Dev plays football with Golu and Soha. Sona comes. Golu asks him to pass ball to big chi. Dev leaves. Golu asks Sona why did Big cha leave, if he hurt her. Sona says no, he loves us all and cannot hurt anyone. Golu asks her to play with them. Vicky gets Thakkar’s message if he is afraid of his elder brother and is hiding. Sona tells Elena that she cannot understand Dev, he follows her everywhere, till she is at home he is fine, once she steps out, he follows her. Elena says she asked Vicky to follow her facebook page, but he did not tell now. Vicky hears their conversation and thinks it is good if Dev is behind bengalan, he can do his work peacefully.

Dev wakes up in the morning and looking at Sona’s note smiles and says I love you too. He sees it is already 12

noon and runs calling her. Vicky sees him and scolds driver why did he give brakeless car to Sona. Dev hears that and rushes in his bike. He sees a scooty girl fallen on road and Sona helping her. He worriedly asks Sona if she is fine, how did she apply brakes. Sona says brakes her fine and girl slipped and fell, so she was helping him. Girl’s boyfriend thanks Sona for help. Dev scolds Sona that she will not go out without informing him.

Vicky speaks to hacker and asks if he does not crack Dev’s laptop password, he will hire someone else. Hacker says Dev himself has designed security system, but he has created temporary password for 1 hour. Vicky copes Dev’s software from laptop on a pendrive.

Dev walks home with Sona and goes to his room. Elena asks Sona if she returned because of Dev. Sona says Dev is becoming problem for her and his over possessiveness will create a problem for her, it is not healthy for their relationship. Dev returns and hears that. Elena sees him and leaves. Dev angrily leaves and Sona walks behind him. Dev reaches Ishwari’s room and leaning on her lap asks. Ishwari says she knows what is happening between him and Sona and says Sona’s love is like a lake, constant and stable; his love is like a river, it is immense and cannot be held.

Vicky boasts that Dev does not have anything left now and his idea is stolen now. He hears Dev’s employees walking in and hides behind table. They keep important file and walk out..

Sourav forces Ronita to drink lots of water so that she can test home pregnancy kit. Ronita runs to washroom. Sourav nervously waits and says he is feeling weird. Bejoy asks what weird and scolds that he forced Ronita to drink so much water. Ronita returns and says pregnancy test is positive. They all jump in excitement and group hug.

Sona tries to speak Dev. Dev say he does not want to, he does not know if she really loves him or not. She says she does. He says he loves her without any expectations and loves 24 x 7, but she thinks by brain and not heart, for her it is just a business, what if he is in trouble. She says she will. He says she will first analyze situation and then will think what to do next. He walks out angrily while she stands silently.

Next morning, Elena cleans Vicky’s cupboard and finds pen drive in an envelope. Dev in sleeps keeps his hand on Sona. Sona smiles. Dev wakes up and seeing her smiling angrily walks out. He does exercise with Vicky and says he is unable to concentrate on work nowadays. Vicky says he can understand he is worried about bhabhi, don’t know why she is going out and working so much. Dev says he is thinking of fixing a meeting with department HODs as he does not want them to relax, he feels someone is stealing data from office and if he finds him, he will not spare him, asks Vicky to keep an eye. Vicky thinks whatever Dev tries, he will steal data. They both sit fo breakfast. Sona serves them breakfast. Elena comes and asks Vicky what is in pendrive. He angrily scolds her and leaves snatching pendrive. Elena says what wrong she did. Dev comments that sometimes we kind of overreact and expect a lot from others, which they should not, asks Sona if he is right and walks away.

Precap: Sona says without asking her, he raised so many questions on her love. He says she forced him. She says there is nothing to prove in love. Dev says what he can do, why she cannot do it. She says she has to hold emotions for him and if she has to 1000 times she will do even that.

Update Credit to: MA


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