Shivaye asks where is the baby. Rudra says don’t worry, baby is safe. Dadi gets the baby. Everyone gets shocked. Some time before, Rudra says our time is over, now Om and Gauri’s turn. Bhavya asks what. Rudra says Om and Gauri will manage and then Shivaye and Anika, we will take baby to Om. She says anyone will see, there is an option, we are taught not to try to hide anything if we need to hide it, go and get toys. Gauri’s mum says your future is bright, Om takes much care of you. Gauri thinks Om and my misunderstanding did not end, if its Om’s baby, if mum knows, what will I do. Pinky comes to meet Gauri’s mum. She sees her mum and says its good she got helper along. Gauri says no, she is my mum. Pinky says you look like typical small village woman, you look ill.

Gauri says no, she is

weak. Pinky asks why, is there no food. Gauri says food is more pure. Pinky says you both look mum and daughter, you look villagers, you can’t afford designer clothes, look at Gauri, she looks illiterate. Gauri says person’s identity is by thinking, not clothes. She taunts Pinky. She says Anika is my Jethani, I have a relation of heart with her. Pinky asks her mum to experience all comforts, she won’t get a chance again. She goes. Gauri asks her mum not to feel bad, Pinky is clean hearted, but bitter tongued. Gauri’s mum says she was right, I have no status in front of them. Gauri says person’s value is by his thinking and character. Her mum goes.

Tej laughs and says Jhanvi scolded Pinky. Shwetlana says if Jhanvi really knows about me then. Tej says so what, we will meet freely then. She hugs him. She gives him a file. Tej says its Jhanvi’s medical reports. She says its post that fire accident, her heart is operating just 60 %, it means her heart is weak. He asks are you thinking the same. She pities Jhanvi that her lover and heart can cheat her anytime.

Rudra says our baby would have got first prize in fancy dress. They get baby in pram with toys. Dadi comes. Rudra says its not mine. Bhavya says relax, else she will doubt. Dadi asks what’s this. Rudra says its his childhood toys, he is donating it. Dadi says this looks new. She sees baby.

Jhanvi gets shocked seeing Yamraj and a black buffalo in the mirror. She runs to look out of window. Tej asks why are you worried. She says there is someone in law. He says maybe someone from family. She says no, a stranger over buffalo like…. He says like Yamraj, there is no one here, it could be your imagination. He smiles.

Gauri’s mum sees incense stick in plant pot and lights it to avoid abshagun. She goes. Jhanvi goes out and says there is no one here, maybe I slept while reading and saw that in dream. She gets shocked by hearing a sound. She sees flower pot fallen. Tej asks what happened, how did this fall down, what’s imp is you are safe, come. They go. Dadi says this bunny looks lovely like real, I wish to keep it, my age is to play with your children, you three are useless. He says we are not, one of us fulfilled your wish. Bhavya pats him. Rudra says I said we will fulfill it, I will fulfill this, you see. Dadi asks him to marry first. Dadi says this doll is moving. Bhavya says its battery operated. Dadi says it looks real. Rudra jokes and says Dadi look there. He takes the pram. Smoke alarm rings. Bhavya says I think fire has caught this house. Rudra says no, I won’t let anything happen to you and takes baby. He calls out Shivaye and Om to come.

Ragini says I need to talk to you about Siddharth, can you meet me. Shivaye says ya, where. Anika comes and asks him to come out, fix meeting later. He says give me a second to finish my call, sorry Ragini, tell me. Anika says your fiancee won’t die if you don’t leave the phone. She throws phone and asks can’t you hear the alarm, there is fire in the house. He says this must be just a false alarm. She says Rudra is shouting. He goes. Om tells Gauri’s mum that he will get Gauri. He gets inside the room, while Gauri is dressing up in her saree. He asks what are you doing here. She says I was trying this saree, mum got it for me from Bareilly. He says alarm is ringing, fire has caught up, you ae doing fashion show here. She thinks of the alarm ringing now. He asks her to come. She asks how can I come this way. He pulls her. Saathiya…..plays… He sets her saree. Tej and Shakti ask where is the fire. Khanna says its a false alarm, its by incense sticks lit in corridor. Pinky asks but who did this. Gauri says incense stick is small, how did alarm ring by it. Shivaye asks where is the baby. Rudra says don’t worry, baby is safe. Dadi gets the baby. Everyone gets shocked.

