The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Naira. Naira asks what did I do. Dadi asks do I need to say, I told you to talk at home about Naksh and Kirti’s relation, did you talk. Naira says no, I did not say I will not talk, I said I will talk on right time, Naksh met with an accident, everyone is in tension, if they give wrong answer, will it be right, I m not saying I m always right, but its not true that I m always wrong. Akhilesh says she is saying right. Manish says Naira did not know about Kirti. Dadi says if she told Kirti about Naksh’s yes, why would Kirti leave home. Naira says sorry, if Naksh did not say yes then, both of them are imp to me, think being in my place. Dadi says she went being upset, get her back, or I m dead for you.

Kartik says Naksh….. They see Naksh

at the door. Naksh says Naira I came to give your phone, it was left in car, I did not wish to come knowing same talk will be happening like yesterday. They all get shocked. Naira asks you…. Naksh says yes, but leave it, how does it matter. He gives her the phone and leaves. Kirti asks the cab driver to come fast. Naksh stops at the signal and leaves. He does not see her.

Naira cries and says Naksh heard everything, even then he did not say anything to anyone, I m sure his accident also…. Kartik says don’t know, but it may happen. She says we can’t ask him, I don’t have courage to go to her, everyone will be waiting for me, when they know Naksh knew this, how will they react, Baisa is already annoyed with Dadi, what shall we do, how to save everyone from getting hurt. He hugs her.

Manish says don’t blame Naira, we can get Kirti from her Maasi’s house, Naksh did not like this. Suwarna says yes, this can affect his decision. Akhilesh says think the hope ended. Kartik says we are going to Singhania house to clear the matter. Naira says we will talk to Kirti also. Kartik says we will talk to Naksh also. Lav and Kush get Kirti’s bags. Suwarna says this is Kirti’s bag. They see Kirti coming. Naksh comes after her. Naksh recalls seeing Kirti in the mirror and stopping the car. He reverses the car and goes to her. FB ends.

Dadi hugs Kirti. Naksh says I have to tell something to you all, my family is also talking about this matter, when I saw Kirti on roads with bags, I thought before any misunderstanding happens, I should say it, I did not know Kirti will leave home this way, I m scared thinking how will I say, but now I will say it, actually I….. Kirti gets tensed. Naksh says my heart is not different than Kirti’s. He holds his emotions. Naksh says I accept this alliance. Everyone gets surprised and smiles. Manish holds Dadi. Dadi says I can’t believe my ears. Naksh turns with a smiling face, and hides his tears. Kartik hugs Kirti. He asks Naira to come. Akhilesh says Naira is shocked happily. Surekha says Naira is very lucky. Dadi says we are also lucky, come. Naira hugs Naksh. Manish asks Naksh did you tell family. Naksh says no, I will tell them now. Dadi asks him to have sweets. Naksh says no, I have meeting. Akhilesh says we know this excuse. Naksh says no, I really have to go. Kartik says we can drop you outside. Surekha asks Naksh to say bye to Kirti. Kirti says bye Naksh. He says bye and leaves. Suwarna hugs Kirti.

Naksh says I will leave. Kartik hugs him and says I m very brother, tell this to family, then we will meet. He goes. Naksh asks Naira why is she silent, sorry I did not tell you. Naira asks how did I not know if this was true. He picks his keys and says I understood your feelings, I had keys of all your secrets and today I could not know such a big thing, is there anything else. He takes keys and says its your mistake and you are blaming me, you did not think of me, you just think of Kartik and Sasural, I have much work, we will meet later. He leaves. She thinks why don’t I find him happy. Naksh sees Akshara’s pic and says I did not wish to lie, but I had to lie, what would I say that I did not had feelings for Kirti, the way they were blaming Naira, I did not see any other way, I had to lie for Kartik and Naira’s happiness, give me strength to keep everyone happy.

Manish says you are happy Kirti, you wanted this, I want to hear it from you. Kirti says happiness came in my life after many years. She hugs him. She goes. Manish says once Naksh tells everyone, we will take matter ahead. Dadi says we will do puja tomorrow and talk to Naksh’s family. Kartik goes to attend call. Dadi says Naira, everything will be fine, you did not agree to me last time, this will not work now, you have to manage everything, Nash and Kirti’s life is getting happiness after long time, talk to Baisa, explain her, many people are related to this relation and one’s happiness is related to others.

Dadi asks Bhabhimaa to send Naksh for rasam. Naksh refuses. Dadi asks Naira to tell Naksh that its imp to come here.

Update Credit to: Amena


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