Chandra says this snake is behind Nandini she is unaware I have to do something,Chandra with his arrow,kills the snake,the man gets shocked,and says who aimed at it, this means Nandini is here with security no worries she won’t come alive every time.chandra says these footsteps have brought peace happiness and love in my life,you have always helped me and my family out of danger and now it’s my turn to help you and I won’t let these footsteps stop.

Pandugan approaches Malti and bindusara from behind,guards walk in and pandugan acts as if mentally ill again,Malti is surprised,guards are accompanied by Chanakya,Chanakya addresses all guards and says you have to be here 24*7, pandugan starts playing with bindusara, Malti greets Chanakya and asks what’s the reason behind

his visit, Chanakya says bindusara isn’t safe in mahal as well,and so we need to be protective and so you too do alert us if you find something fishy,pandugan thinks this Brahman is very intelligent smells the danger before hand,Malti says pandugan bhaiya how come you are here, when did you come,he says I’m here to play with bindusara and will protect him,see I have weapon too and shows a stick,Malti starts laughing and says with this,pandugan says yes I used it a lot and won many wars,Chanakya says we don’t need your help, I’m here and no one can harm bindusara till I’m here and leaves,pandugan thinks and with my presence mourya vasnh will finish for sure.

Pandugan in his room,thinking of solution to get rid of guards,and remembers Amartyas lesson that no one can stand upto Chanakyas intelligence, he is master in every field,like he can cure any allergies,pandugan says Amartya guru had told me Chanakya has many medicinal herbs and so I can’t get those from his room and unconscious all the guards and before Nandini comes bindusara will be dead.

Nandini continues with her path,she about to step on rough path,Chandra puts his hand and she steps on it,Nandini pauses for a minute. Chanakya sees someone entering mahal and says I have to find it may be it’s related to bindusara and follows,pandugan enters his room as soon as he leaves,he starts looking for the medicine,he searches every container and corner,Chanakya following the other man covered in blanket,and finds he is following the secrete way and thinks how does he know it something is really big and fishy,pandugan gets frustrated looking for it all over and remembers a scene when Chanakya was poisoned and he pointed at karaoke and asked him to get the medicine from his bag,pandugan starts looking into Chanakyas bag.

Chanakya says whoever you may be you cant escape me, soon I will find you.pandugan finds the medicine,Chanakya comes back to his room and sees pandugan covered in blanket unaware that it’s him and asks who it is,pandugan runs away,Chanakya gets back to the room and sees it’s all messed,Chanakya says this is happening in absence of king and Queen which means the enemy is alert of it and has started working on his plan I have to rush to bindusara. Chandra looks at Nandini,Nandini says you here,Chandra says keep walking don’t stop,see I didn’t want to leave my friend alone,and when she is so beautiful,Nandini says I’m so thankful to have a friend like you,Chandra says keep smiling like this and finish the pooja,Nandini says so you are here as my saviour,Chandra says no,she says then friend,Chandra says no,she asks then what,he says someone you need the most right now,I’m here as your husband,like you always stand with me my family Magad and you always have performed all your duties as a wife.

Chandra says it’s also a mans duty to guard his wife and why is it that always a wife should support her husband a husband should also be supportive. Pandugan makes smoke inside the room and all guards faint,Malti faints too,pandugan enters the room and sees bindusara isn’t in cradle,and says who must have done this has anyone learnt about my plans but for now I need to escape,and gets out and hides seeing Chanakya. Chanakya walk into the room he covers his face and says this means I was right,Chanakya sees someone running and follows him and asks guards to chase him.

Chandra sees tribal people behind Nandini,Nandini asks what’s wrong,Chandra says all good just don’t stop I’m with you,the man sees Nandini walking alone,and sees tribals and says these are maneater tribals and you can never escape them maharani Nandini,the tribe about to attack Nandini,Chandra steps In and fights them all.nandini keeps moving ahead.

Helina Apma and mora together,Helina says yes ma I’m not lying Nandini handed binudsara to Malti as she trusts her but look someone now has abducted him,Apma says Nandini could have handed bindusara to you but she gave it to Malti,dadi is more important but for Nandini it’s Malti,mora says who is behind my grandson come let’s look for bindusara. Chanakya orders guards to look for bindusara. Malayketu walks to him and asks may I help you,Chanakya says first answer me where were you,when bindusara was abducted,malayketu says I knew I will be questioned,Chaya walks in and says you are mistaken him he was with me all the time and he has appologised before so please stop doubting him.

Pandugan in his room says there’s someone I guess who wants to kill bindusara as well,who it is who took him away before me,bindusara in cradle,Chanakya walks to him and says Yuvraj how could I leave the future of Magad in hands of few soldiers and hugs him,you are safe son.

The man says I was told maharani Nandini is alone,who is this guarding her and now this is my last try and no one can save her from this,the man hits Nandini in her calf,Nandini injured but remembers Panditji say she has to finish this for glory and peace,Nandini says no I can’t stop,Chandra and ma have trust and belief on me I can’t give up.

Pre cap….Apma says rajmata what will you do,you have to perform pooja of that Nandini whose father killed your husband.
Chandra says Nandini look the water has lot of force don’t go in just fill in from here,Nandini says no Chandra i will do as per the procedure,Nandini gets in and is pulled down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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