Shakti, Tej, Pinky and Jhanvi ask whose baby is this. Shivaye asks Rudra why did you give baby to Dadi, baby was our responsibility. Dadi asks why did you hide from me, I was proud that my grandsons don’t hide anything from me, baby was here since 2 days, mistakes are hidden, whose mistake is this, tell me who is the baby’s father. Rudra says Dadi, baby is a girl. Dadi say shut up, are you ashamed to say, did you not get shame while doing this. She asks Anika if she knows. Anika says we got to know this yesterday night, we asked them, they said they don’t know who spoiled things, but they are trying to make things right. Pinky says it means they don’t know who did this.

Ragini talks to Shivaye’s pic and says you don’t give me attention, why does Anika come between, by what rights did she disconnect my call, why don’t you tell her you are just mine, I will not leave her. Samar calls her out. She acts to jump down the window. Samar holds her and asks did you get mad. She says I love Shivaye a lot, he does not value me. He asks will you get him by doing this. She says I m so upset and troubled you, let me die. He says love teaches living, not dying, stop this madness, tell me, what do you want me to do. She says I told you already. He asks you want me to hurt you. She says yes. He says alright, I will do as you say, this foolishness shouldn’t happen now. He hugs her. She smiles.

Tej asks Om is this your and Riddhima’s child. Om says no chance, she was not in India. Pinky says my Shivaye can’t do this, Om or Rudra would have done this. Jhanvi says don’t blame without any proof. Pinky says Om had live in with Riddhima, don’t know what he did in Bareilly that he had to marry Gauri, then Shwetlana came, don’t make me say about Rudra, she changes many girls, my son’s track record is clean. Jhanvi says you maybe forgetting Tia. Pinky says she was fraud. Jhanvi says you believed her and accepted her as bahu, even when Shivaye was married. Dadi says be quiet now. They argue. Shivaye says stop it, enough is enough, it was written in card that this baby is of Oberoi, it means baby belongs to either of us, we are not fighting or denying responsibility, fight is not any solution, we three will face this problem together.

Dadi says but we should know whose baby is this. Tej says even I want to know. Om says don’t worry, DNA will prove everything. Rudra says I called the doctor, he would be coming. Doctor takes baby’s hair sample. Rudra says keep hair safe. Shivaye asks why this big syringe. Doctor says for DNA sample, baby’s blood sample is needed, its a procedure, to make sure baby is healthy. Rudra says she is healthy. Shivaye asks about painless procedure. Doctor says sorry, there is no such way. Shivaye says I will donate funds for this research. Om says correct, pass this in next board meeting. Dadi says you are saying as if she is getting injection for the first time. Jhanvi says she would have got vaccinations. Shivaye says stop it please, we don’t want this test. Rudra says we don’t care who’s the father of this girl. Om says we don’t want to know. Shivaye says she is our girl, that’s final.

Dadi asks what are you saying. Shivaye says we were bring selfish and hurting a little girl, she is ours, we are fine with it. Om says moon is not of one, we all have right on it, she is lucky to have three fathers. Rudra says she is our daughter. They hold hands. Shivaye hugs the baby. Everyone smile. Lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi…..plays…..

Jhanvi slips by the oily floor and falls down. She gets saved from getting hurt by a sharp axe machine. Rudra sits talking to Baby. Bhavya looks on and smiles. Rudra says I will sleep with you tonight, we will see football match, I know my fav team will win as lady luck is with me. He makes baby sleep. He sees Bhavya at the door.

He says its not good to hear conversation. She says just you were talking, I m sure she is your daughter. He asks how, did you get evidence. She says no, seeing your chemistry, there is some connection. He gives her baby and says now its my sleeping time, you manage her.

Jhanvi goes to Tej. He says your reports came, your heart is very weak. She says someone is trying to kill me, flower pot fell and today I slipped by oily floor and fell over the tools. He says relax maybe its a coincidence, don’t take stress, remember your heart is very weak. He goes.

Gauri asks servant to look after Jhanvi, she is not fine. She says call me if there is any problem. Pinky hears her and asks what happened to Jhanvi. Gauri says low bp. Pinky says she is in tension after getting illiterate and poor bahu, she would have seen dreams to get a rich bahu, don’t know whose bad sight caught this house, we both got bad bahus, its good Shivaye realized his mistake and sent Anika, you be ready, your chance is next, Om will also kick you out. Gauri says I will take his pic in my heart and leave, real happiness and peace is in giving, not taking, I wish you understood this. Pinky says I wish, ant gets wings when its death is close, you will also fall over your face like Anika, you both trapped the boys on right time to get all money, but I will not let this dream get fulfilled, people are judged by clothes, jewelry and background, Om will never regard you his wife.

Shivaye asks what happened Ragini. She says Siddharth is here. They see a speeding car coming towards them and get aside. Ragini signs….

Update Credit to: Amena


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