Maya is seen sleeping in coffin and sand covering grave completely. Saanjh drives car with Arjun and says so many people helped him, ask how did he plan so well. He says he used Maya’s brain and her dirty plans which she used on him. Ayan is tortured by inspector Ranveer who asks why did he inform police about this plan when wanted to help Arjun escape. Ayan says Arjun is his blood and he can do anything to save his brother. Arjun asks Saanjh how did Ayan agree to help him. Saanjh says Suman scolded him nicely and reminded him his duty. Inspector asks Suman why did she help Arjun and Saanjh. Suman reminisces Ayan telling that Saanjh is trying to help Arjun escape, he will not let that happen as Arjun killed his mother. Suman scolds that Maya killed his mother and he should be on his brother’s

side. She tells inspector how she just needed 5 minutes to stop police by ramming her car.

Maya hears news that Arjun escaped from jail with his friend Saanjh’s help. She wakes up and tries to break coffin. Someone pulls her out of coffin. Maya shouts who got her out, come in front of her. She then hears news and picks tape recorder, hears Arjun escaped with his friend Saanjh’s help. She shouts Arjun cannot be alive, he has to die with her. She walks from jungle to city and requests shopkeeper to give her something to eat. She then watches news on TV.

Inspector arrests Suman and Shubh. Reporters discuss how Saanjh with her family and others helped Arjun escape and Saanjh is a criminal now. Saanjh enters and says who told she has escaped. She asks inspector Ranveer where is Arjun. Inspector says thief is alleging police now. Suman cries that police caught her alleging she tried to help her. Inspector says she really did and was not even accepting she is Saanjh’s mother.. Suman says she looks like elder sister. Saanjh asks where is Arjun’s dead body, if he lost it. Inspector says Arjun is alive and Saanjh helped him escape, orders constables to arrest him. Saanjh says how many times she should tell police like him that she did not waste time in law college just like that and gives him anticipatory bail and tells reporters that police lost Arjun’s dead body, so they are alleging others and blaming them to their mistake.

Maya watching news fumes that Arjun cannot escape. Men identify her seeing news and try to catch her. She injures them with fork and runs away. She reaches a godown and shouts how can Arjun win, it was her game and she should win. Arjun on the other side exercise and practices fight and thinks let Maya make mistake and come out from her hiding, he will punish her then.

Precap: Arjun tells Saanjh that whoever tried to tell Maya’s truth, Maya killed them. Saanjh says Maya trapped him. Arjun says this time he will trap Maya in her own trap.

Update Credit to: MA


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