her pizza. She says if she is hungry, she can order herself. He says he is having a meeting with client. She asks who. He says Mr. Za from Hawaiii. She asks what. He says Hawaiian pizza. She angrily goes back to client and thinks why Dev is getting so concerned, something is wrong.

Precap: Dev says Sona she cannot stop him worrying for her. Sona says why did he install tracker in her mobile. He says he will worry for her and she cannot stop him.

Update Credit to: MA


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